Return A Will Eternal Home

Author:Er Gen



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Bai Xiaochun, a rascal from a normal village decided to set off on his journey to seek immortality. With the help of an Immortal cultivator, Bai Xiaochun was accepted in a place called Spirit Stream Sect, in the Ovens. Follow the story of Fatty Bai as he embarked on a journey to become the greatest Chicken Thie- No, to become the peerless Little Turtl- No, to become the strongest of his Era.

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Chapter 1307: Starting Poin

Chapter 1308: Guidance. Beginning.

Chapter 1309: Seeing God

Chapter 1310: With A Stir Of Will, Tribulation Appears

Chapter 1311: A Will Eternal

Chapter 1312: The Left Side

Chapter 1313: An Oil Lamp And An Ancient Temple

Chapter 1314: His Choice


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