Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
5 The bloody boy
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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5 The bloody boy

Zatiel was observing the camp as he was preparing for assaulting it, it as already been 2 days since the poison mix in the water, and everyone should have been affected at this moment.

Although the protection team of the well finds it weird that a badly injured beast attack them out of nowhere, after testing the water of the well and find nothing, they thought that the alligator was chase out by an opponent beast a randomly arrive at the well.

" The number of lookouts as increased since last time, it is to be expected after all 2 of there man disappeared. The poison should be already in the system of every bandit by now".

When the night came Zatiel starts the attack, flashing from tree to tree the first thing he does was taking out the lookouts, even though the were some experienced fighter none of them could react before being knocked out.

"Now lets the real show begin". Zatiel says while taking a sword from his waist, a present from the first group of bandits he captured.

Although he was about to fight 100 men, in his face you could see excitement and a fighting intent like if this was a very enjoyable game. Although during his first and third life he has been a human, his longest time alive was as a demon, and demons are in essence battle machine to the ones fight is a second nature, actually if it wasn't because he knew it was suicidal going without preparing beforehand, he would have attacked the camp the moment he finds it.

Without hesitation Zatiel charges directly to the entrance of the camp, having spent the last couple of days training his body he has almost 3 points of physique and 2 of agility giving him the ability to run almost 100m every ten seconds.



The two guards at the entrance barely had time to react before Zatiel appears before them, but being experienced killers the guards attacked with ferocity.

The first guard stabbed his sword directly to Zatiel head while the second aimed to his waist.

Zatiel moves his head just the right amount letting the sword pass by the side and using his sword he mange to deflect the attack from the second one, without pausing he launched a heavy punch to the chest of the first guard with his free hand.

The guard was thrown out 2 meters before crashing in the ground and you could hear the sound of bone breaking.

The second guard tries to attack again but a kick connected right in his face and throws him in the air.

Without stopping he advanced to the camp, the commotion alerted the rest of the bandits.

Zatiel charged and attack any bandit that stod before him, never stopping, dodging the attacks and finding just the right moment to counter-attack, all the bandits were being thrown to the floor with broken bones and sometimes cutted arms or legs.

Sometimes some stronger bandits with some amount of training on vital energy attacked but their fate was the same that the rest.

"It should be starting to take effect about now"

Like if his words were magic the bandits start to drop to the floor like if they were flys.

It was of course blame of the poison Zatiel mixed with the water 2 days ago. The poison used was a powder made from a plant know as Fighter doom, it was a tasteless poison that takes effect when the person suffers from a drastic rise in the blood flow like in a fight hence his name.

With the riot and commotion, almost every bandit was battling or chasing Zatiel hence their current condition.

Just as Zatiel was observing the now defeated bandits a feeling of danger show up, without wasting time he steps back and put the sword in front of him.

A heavy sword came crushing and impacted against his sword throwing him almost a meter before he could stabilize himself.

A burly man almost 2-meter tall with a square face full of scar and short hair, using a full armor on his body shows up.
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"So you are the bastard that thinks it can burst into my camp and kill my men".

"You could say so, and who are you?" Zatiel spoke as he was giving the order to the A.I chip to scan his opponent.

´A strength of almost 3 points and a physique that matched hence the poison didn't work, luckily his agility and mine are around the same or this could be very difficult´.

Of course in the worst case, Zatiel would just scape, stuff like stay and fight to die with honor, to him that was just stupidity.

"Good, you are a brave lithe brat, you can say Captain Robert kill you when you reach hell".

Zatiel could no help but show a little smile in his face as he heard those words, after all imaging a demon, a habitant of the abyss going to hell, the land of devils, after his death will be hilarious.

"Die you little shit!."

The Captain charge at Zatiel and attacked wit all his strength, slashing with his sword straight to his head trying to cut him in two.

Zatiel moves to the left dodging the sword just by centimeters.

The sword crashed with the ground and make debris fly away, a testament to the strength the blow carried.

Angry at his attack missing the Captain continue with a series of slashes from all direction, but no matter how he attacked, Zatiel always finds the way to dodge right in the last moment.

After more than ten minutes the fight continues the same, the captain madly attacking and Zatiel skillfully dodging.

Zatiel always dodges the attack using the minimum strength and when it was possible he counters with his sword making wounds appear all over the places that were not protected by the armor.

Although not much of his memories were uploaded, they had hundreds of the fight he has as a low-level demon, so his battle experience is way greater than his opponent.

"You coward, stop jumping around and fight like a man." Screamed the captain with anger clear on his face, as he attacked with even more ferocity making rock fly when his hit touched the ground.

Zatiel didn't answer at the clear intent of provocation, but he begins to focus on finding an opening after all when you are angry is when the mistake happens.

After a series more of attacks it happens, the Captain blanded his sword without control and make it crash in the ground momentarily stuck in it, although it was just a second, in a fight that can be fatal.


Zatiel attacked immediately throwing his sword like lightning at the neck of the Captain.

But even blinded by rage the Captain was an experienced fighter, moving in the last moment, although his neck was badly cut and a lot of blood came out, he manages to save his life.

Although he failed to kill his enemy Zatiel didn't show disappointment on his face. Instead of keeping the assault Zatiel separated from the Captain and relaxed his guard.

"Where do you think you are going, the fight continues, this little cut is nothing."

"But the fight as already ended."

"What are you.." The Captain didn't finish speaking when he felt his head start to get foggy and his conscious start to fade.

"Although your physique keeps you from getting poisoned from food and water, if it is applicated directly to your bloodstream it will work, especially in the neck."

The Captain looked at the bleeding sword and realize what happened.

"Your poisoned your sword, this was a one on one fight, you have no dignity!."

Zatiel sneered at those words.

"If you do not use every tool at your disposal just because of what others may think, then you deserve to die because of your arrogance and stupidity."

Zatiel stops paying attention to the now incapacitated Captain and starts to explore the rest of the camp. As he was waking he arrived at what it seems like a common pit, you could see bodies of all ages and genres in there.

As he was assessing the pit he makes a surprise face. Of course, it wasn't because of the number of dead people, after all as a demon, he saw situations hundred of times worse, what impressed him was that the A.I. Chip detected that someone was still alive.

Zatiel gets into the pit and take him out, it was a boy of around ten years old, one of his hands what cut off and his left eye was missing, it was obvious that he was tortured for several days from the state of his injuries.

"So what am I going to do with you," Zatiel says as he looks at the barely breathing boy.

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