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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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15 Ambush

Harpies are bird-like magic creatures, and like most birds they prefer to make their home in high places like the top of a mountain, they have a high affinity for the wind natural energy and with their ability to fly, a mountain peak makes a perfect home for them.

At the base of a mountain, there is a group of three men, two of these men were in a relaxed state concentrating in their meditation with their eyes closed, but the third was walking in circles with an annoyed face, and you could see how his face was getting more red with anger with every minute.

Finally, the man punched a tree with such a strength that created a huge dent in his center, before starting shouting.

" Goddammit! why the fuck are we not going after that brat, there are 3 of us and he is all alone. Benjamin since when my brother's number two as become such a coward," Scremed Nick at Benjamin.

Benjamin opens his eyes to look at Nick, but the face he makes was like someone who has seen a clown make a show, the disdain in his eyes was notable and he made no effort to hide it.

´This retarded moron, if it wasn't for his brother just reaching rank 2 apprentices would have been a miracle.´

" I already told you, the information we bough says that the boy mission consists of killing some harpies, we will wait until after the fight and attack him when he is exhausted. Now sit down and wait". Benjamin says before closing his eyes.

Nick saw the face Benajmin look at him, and was furious, but although he was a short-minded person, knowing who to mess with, was maybe his only good point. He knows that unlike him that barely got to become a rank 3 apprentice even after all the resources he got, Benjamin is someone truly talented and although he has not reached the level of a pseudo-Magi his battle strength is almost the same to one.

Benjamin was a very strong apprentice and thanks to the path he followed he was pretty powerful in a fight, actually, he could form a team of his own not having to follow other pseudo magi but, due to seeing in Arthur a mentality of someone that will never underestimate his opponents, he chose to follow him.

´Killing that boy won't be easy, since we enter the forest I have been feeling like something is off. I have to stick to the plan and taking him by surprise.´

Just when he was preparing to go back to meditation, an immense feeling of danger assault him.

"WATCH OUT!" Shouted Benjamin to Nick.

Nick was about to sit down when he heard the scream and felt how something was attacking him from the back, mustering all the power he could, he tried to move his body out of harm way.

Unfortunately for Nick, the attacker was someone proficient in assassination and his presence was only notable in the last moment, he could not stop the sword that buried into his body heading right for his heart.

Nick saw the tip of a sword came out of his chest, and an immense pain assault him. But although he was not able to dodge the attack he was able to move his body in the last moment just enough to save his heart from being cut in two.

´I can still make it!, I need to hold on until Benjamin and Robert help me.´

As a body-refinement apprentice, Nick could still survive if someone helps him immediately but unfortunately for him what he happens next shatter all his hopes.

The sword started to shine as lightning started crossing through it, which start to burn all of Nick's organs.

"SAVE ME!" Nick screamed full of pain.

Benjamin and Robert attacked the figure trying to separate him from Nick and save this one.

A fountain of acid headed for the figure, followed by huge rocks that fall from the sky.

When the attack was about to land in the person, the body of this one start to cover himself in lightning and flashed from behind Nick, safety distance himself from the spells.

Benjamin arrived beside Nick, unfortunately for him, this one was already dead, but when he saw the state of his body he was shocked.

´Not even ten seconds pass from the moment I perceive him, but his attack was so fast and ruthless that he destroys most of Nick's organs before we could do anything´.
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"You fucking brat you know who just kill, once his brother Arthur the Pseudo-Magi knows this, you will beg for death." Benjamin saw the figure and know that was the same person they were designated to kill.

Benjamin was always someone very cunning, and his words were meant to try to induce fear in the opponent and make him hesitate, unfortunately for him his opponent this time was someone in wich this type of threat will never work.

Ezequiel looked at the two apprentices with a calm face, he as always being someone proactive and waiting for his enemy to attack was not something he would do. Although they were covering their track very carefully, the anger attacks of Nick revealed their location easily.

Not waiting for the enemy to take the initiative, he charged at the duo with his body cover in lightning.

´I should take care of the weaker one first´. Ezequiel thought as he launched himself at Robert.

But before he could reach him, Benjamin attacks him positioning himself before Rober, and as he stood his body starts to expand and he transforms himself in a gigantic 5 meters long Snake.

"Robert, maintain your distance and help me distract this brat."

Robert knows that if he were to fight directly with Ezequiel is only fate was dead so he backed off immediately.

As Ezequiel looked a the huge snake and start to distance himself from it.

´ This should be a bloodline apprentice that master told me, they can transform their bodies for a certain amount of time by stimulating the blood in them, I should maintain a certain distance until I figure out how strong he is.´

Benjamin now in the form of a snake chased after Ezequiel, trying to crush him, making rock fly and trees fall, as his huge body crashed with them.

As Ezequiel dodge the attacks from the snake, the lightning in his sword started to elongate and became a 3-meter long whip.

Benjamin opens his mouth and trie to spit acid as a lightning whip impacted in his face, creating a huge burn mark, making him scream from the pain.

"Ahhh! you fucking brat, I will devour you," Yelled Benjamin as he chased before Ezequiel.

As Ezequiel was preparing to attack again, a shower of rock start to fall from the sky. Although the rocks where gigantic, they were slow, so Ezequiel easily dodge them.

But just as he was about to retake the attack something happens, he saw how his leg was drowning in the ground. He was surprised as he looks in the direction of the other apprentice and saw this one kneeling in the ground chanting a spell.

Robert knows that his first spell was too slow and could not damage Ezequiel, but his objective was only to make him head to a place where his other spell was waiting.

Although this stops him for just a moment it was more than enough for the tail al of snake to came crushing to him.

Ezequiel putting up his arms in front of him making a cross with them covering his body and channel all of his lightning into them to defend himself from the attack.

When the tail crashed into his body, the impact was so strong that he was thrown 15 meters, breaking the trees in his way apart as his body crashed in them.

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