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All these family members of the patients had no idea who was among that group of doctors.

If they knew, they probably wouldn't think the same way. It was even very likely that they would run over screaming and begging for Lin Fan to treat their family members' illnesses.

But there was a limit to one man's energy.

If Lin Fan were to really sit down and see the patients one by one, he could guarantee that he would sit there until his death. The patients would be never-ending.

Hence, it was sometimes best to leave things to the hospital. Apart from a few special cases, he wouldn't personally treat the patients.

Outside the operating room.

The nurse saw that Wang Hao looked a little nervous, so she assured him, "Don't worry. With Master Lin here, nothing will go wrong. Master Lin's medical ability is not just all talk. In the whole world, there is probably no doctor who is as amazing as Master Lin.

Wang Hao nodded. "I know. But I'm just a little nervous. It'll be fine in a bit."

The nurse smiled. She could understand this. In the past, when a close person to her had gone through an operation, despite knowing that it was a minor operation, she had been a little afraid too.

After all, there were still risks even in minor operations. If the patient got unlucky, who knew what would happen?

Hence, it was very normal to be worried.

Inside the operating room.

The spectating doctors did not dare to even take a deep breath. Their gazes were fixed on Master Lin.

Master Lin, the great achiever in both Chinese and Western medicine. Regardless of whether it was Chinese medicine or Western medicine, he was extremely proficient.

But Master Lin had always only shown his Chinese medical skills to the public. There had rarely been any cases of him using Western medicine.

Being able to witness Master Lin demonstrating modern medicine, they were all naturally very excited.

One of the doctors took out his phone, wanting to take a picture.

"Don't take pictures. If there's a flash, an accident would happen," said Lin Fan.

The doctor by the side glared at his colleague. It's such a critical moment and you're thinking about taking a picture? What if something happens?

That doctor who had taken out his phone hastily put it back and felt ashamed.

"Master Lin, do you need us to help?" asked one of the doctors. After all, when they performed operations, they had to have assistants.

"No need. I'll just do it myself." Lin Fan waved his hand as he felt that it would be better to do it himself. It would be faster. If someone were to help, the helper might not be able to keep up with him.

The lights turned on!

The operation commenced.

At this moment, all the doctors stared unblinkingly at Master Lin. They were afraid of missing even a single moment.

With the passing of time…

The spectating doctors gradually opened their mouths in astonishment.

One of the doctors couldn't take it and gasped in shock, "Amazing."

When this word was said, he felt countless gazes shift towards him. Then, he immediately shut up.

He had been the main surgical doctor for eight years already and he was considered very experienced. He had gone through countless operations. However, at that moment, he had been shocked by Master Lin's medical skills.

Right now, he wasn't the only one who had been shocked. Other doctors were the same.

In the past, they had felt that their medical skills were great but after witnessing Master Lin's operation in person, they realized that they were worlds apart.

Lin Fan was now working with high proficiency. Although he felt that it was very different from Chinese medicine, there were advantages to each of them.

I didn't think that Master Lin was so powerful. He can actually complete a whole operation by himself. And it's not even a small operation.

Everyone was thinking that.

None of them had the ability to do such a thing. If they had to perform an operation alone, they would just end up in a mess.


"I wonder how it's going." Director Zhang was eagerly waiting outside.


The operation was completed.

The doctors pushed the patient out.

"Master Lin, how was it?" asked the nurse.

Lin Fan smiled. "It was a great success. No problems at all."

When Wang Hao heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Director Zhang looked at all the doctors behind whose jaws had dropped as if they were completely dazed. He asked, "What's wrong with you all?"

The doctors did not respond. It was as if their brains couldn't recover.

Lin Fan saw this scene and chuckled helplessly. He had shown off a little just now and done the operation a little too perfectly. This had left them astounded.

This Encyclopedia knowledge was actually very perverse. It was the pinnacle of knowledge which other people wouldn't be able to attain even in their lifetimes.

At that moment, a doctor recovered his senses. He covered his mouth as his eyes glimmered with astonishment.

"That was too miraculous!"

Another doctor muttered to himself, "I suddenly realized after watching Master Lin's operation that I don't know how to operate at all."

"I feel that those operations I've performed in the past have all been too pathetic."

Director Zhang looked at each of these dispirited doctors helplessly. "What the heck is wrong with all of you?"

"Director, Master Lin's medical ability is too amazing." At that moment, all the doctors finally regained their senses.

Now they knew what the phrase 'There is always someone better' meant.

Before they had seen Lin Fan performing the operation, they had already known that Master Lin was a godly doctor, but they hadn't thought that his surgical skills were so superior to theirs.

They had even thought that they were better than Master Lin in terms of surgical skills due to their extensive experiences.

Now, they understood.

All this had just been wishful thinking. Now that they had seen this, that thought had disappeared.

In their hearts, all that was left was a profound respect. There were no other emotions left.

"Alright, bring the patient to the ward. If there are silver needles, bring some to me. I'll perform acupuncture on the patient."

Now, the operation had succeeded. At an ordinary recovery rate, the patient would wake up earliest by the next day. However, Lin Fan couldn't wait that long. He had to use acupuncture to treat him and wake him up.

The nurse nodded and went to get the needles

After the doctors had sent the patient back to the ward, they came to the Director one by one.

"Director, I might have to apply for a leave to go and relax a little."

"What's wrong?" Director Zhang was confused. What the heck is going on? Why are they all dazed after watching the operation?

The doctor replied, "I feel that I have to relax my mind. Otherwise, I don't even know how I'm going to perform an operation again."

Director Zhang: "..."

In the ward.

Lin Fan performed acupuncture on Liu Shan. Then, Liu Shan gradually woke up.

"I've read about your situation. It's brilliant. This is for you." Lin Fan took out a wooden carving and passed it to Liu Shan.

Liu Shan was taken aback. "Master Lin, this is…?"

Lin Fan smiled. "This will bring you good luck. Keep it on you and don't lose it."

Liu Shan knew that he had been able to recover all thanks to Master Lin. He nodded. "Thank you, Master Lin."

Lin Fan chuckled. He had finally completed it.

Then, he stayed for a while more before leaving.

Director Zhang had wanted to interact with Master Lin for a bit but he had no choice. If Master Lin wanted to leave, what could he possibly do?

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