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Liu Shan looked suspiciously at the person standing at the door. He looked unfamiliar. "You are…?"

"Master Lin."

The nurse hadn't known who it was either but when she saw the person come in, she gasped in shock.

At this point, which hospital staff didn't know who Master Lin was? He was a god in the medical world. A godly doctor. He could cure any kind of sickness and he even did so with ease.

Right now, in all kinds of countries and places, various top hospitals wanted to hire Master Lin as an honorary hospital director. In the past, they had wanted to invite him to be a professor However, Master Lin hadn't bothered about them at all.

Hence, they had raised the conditions. If Master Lin was willing to join them, any hospital would give him the appointment of an honorary director. Even this hospital was the same.

Wang Hao regained his senses and said excitedly, "You're Master Lin."

Lin fan chuckled. "Did I disturb you?"

The nurse hastily shook her head. "No, no, you didn't." Then, she said in a confused tone, "Master Lin, why are you here?"

At that moment, Wang Hao suddenly kneeled down in front of Lin Fan. "Master Lin, I beg you. Please save my Papa Liu."

Lin Fan immediately helped this young man up. He smiled. "I'm here today to do just that, so there's no need to beg me."

When the nurse heard that, she was exhilarated. She looked at Liu Shan and exclaimed, "This is great! You might be able to get discharged soon. Now that Master Lin has come personally, your sickness will not be an issue."

Thinking about how Master Lin had even treated some terminal diseases before, she felt that this illness was probably just a minor illness to Master Lin.

At that moment, the nurse seemed to have thought of something as she hurriedly ran outside. She was going to inform the hospital director.

After all, Master Lin had come to the hospital. This was a big deal. If she didn't let the director know, she would probably be in trouble later on.

Lin Fan went in front of Liu Shan and looked at him closely. The more he looked, the better he felt. Not bad. He's really very suitable.

"Let me check your condition." Lin Fan placed his fingers on Liu Shan's wrist.

Liu Shan's condition was alright. It wasn't much of a problem. With the modern medical techniques, he would have been able to treat the illness just by spending a bit of money.

But since Lin Fan had come, he had to help to resolve this illness.

Wang Hao was very excited. He hadn't expected Master Lin to come. Although he spent very little time on the Internet, he often heard his classmates talk about Master Lin.

They would all say that Master Lin was awesome, especially with regards to his medical skills. He was the best.

Now that Master Lin was here, how could he not be excited?

At that moment, hurried footsteps could be heard.

The ward door was pushed open and a group of people entered.

The first person to enter was an old-timer. When he saw Lin Fan, he immediately went to shake his hand. He spoke in an excited tone, "Master Lin, hello, hello. I'm the director of this hospital, Zhang Guo Qing."

"Hello, Director Zhang." Lin Fan smiled as he nodded. Then, he pointed at the patient on the bed. "I want to borrow the hospital's operating room. Is that okay?"

Director Zhang immediately nodded. "No problem. It's definitely okay. But I'd like to request Master Lin's permission for me to arrange for several doctors to observe from the side. Would that be okay?"

This kind of opportunity was hard to come by. He had to seize it.

Lin Fan thought about it for a moment. If people were to observe it, it wouldn't be good for him to utilize the Encyclopedia's mystical boost. After all, with people observing, it meant that they would be studying him. If he used the Encyclopedia's mystical boost, it might mislead those doctors.

Hence, this wasn't such an easy decision to make.

However, this wasn't much of a problem. Although he would have to use a more complicated procedure if there were people observing, it was still very simple to him.

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded.

When Director Zhang heard that, he was delighted. This was Master Lin they were talking about.

A godly doctor recognized by all!

However, this Master Lin wasn't very nice. He always developed new prescriptions that made their hospital business suffer.

For example, anorexia.

Now, if one were to go around to each hospital in the country, he or she would never be able to find an anorexic patient.

According to his knowledge, some organizations which specialized in anorexia treatment had had to change their specialization. They had changed to weight loss centers.

Another example was leukemia.

This was a major disease. Many organizations specialized in treating leukemia and its related problems.

But now, Master Lin had conquered leukemia.

These organizations had all pretty much closed down. It seemed that they had had to change industries as well.

To the people of these industries, Master Lin was a devil. Because of him, they couldn't even continue making a living.

But to the tens of millions of sufferers, these were true causes for celebration. They no longer had to endure the suffering of the illnesses.

Although Director Zhang was the director of this hospital, the hospital had only lost a few patients since the development of the prescriptions. He didn't think it was an issue at all.

He felt that Master Lin had done a good thing in this aspect.

Leukemia, in particular, had been like a bottomless pit which kept on swallowing up money.

The good thing was that Master Lin empathized with those hospitals and didn't conquer all diseases. If he really did that, it would be a huge problem.

It would definitely cause a huge ruckus.

Director Zhang looked at the nurse and said, "Hurry up and pass down the notice. Get ready an operating room for Master Lin."

"Yes, Director." The nurse immediately ran out.

Director Zhang said, "Tell those from each department to come here quickly. This time, I have to make them study this. This is much more useful than all your research books."

Director Zhang really valued this opportunity.

It was mainly because Liu Shan's condition was quite severe. He was very curious about how Master Lin was going to treat it. If they could learn from Master Lin, their hospital would be able to surpass other hospitals in the treatment of this particular illness.

In an instant, the hospital started becoming busy.

Lin Fan saw this situation and couldn't help but sigh. What's the point of all this trouble over such a small matter?

Every time he came, it would create such a huge stir. Even the director had come personally. If other patients found out, perhaps Lin Fan wouldn't be able to leave the hospital.

Liu Shan was dazed as he looked at all this going on. He felt as if he had come across an extraordinary incident.

Then, he was lifted onto the gurney and pushed towards the operating room.

At the same time, a big group of doctors followed behind.

This atmosphere was a little scary.

When the families of some patients saw this, they started discussing among themselves.

"What's up with that person?"

"I don't know but looking at the situation, it looks like things are bad. It must be a very severe illness. One doctor must not be enough."

"That's very likely. I think so too. That person is really pitiful to get such a severe illness. Who knows if he will be able to leave the operating room alive?"

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