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The scene was a little awkward. Director Jin had almost been scolded to death by Lin Fan. He thought to himself. What the f*ck is this? If you weren't so influential and if the reporters weren't around, I would have left long ago and just let you do whatever you want.

But these were just thoughts. He had no idea what to do or how to resolve this. If he couldn't resolve this, it would be a big problem.

At that moment, under Director Jin's gaze, Master Lin and a group of reporters turned their backs against him and started whispering amongst themselves.

He wanted to eavesdrop but just as his legs moved, he realized that Master Lin and the rest noticed him moving as well.

Director Jin gave a very uneasy expression as he said, "Master Lin, how about this? By tomorrow latest, I'll definitely give you an answer."

"Alright, tomorrow it is," said Lin Fan.

"Thank you, thank you." Director Jin instantly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he hurriedly said, "Master Lin, and these dear reporters, could you not put this incident on the news? If it isn't resolved by tomorrow, then put it on the news. What do you all think?"

When the reporters heard that, of course they couldn't agree. They had come across a rare chance and caught a piece of news. If he told them not to report it, wouldn't they have wasted their time and effort?

But before they could say anything, Lin Fan spoke.

"Director Jin, there is no need to be afraid of shame when it comes to such incidents. If you encounter any problem, all you have to do is think of a way to resolve it. These reporters are all kindhearted enough to help you guys do an advertisement. Anyone who doesn't know about your bank would know about it after seeing the news. When that happens, you guys just have to perform well and the problem will be resolved. It would even raise your reputation. It's killing two birds with one stone."

Director Jin suddenly felt a stifling sensation in his heart upon hearing Master Lin's words. He didn't even know what to say anymore.

In his heart, he was cursing.

Raise our reputation my a*s!

Killing two birds with one stone my a*s!

Lin Fan faced the reporters and asked, "Don't you guys agree with me?"

Hearing that, the reporters resisted the urge to laugh out loud. The only one who could speak so reasonably about such a thing was Master Lin. Since Master Lin had spoken, they had to give him face.

"Mmm. Master Lin is right. That's indeed the case. There are many people who want us to do advertisements for them but we won't even help them," said one of the reporters.

Lin Fan looked at the old man. "Old man, what's your phone number? Come again tomorrow."

Now that the old man knew that someone was helping him, he felt as if he was filled with many sincere feelings. He held Lin Fan's hand. "Youngster, thank you so much."

Lin Fan chuckled modestly. "No need to thank me. I'm not just helping you, I'm also helping us. No one can guarantee that this situation won't occur to them as well."

Then, the old man left.

Only Lin Fan, the reporters, and Director Jin were left at the scene.

Director Jin's mind had been fried but luckily, he had managed to drag things out. After these people leave, he would quickly contact the others to see how they could settle this issue.

And he had to find out who exactly was in charge of this case. In the past, such incidents had happened too. But it was the first time that so many reporters had come.

If they didn't handle it well, he would probably have to take the blame.

"Alright, my dear reporters, you may disperse for today. Director Jin has already said that he will produce the video tomorrow. We'll see what happens tomorrow," said Lin Fan.

The reporters all dispersed in an instant and Lin Fan left closely after.

Once everyone had left, Director Jin went in front of the chair at the side and sat down heavily. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. He was feeling f*cking helpless. He had to resolve this quickly before a real problem occurred.

Wang Xiu went in front of Director Jin. "Director Jin, what should we do now?"

Director Jin waved his hand. "Go and do your own things. Leave this to me."

Then, he left the place. Returning to his car, he took out his phone and made a call.

"That three-year deadline that became a thirty-year loan to the start-up, who's responsible for it?" Director Jin was calling one of the staff members.

"Director, I don't know either. I didn't have anything to do with this matter."

Director Jin said, "Mmm, okay. I'll keep asking."

Then, he made phone calls one after another.

When the call reached the leader, Director Jin finally found out the answer. It turned out that this case had been carried out by the leader. At that moment, Director Jin was troubled. Then, he quickly explained the whole situation.

After saying everything clearly, the leader on the other side of the call was in disbelief.

"What did you say? Master Lin got involved?"

"Yes." Director Jin was helpless. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. "It didn't even have anything to do with him but this guy is just a meddlesome idiot. He actually called over so many reporters and now he has said that we have to produce the video by tomorrow and give them an answer. I think this will be a difficult problem to solve."

The leader was silent for a moment before he said angrily, "Why do you even care about him?"

"What?" Director Jin was startled as he didn't understand.

"I'm asking you. Why do you even care about him? The reporters have come, so be it. Let them take pictures all they want. As for this Master Lin, what rights does he have to care about this matter?" said the leader furiously.

Director Jin panicked. "But if we ignore them, who knows what will happen? This Master Lin is not an average person. If we keep tangling up with him, I really don't know what will happen."

"Alright, that's enough. Just ignore him. Tomorrow, just send them away. If they don't go, get the security guards to kick them out," said the leader before hanging up.

But soon after, he called Director Jin again. "Forget what I said. Go and settled this matter. Give the money to them. As for the video, say that you don't have it because of a lapse during the procedure."

"Understood." Director Jin nodded. This was the only way.

But thinking about Master Lin, the director felt that he was way too nosy. Why did he even have so much free time?

And the director had even heard that Master Lin was single. He thought it made sense now. If such a meddlesome person wasn't single, that would really be strange.

The next day!

Because Lin Fan had gotten involved in this, this incident was fully reported on the news. Once it came out, it made a huge impact on the Internet.

Some of the netizens were outraged when they saw this while some of them couldn't hold in their laughter.

"Master Lin is being meddlesome again."

"It's a good thing that he meddled in this. Aren't they just bullying the old man? He can only withdraw the money thirty years later. Thirty years later, this old man will probably have turned into a pile of soil."

"There's definitely some shady deal involved in this. The old man didn't even sign the agreement. Who forged his signature?"

"This director is clearly not a good person. He must have used all kinds of dirty tricks."

"Let's see what will happen today."

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