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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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3 Bandit camp

"The bandits' groups should be my first target, they are the perfect materials for the ritual", Zatiel eyes were cold as he pictures the future of the bandits.

"My body is very weak, if I want to complete my goal safety and fast I need to improve it"

The normal value of a grown man was of 1, so Zatiel body was barely stronger a normal man, of course, he was only sixteen and was in no way athletic, but thankfully the improvement in Spirit Force generates a small but still useful overall improvement in the body.

" A.I. Chip show me the ways I can get an enhance in my body fast". Zatiel commanded.

Several options where shown, Zatiel review them and finally decide to use a Breathing technique.

Breathing techniques are ways used by the soldier of the mortal kingdoms to enhance their physical abilities and those that exalt on them are given the title of Warrior, although it will never give the ability to defeat a true Magi, If a Warrior takes an apprentice by surprise he can strike a fatal blow before this one can even react.

When Zatiel entered to the tower he was given the meditation technique and a breathing technique, although the spirit force is much more important to most apprentices that their physical attributes, having a strong body not only reduce the fatigue but also diminish the time the body needs to sleep, giving more time for other tasks.

Although using the breathing technique was tempting in a beginning, Zatiel improvement in his spirit force was very low so he focuses all his time in his meditation technique.

Breathing techniques generally use a set of movements and way of breathing to enhance the vital energy in the body, although there are some that give the user the ability to use some kind of spells like fires and lighting they are nothing more than parlor tricks before a true spell use by an apprentice, so the breathing technique that is used in the tower just improve the abilities of the body and show a set of moves useful in combat.

As Zatiel was going through the information, something occurred to him, if the goal of the technique was improving the vital energy of the user why no used it in tandem with Death touch.

"A.I. Chip is there a way to combine Death touch and the breathing technique".

"Bip... Calculating data, using virtual module to experiment.

Estimated time to result in 2 hours."

"That much, the computation abilities of the A.I. Chip are connected to my soul, the stronger I am the faster it is, expecting for it to be as fast as my previous life is not realistic, well I suppose there is no other thing to do but wait, is not like I can move in my current condition".

Although his condition has improved tremendously using Death touch to heal his injuries, it still will take a long time for him to be fully healed.

After two hours the A.I. Chip finally gave the result.

"Improved breathing technique: Use the life force of other individuals to enhance the vital force of the body. Only useful in the initial stages of body strengthening."

"Good, transfer the way of using it directly to my brain and lest start immediately"

The information was very little so Zatiel just felt an electric current running trow his brain and he learned immediately how to use the technique, without wasting time he stars the technique right away, using part of the life force of the tree to heal his injuries and part to improve his body.


Two days later a massive crash was heard in the forest as a huge tree fell. The tree that once was full of life now was rotten in the inside and was so soft that it could be ripped to pieces easily with just your bare hands.

Zatiel was beside the tree, but he was very different to the bloody person that was a few days ago, not only his injuries have completely healed, but his body was now 10 cm taller, reaching 1.8m in high and under his robe, you could appreciate his well-formed body.

"A.I. Chip show my statistics"
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Strength: 2.1

Physique: 2.7

Agility: 1.9

Spirit Force: 4"

"Good, although the growth was very big, it will be reduced considerably as my body becomes stronger, but it does not matter after the ritual his completed I will have a more efficient way of improving it"

Although it does not seme much, having 2 points in physique is not so simple as being twice as powerful than a person with 1 point, the improvement was exponential. For example with his current physique if Zatiel finds himself with the same wound that threatened his life just 2 days ago now he will just need to rest for a half a day and he will have heal completely.

"I am currently in the periphery of the Grey swamp, most of the bandits' groups take refuge in this place and don't dare to enter further inside for fear of magical creatures".

"A.I. Chip scan my surroundings and let me know the moment you found any clue of humans"

After given the order Zatiel begin to tour the swamp, with his agility now in 1.9 he was running almost 3 times as fast an olympic medalist, hence it didn`t take long to find it first clue, a set of footprints, although whoever left them try to erase them with the chip help Zatiel, finding the place where he was headed was easy.

After running a little more than 5 kilometers he found what it looks like a camp, with a hundred tents give or take. There were lookouts in the trees and traps surrounded all the place.

Of course to Zatiel this was no more than a child game.

"This should be a relative big bandit camp, I can't enter directly or else they could surround me, I will be in trouble if that happens, and besides it looks like there is someone strong in this place"

Zatiel look to the center of the camp where a huge tent was located, whoever was there it certainly has a high concentration of energy on his body, if it is vital energy or natural energy, he didn't know at this moment.

"I need to prepare some things before starting" Zatiel through as he leave the bandit camp.

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