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This had always been a groundless matter but the Internet had spread it for no apparent reason.

But the good thing was that the reporters who had reported the news were not from Shanghai. It seemed that after so many interactions, the Shanghai reporters loved Lin Fan and they believed in him too. They believed that all other people were spreading was just hype and they couldn't trust it.

But what Lin Fan didn't know was that the Shanghai reporters were actually afraid of him. In the past, they would always report the news whenever something came up but now, they had already been slapped in the face a few times.

Some of these reporters only trusted Master Lin now. Before Master Lin personally admitted to something, they would never publish it.

Cloud Street!

Lin Fan was just lying there. The matter involving the welfare institute had been resolved for now. The rest would be up to Wang Ming Yang.

*Ding ding*

At that moment, he received a message on his phone. When he picked it up to take a look, he realized it was from that person responsible for his Internet relations, the Internet troll Autumn Sword Fish Killer, who hadn't contacted him in a long time.

"Are you there?"

The message only contained three words. But Lin Fan wanted to reply: "F*ck off!"

He just ignored it and placed his phone to the side. He didn't want to bother about this kind of person that didn't do their work well.

In a certain house.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was holding his phone, waiting for Master Lin's reply. But it was as if he had thrown a stone into the sea and it sunk without a single trace. Not a single bubble was seen.

Looking at the broadcast room, although it wasn't broadcasting, the pitch black screen had comments all over it.

In this recent period, he had really expanded. After each broadcasting session, he would go to the restaurant and feast like a king. The wines that he would drink were all high-class wines that cost several hundred dollars.

After all, in the broadcasting world, he was known as one of the top gamers.

Every time he broadcasted, he would receive many gifts.

But something outrageous had happened. He had duo-queued with a big shot. That big shot seemed to have f*cking awesome skills but Autumn Sword Fish Killer could tell with one look that he was a hacker.

Indeed, the big shot got reported by someone and a big fuss was made out of it. Later on, he tried to suck up to the big shot by stating publicly that the big shot did not hack but was actually just really skilled.

But not long after, the big shot admitted to hacking. And because Autumn Sword Fish Killer had made that statement, he became targeted as well and people revealed that he had actually been hacking too.

Looking at the comments.

"Hacking dog. F*ck off."

"You still say that you didn't hack. If you didn't hack, I would eat your big c*ck."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer pulled open his pants to take a look. I'm not that big.

But regardless, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was screwed. He couldn't carry on with his broadcasting business.

"Sigh, why isn't he replying my message? D*mn it. I have to call him." Autumn Sword Fish Killer steadied himself and decided to make the call.

Cloud Street.

Lin fan's phone rang. When he saw the phone display, he couldn't help but laugh. Then, he answered, "Ah, isn't this the rumored pro gamer Autumn Sword? What is it? Are you promoting some kind of hack to me?"

"Boss…" A pitiful voice came from the other end of the call. It was as if he was extremely regretful. "My dear boss, can you give me one more chance? I promise with all of my pride, if I don't work properly, I will clear my clogged up toilet using my tongue."

Lin Fan said, "Don't be disgusting. Weren't you doing very well? It's just hacking, isn't it? What's there to be afraid of. Just scold them back."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer said, "Boss, don't say that. I've thought about it by myself and I feel that my talents should still be invested into the Internet. With my abilities, I can split heaven and Earth apart and eliminate all enemies for you."

Lin Fan was amused. "No need. Do you know that hundreds of people respond to my every command now? I have even more Internet trolls than you used to have."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer started to panic. "Boss, you can't do this to me. I know a secret. I know who's been specially trying to tarnish your reputation recently. I am willing to charge into the danger for you, Boss. I'll bring this group down into oblivion."

Hearing that, Lin Fan was a little curious. It was clear that someone had been purposely trying to tarnish his reputation. And they were exceptionally ferocious. Now that he heard Autumn Sword Fish Killer say that, he felt that there definitely was a specialized group trying to tarnish his reputation.

"Oh, is that so? Tell me then," said Lin Fan.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Then, Boss, you have to promise me that you'll continue employing me. Let me be your number one Internet troll. I guarantee and I swear that I will never lose my way again. I will only be loyal to you, Boss."

Lin Fan laughed. This 300-pound fatty is actually negotiating with me.

"Alright, I'll give you one more chance to perform. I'll continue to hire you but if you dare to run away again, be careful…"

Before he finished, Autumn Sword Fish Killer immediately nodded his head frantically and replied, "I won't, I won't. Boss, trust me. I am a trustworthy person."

Trustworthy? Trustworthy my a*s!

"Quick. Tell me who is trying to attack me," Lin Fan said curiously. I've never angered anyone. And I'm so righteous and kindhearted too. Have these people's brains short-circuited? They actually formed a group just to tarnish my reputation. It doesn't make sense at all.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Yesterday, I was invited to a group by someone. I realized that the people in the group all hated you. There were people from every industry. There were people who sold medicine as well as people who sold children. And one of them, you won't believe who she is."


"Ying Jin."

When Autumn Sword Fish Killer said that, Lin Fan was completely stunned.

Ying Jin?

This name seemed rather distant to Lin Fan. If he didn't think hard enough, he wouldn't even remember. As for those pharmacists or whatever, Lin Fan would never admit to having something against them. After all, they had never even met before but he had suddenly become hated by those people. It really made him helpless.

As for those human-traffickers, he knew that just taking down one of them would implicate a whole group. Being hated by those people was very normal.

If he came across them, he wouldn't mind giving them a good beating and then sending them to prison.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Boss, don't worry. Since I'm on your side, I will definitely get rid of all of them for you. I've already secretly infiltrated their highest level. Using my intelligence and my plentiful experience, I'll blend in with them and within a short period of time, I'll become the leader of their group."

"Invading the enemy's inner circle? Not bad. Do your job well. I believe you. If you help me to settle this, I'll give you 500 dollars as a reward." Lin Fan thought about it and felt that it was better to clear this matter up. Otherwise, these guys would continue to tarnish his reputation. He had had enough.

As for these 500 dollars, it was to motivate Autumn Sword Fish Killer. After all, this guy was quite easily satisfied.

"Yes. Don't worry, Boss. I definitely won't let you down. I shan't disturb you any further, Boss. Be well, Boss. See you next time, Boss."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer hung up and let out a deep breath.

Sitting in front of the screen, looking at the comments, his heart ached.

"Sigh, if I knew, I wouldn't have hacked. Now, my reputation has been ruined. That despicable big shot actually said that I was the one who influenced him to hack. How shameless. Wait until my Internet trolls assemble. The first thing I'll do is ruin your reputation."

He rubbed his tummy.

Thinking about how he had a job again, he was feeling cheery. He decided to go out to reward himself with a feast.

After all, he had slimmed down recently. He had lost a total of 1.5kg.

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