A King's journey
9 Departure and arrival
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A King's journey
Author :Phantom_DX
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9 Departure and arrival

"Sooo ready to go..?" Arthur asked the wolf who was looking back into the deep forest.

"Yeah , don't worry about me"

"How did you convince the rest of the pack about you leaving" he asked as they started walking.

"mmm ... at first they didn't comply , so i had to beat them to it....


"poor fellows" He shrugged as thought about the state of the wolf pack.

"Well it must be because of the command seals , they make the servant unconciously want to obey

their master "

"That damn contract ....." He muttered.

"So Rad , do you know the way to human settlements"

"Woah woah , wait a sec there , what's with the 'Rad' "

"So what do you want me to call you , it's tiring to call you Radolf every single time you know."

"Well you can address me as 'Great master' or 'Lord' " said the wolf puffing his chest.

"In your dreams furball ,

anyway do you know the way out of here..? "

"Che....About the the way out we just have to follow along the riverside. This river goes all the way to one of the cities"

"The river huuh, of course . Why didn't i thought of it."

"Well just call me if anything urgent, i am going to sleep.

And remember ONLY in case of urgency . Anything else i'll make you feel that you die." He said as his form started to withdraw into Arthur's shadow.

"Damn , after he got that skill , he always do that. It's pretty handy i think" he thought as walking forward.

Well , with how i saw the town from the hill top i should be able to reach there in a week with my speed.

Oh yeah , i think it's been a while since i checked my stats


NAME : Arthur Pendragon

TITLES : King of Knights

RACE : Human (????? spirit)

AGE :15

LEVEL : 18


EXPERIENCE : 150/1800

HP : 1320/1320 (60 hp/min) MP : 2100/2200 (80 mp/min)


DEF : E-

AGI : E+


LUC : E-


God's blessings (passive) - Able to get 10x experience after defeating an opponent.

Domain(locked) - Unlock your domain to know more.

Invisible air (innate skill) - A sheath made up of multiple layers of wind compressed into super-high pressure air with a massive amount of magical energy, which distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside completely invisible. Even being a sheath it's incredibly sharp and be used in combat

[ Mana cost - 50 mp to summon 5 mp/sec ]


1. Invisible air : Barrier of the Wind King - Air concealing the sword is used to implement a barrier how user wishes or make a wind wall etc.

[ Mana cost - 200 mp to summon 20 mp/sec ]

2. Strike Air : Hammer of the Wind King - Acting like a hammer made out of wind, it creates a gale made out of super high pressure condensed air

[ Mana cost - 800 mp ]

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

???????(innate skill) - Unlock to know more.

Imperial Eyes(Special skill) [A+] - Gives user the ability to grasp the akashic records of anything

??????????????????? ???????? ???????????

Swordsmanship (passive) [D] - increases your focus and attack by 60% while using a sword.

Mana Sense (passive) - Gives the ability to perceive mana

Doubles mana regeneration

Mana Manipulation(passive) [F+] - Makes controlling mana easier.

Decreases the mana required for spells by 40%

Mana Burst(active)[A] - Increases your magic attack by 50%

King Beast Hunting(active) [A] - Stats boost of 50% when fighting against king type beasts.

cooldown : 1 day

Command seal [F] - They are the crystallization of a great magic that lets a master contract their familiars.

At the current level strong willed servants can choose to not obey the user

Can claim one absolute command which cannot be overlooked at the current level.

1. Radolf (Shadow Firewolf)

"Wow my stats have grown quite bit , and the new skills also looks good.

I'm sure that King beast hunting would surely come in handy"

"And the attack i used with invisible air is listed as a technique huh."

Suddenly realizing something "Air concealing the sword, now that I think of it invisible air is a sheath right , so there's a sword under there...?"


Objective : A king's sword is their pride. Don't let it be shrouded in mystery.

Find the true form of your sword

Reward : [?????????] Noble Phantasm

Penalty : Death


"That's certainly new. A task with death as penalty . And what is a noble phantasm.....?"


"Hmmm... so if i need to find more about it i need to level up.

No harm waiting since there is no time limit." He thought as he continued walking.

After a few days one could see a young man in tattered clothing coming from the Frontierwood forest alone.

Even seeing him from far no one wanted to associate with him. But as they saw he was coming towards them the guards , shouted

"HALT , Stop right where you are." One guard said pointing his spear towards him.

"Don't worry , i'm not hostile. I just want to enter the town." Said the young man visibly happy and continued walking towards the entrance.

"I SAID HALT , why were inside the forest , most importantly alone "

"Oh I don't know too , when i woke up , i was inside there and had no memories about my past" he said scratching head sheepishly.

"What do we do now , he doesn't look like an enemy or something " one of the guards said to the another.

"Wait , let me call captain." He said taking a small rectangular devise and taping it a few times.

"Oh looks like a smartphone , guess the old man was saying truth , they do have magical devices" thought the young man looking curiously at the device.

"Ok captain " he put the device back in the pocket and turned to the young man.

"Captain said to take him to the office , Hey boy what's your name..?"

"My name... is Arthur" He paused with a small smile before continuing ,

"Arthur Pendragon"
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    《A King's journey》