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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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18 Going back

As Zatiel was searching the bodies of the apprentices, he founds a lot of magic equipment, although most of it wasn't very useful it could still be exchanged for magic crystals so he was taking everything with him.

After finalizing the search two things call his attention.

The first one was found in the body of the apprentice name Martin, it was a small black orb.

´So this was the thing they use to hide from me, this small thing can cloak all the signals of a living body, truly useful, as for the other one,´ Zatiel looked at the small sack that he found in the body of Arthur.

Although it didn't look like much Zatiel knows that this sack worths more than all the other magical equipment together.

´How could a pseudo-magi get a spatial sack.´

A spatial sack was magical equipment that had a certain amount of space inside where you could store stuff, although it didn't have a direct effect in the battle strength of a person it could allow him to carry an arsenal with themself heavily augmenting their versatility in all aspect of life, not only in fight but also in exploration.

´Ahh, I think this will get more troublesome than I expected,´ Zatiel sigh before what this sack means.

Like everything that has a connecting with space, the spatial sack is very difficult to get, it was not only the great cost that it has, but even if you have the money this type of article is almost always sold to official Magis, so for Arthur to have one, it means he should have had decent background.

´What is done is done, it's not like if a rank 1 Magi was a threat that I can not handle, the moment I start to show my abilities in rune crafting I am sure that I will get some help from someone in the tower´.

Although Zatiel was somewhat annoyed, he was not too worried about whoever was going to come after him for the death of Arthur. Any other apprentice will be scared shitless if they know that they had offended a Magi, but Zatiel was once low-level demons and had to overcome circumstances hundreds of times more difficult than this to survive so this problem although annoyed him, it was not something that could make him felt helpless.
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´This will be very useful to me. The dark sphere can be used without problem since I doubt that anyone can recognize it, as for the spatial sack I should change his external appearance and not keep in it at plain sight.´

Zatiel knows that it is impossible for the people of the Sinux Tower to no find out that he killed Arthur, after all, a lot of people knows that he was been follow for the redheaded pseudo-magi, but now he comes back and the person that was going to kill him disappeared, it didn't take a genius to figure out what happens. But it is very different having speculation of what happened, to him blatantly showing the equipment of someone he killed.

After doing some modification to the external appearance of the sack he recollects all of the equipment in it before hiding it inside his robe. Having finished he looks back at the place where the rat-man hides

´Before I only collected a limited amount of the heart of those creatures since I didn't have how to carry it back, but now I can collect much more and pick some other materials for my runes´

Having reached this thought Zatiel headed back for the caves and continue his massacre of the rat-mans. As for the bodies of the apprentices, he knows that it won't take long for magical creatures to come here devour them erasing their existences


Screams of magical creatures resounded day and night in those cave for a full week. The caves that were ones full of rat-man were now only had corpses with blood painting almost every inch of the wall making the earth soaked in red.

Zatiel was resting at the top of a pile of dismembered corpses eating the heart of these monsters, although the scene could make most people puke, it didn't affect him at all. Although these creatures can barely help his abyss aura grow, eating hundreds of them still get him a very good overall increase in power.

´It's about time for me to head back and meet with little EZ to return to the tower, I wonder how did he do´ Having finished with his business here Zatiel activate his Shadow Form and left for the meting point.

After five days of running Zatiel was almost reaching the reunion point. Although he was stronger than when he entered for the first time he was constantly stopping in the way to get materials so the way back took almost the same time as when he entered.

When he reached the meeting point he saw that Ezequiel was already waiting in there and in his back were two bags made of animal skin almost the same size as him full of body parts.

Ezequiel immediately notice Zatiel and head to him.

As Zatiel looked at Ezequiel running with those two huge bags on his back he could not help but start to laugh.

"Hahaha, you brat when I told you that it will be good if you brought a lot of brains and claws of those creatures I didn't mean for you to kill the entire tribe."

"Anyhow you did very well, tell me, you also take care of those apprentices that followed you."

"Yes master, I killed the three of them" Ezequiel was happy to change the subject so he starts to describe how the fight happened.

"Good job, now it is time for us to get back to the tower I want to start to craft runes the fastest I can. Oh, right give me those bags."

Ezequiel did as he was told and gave the bags to Zatiel, who when he touched them make both disappeared.

Although Ezequiel was a little surprised, he was already used to this kind of things so his reaction was subtle.

"Let's move on"

They transformed in flash of lightning and shadows as they headed to the Magic Tower.

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