Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
13 Endless Fores
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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13 Endless Fores

Zatiel and Ezequiel were leaving the tower to complete their mission in the Endless Forest, Zatiel was wearing his black magic robe and carrying his one-handed sword in his waist and Ezequiel had his white magic robe on and his short sword.

As they were about to leave the first level of the tower a group of three apprentices headed in their direction.

The one in the lead came to Zatiel and Ezequiel and spoke.

"Hello my name is Leonard, can we go somewhere more quiet to speak?"

Zatiel looked at the man and his followers and after a moment he nodded and they moved to an unoccupied place on the first floor.

As they were moving Zatiel started to assess the apprentices, two were male and one a female, the female is a rank 3 apprentice with blond hair and although she had a skinny body it was very well defined, one of the males was also a rank 3 apprentice with was robust body of 2.2 meters high with huge muscles and an ape-like face, as for Leonard he had a 1.9 stature, with a handsome face and although his body was thin his magnetic force field was the strongest of the three proving it by how it makes his surrounding constantly in a state of coldness, Zatiel could fell that his power was that of a Pseudo-Magi.

´This Leornard should be following the path of Elementium magi corresponding to the water energy and he probably specialized in coldness intent of water, in the woman I can't fell a dominant faction in his spirit so she should probably be following the Arcane path, as for the last man I can feel a power in his blood constantly changing him, he should be a Bloodline apprentice. A pretty well-made group covering all their individual weakness.´

The Magi has a variety of paths they can follow to make themself stronger, but the most mainstream ones are the 4 great paths corresponding to elementium magi, arcane magi, bloodline magi, and body-refinement magi, every path has advantages in certain areas, either battle power, versatility or endurance, so there is not truly a superior path.

The elementium path is the one in which the magi start to gradually transform their body and spirit with the natural energies of the world, although this path limited the type of energies and spell you can use, they create almost no restrictions in your path through the ranks and give incredible battle power.

The arcane path are those who do not want to be restricted for the energies of the world and use arcane knowledge to improve their abilities, although they are not the most useful in the battlefield, if you are marked by a someone like this, hundreds of curses or strange phenomena await you.

The bloodline path is the one where you use the blood or organ of a powerful magical creature to begin changing your body and start to transform yourself in a humanoid magical creature this is the path which generally has the strongest magi, after all, the rest of the paths still had their base as humans with vulnerable bodies, but there is a downside, the bloodline shackles, this affects every bloodline magi, eventually making almost impossible advance past a certain point.

As for the body-refinement magi, this path consists of constantly strengthening the body with some radioactive substance or poison to stimulate the potential of the body. Although like bloodline magi they are extremely resistant to physical damage the human body as a limited amount of potential so most of them don't advance very far in the ranks, of course, there are always exceptions and there are some geniuses that become incredibly powerful.

After a moment they arrived at a corner of the first floor, where there was no one but themself.

"First of all let me introduce ourselves, as I say, my name is Leonard, she is Beatriz and the big guy is Arnold," Say Lenoard with a relaxed smile in the face.

"I am Zatiel and he is Ezequiel, so what do you want?" Answer Zatiel with an emotionless face, as for Ezequiel, he only nodded.

The man named Arnold immediately shows anger in his face by the rude way of speaking, but Zatiel didn't even look at him. Just as he was about to shout, Leonard raises his hand and stops him.

"I actually want to give you some information, according to some news I got recently, the brother of Nick, Arthur is back from his mission and they should be making a move very soon, I must warn you Arthur is a Fire elementium Pseudo-Magi and he has a lot of people in his group," Spoke Leonard with a smile still on his face as if he didn't detect the previous tone of Zatiel.

Just as Zatiel was going to respond the chip was heard in his mind

"Bip.. spells are being used in the host. Function appears to be about collecting information about the emotional state of the host."

Zatiel looked at the arcane apprentice but chose not to expose her, after all using this type of spell in him was useless.

"Oh, is that all," Say Zatiel without really caring for the content of the information, after all as long his opponent is not rank 1, they are no threat to either him or Ezequiel.

Leonard could not help but change his face as he saw the indifference in Zatiel and Ezequiel's faces, he was expecting that at least one of them show some degree of concern but nothing happened, remembering his original intention, he continues to speak.

"Actually we can help you if you join us Arthur won't dare to attack you."

"No need, since that it's all, we need to leave," Zatiel spoke without even thinking about the proposition and started to leave.

"Wait a moment!, don't you think that you're being too selfish imposing you desitions in others," Says Leonard, now showing obvious anger in his face as he looked at Zatiel.

Zatiel immediately understands the meaning of those words, and he could not help but make a mocking face at him.

"Little EZ, I think he is talking about you."

Ezequiel didn't say anything, but an immense killing intent start to radiate from him as he looked at Leonard, he understood the intention of the man right away, he wanted to create friction between them, and make him separate from Zatiel. How could Leonard know that to Ezequiel anyone who wants to hurt the relationship with his master was someone he will kill in the first chance he gets.

Leonard was startled from the reaction of the boy, and even more for the threat that makes him felt.

"There is your answer, thanks for the info," Says Zatiel as he left.

Ezequiel keeps looking at Leonard for a moment before following Zatiel.

"Bastards!" Leonard shouted as he saw the duo leave.

"Boss, that boy is truly terrifying."

The one who spoke was Arnold, whose back was now soaked in sweat. As a bloodline apprentice, his instincts were greater than the rest, and he could unconsciously feel how his bloodline was telling him that he was before a higer life-form.

Leonard didn't say anything about Arnold's comment after all he also feel scared before the boy, after a moment he calms himself and looked at Beatriz.

"I couldn't felt nothing from any of the two, but in the end, the boy was ready to kill all of us without hesitation."

The reason that she didn't say a word during the meeting was because she had to be in constant concentration to release the spell and try to felt the emotions of Zatiel and Ezequiel, unfortunately for her both of them had extremely strong will and unless they want to show it, emotions can not leave their control.

"Let's go, they are Arthur problem now, we will not meddle," Spoke Leonard with an annoyed face.

Both Arnold and Beatrix relaxed knowing that the will not be involved with those two.


The moment Zatiel and Ezequiel left the tower they used their agility spells and cover themself in shadows and lightning respectively as they headed in the direction of the Endless Forest. Both of them had reached such a proficiency level in their spells that the amount of abyss aura they use is almost the same that they regenerate, so as long they only use it to enhance their speed the cost is almost null.

After a couple of hours, they reached the Endless Forest, it was a place full of gigantic trees and immense mountains could be seen at the distance, this is a place where the Magi civilization as yet to conquer, this was the home of some of the truly powerful magic creatures of the Magi World, and it was also the place where specials herb of all types could be found. This place was controlled by magic creatures and the more you enter the stronger they get, until a point where finding magical creatures stronger than rank 2 was easy.

Either be it for the body of magical creatures or the special herbs, the Endless Forest was always full of apprentices and Magis, but of course, they not always end like the hunter, a lot of the times the Magis become the prey and end up like food.

"Little EZ remember what I told you if you find yourself in danger, scape. Don't enter more than enough to complete your mission, we can only act in the periphery of the forest with our current strength. If you enter too much you could trespass the terrain of a Rank 1 magical creature. If that were to happen, contact me through the core and I will come to help you," Zatiel spoke to the boy with a serious face, after all even he could die in this place.

Ezequiel nodded, he already knows to never underestimate his opponent or overstimate his abilities.

"And last, I am sure that we will have some ´friends´ from the tower making us company, you should take care of them when you get the chance," Spoke Zatiel as he looked in the direction of the tower. He could tell that someone was looking at them but they were very careful and make sure to stay hidden.

Ezequiel nodded as he looks back, although he didn't have Zatiel experience, the instincts of a Neo-Demons were superb, so he also detect that they were being watched.

"We will gather here in a month."

Having finished speaking, Zatiel and Ezequiel split and headed in different directions as they entered the forest.

Haf an hour after they leave, seven figures show up, all of them have magical robes and there were two men at the lead, one was tall with red hair and stoic face and the other had a skinny body and serpent-like face.

"Benjamin you will take Nick and Robert and take care of the boy, I will take the rest and head for the other one." Spoke the red-haired man to the skinny man.

"Brother this is too much, I alone can take care of that brat, the last time was just because he took me by surprise!" Nick says to the red-haired man.

"Shut up! you useless garbage, haven't you make me look bad enough?"

Although Nick was angry at being insulted he didn't dare to show it in his face and just lowered his head.

"Benjamin, don't underestimate him, something tells me that he is dangerous."

"Don't worry Arthur I know what to do, let's go," Say the skinny man before heading in the direction of Ezequiel accompanied with two other apprentices.
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Arthur saw them leave before heading with the rest in the direction Zatiel left.

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