Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
22 Get attention
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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22 Get attention

Although Ezequiel just nodded at those words, he could fell how a great weight was lifted off his shoulder, and the will to continue in his path of magical crafting was burning even with more power.

Having taken care of that, Zatiel starts to speak about the reason why he came here.
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"I have finished my runes, I already have them in my body and they work perfectly, so I bring some of them to transfer them into yours"

"Master you have already finished!" Ezequiel was surprised by Zatiel news. Although he was certain that his master will be able to craft the runes, according to what he has learned, even to someone extremely talented it takes at least a week just to finish a rune, but now he finds out that Zatiel has made runes for the both of them in just four days. Of course, this could be explained if the runes were the most weaker and simpler there are, but knowing him, Ezequiel knows that they must be very powerful.

"Of course, who do you think your master his?" Zatiel was having fun as he saw the boy only keep nodding like a bird at his bragging.

" The runes are called ´Aerial Walk´ and ´Secondary Consciousness´, as for the functions, the names are already self-explanatory, you will find out how they work more easily as you use them, the first one will go in your legs and the last in the upper section of your spine, get ready"

"Yes, master!" Ezequiel uncovers the part where the runes will go and starts to focus so he doesn't make a mistake. Although he doesn't know much about runes, he has learned that when it is put in the body of a person it is accompanied for great pain, after all, the runes not only have to be on the surface of the person's body, but also connect with the energy inside them.

Zatiel starts with ´Aerial Walk´, he takes the rune parchment made of animal skin and rests it against the legs of Ezequiel, once there he starts to flow his energy to it, the moment the parchment is charged the rune starts to leave the skin and begins engraving itself in Ezequiel legs.

Ezequiel immediately felt an immense pain, like if his legs were being burned, but he didn't move a single muscle and maintain his concentration the entire time.

After a couple of minutes, the process was done and in the boy's legs, there was a tattoo pulsing with energy.

"You should give the rune a try before we start with the next one," The next rune will be even harder to transfer because of the place it will take, so Zatiel want Ezequiel to relax himself a little before they begin.

The boy nodded and start to direct his abyssal aura his legs, the rune starts to glow as the energy charge them and he immediately felt the effect it had.

He starts to walk and his footstep landed in the air as if he was in an invisible stair. As he moves through the air he remembers the birds he liked to watch and how free they looked as they moved through the wind, and now he was able to do the same making his heartbeat full of emotion.

"Hahaha, this feels great!" Ezequiel got excited and begins to jump in the air displacing through the entire room without touching a solid surface the entire time.

Zatiel was smiling as he saw the always quiet boy laughing as he moved through the air and choose to let him have fun.

After a couple of minutes, Ezequiel finally stops and stands before Zatiel. Although he didn't loke different than before something about him had changed.

"Thanks, Master!," Says Ezequiel with a relaxed smile in his face and an expression like if he had done something that his heart desires for as long as you can remember.

"Hahaha, little brat there is no need to get so emotional, now that you are ready, let's start with the next rune," Zatiel says as he patted the boy.

"Yes." Ezequiel uncovers his back and regain his focus.

"I will start, this one will be much more painful due to his proximity with your nerves, get ready." Zatiel put the parchment in the spine of the boys and start the process.

Ezequiel clenched his teeth as he withstands the great pain, although the feeling was torturous, he didn't move during the entire transfer. Only when the process was done he was finally able to relax.

"Give it a tried and let me know how it feels"

Ezequiel noded and put his energy in the rune, as he did he started to feel like there were two of him, although the other one was more ´simple´, it was able to think in an entirely different thing.

It felt weird at the beginning, but as he continues using it he realizes how useful it is.

"Thanks, master, this will be very useful with my experiments," He chooses to maintain this secondary consciousness reviewing his knowledge about magical crafting as he continues to talk to Zatiel.

"Good, you understood the right way of using it, that rune it´s not only helpful in battle but in all aspects of life, now that you are ready, let's go to the first floor, it time to get a little attention."


Old Hal was resting in his desk, his job was pretty simple so most of the time he was just sleeping waiting for the next apprentice to show up. He already knows that without a miracle it will be impossible for him to advance to rank 1 so he prefers to spend his time relaxing instead of boring himself with constant meditation.

As he was resting in his chair, Zatiel and Ezequiel show up in front of him.

"Hey old man, I need to talk with you about something."

"It is you two, in what can I help you?" Although he was a lazy person old Hal knows that are people that you should never offend, so he responds to Zatiel with a professional tone.

"I was wondering if you could spread information about some items I am selling to the people in the tower."

"Oh, I'm sorry but I am not interested in being the middle man in a transaction"

"Are you sure?, this stuff has a very high price and you can get a percentage of it," As Zatiel spoke, he took two runes and handed over to the old man.

At first, old Han was not interested in the runes, after all, there has been a lot of times when apprentices show some of their creations, but almost always they are so inferior that no one wants them, but when he assesses them, he became greatly surprised.

"This are peak rank 0 runes! but how, it wasn't even a week ago when you ask for the equipment to craft runes and now you have created such a precious thing."

"What can I tell you, I am very good at crafting," Zatiel says with a carefree expression like if it was nothing important.

Old Hal was staring at Zatiel as if it was a monster.

´Can someone like this exist, according to the news that is going around, Arthur and his team were after him in the forest, but he came back like nothing and now he is showing such talent like a runemaster´

"I don't want to offend you, but I am not proficient in runes, so how can I know how good these runes are?" Although Old Hal doubts that someone of the bearing of Zatiel were to make such a dumb scam, he still could not completely believe that he could do something so amazing in such a small amount of time.

"Don't worry, I came prepared, Little EZ"

Like if he was waiting for the signal, Ezequiel actives ´Aerial Walk´ and moves through the air on the entire first floor. His body was very strong so he was able to move incredibly fast making all the disciples that were there surprised. After a moment and seeing that its job was done the boy gets back to Zatiel´s side.

"So are you satisfied?"

"Yes, yes! sorry for doubting you," Old Hal almost jumped from his chair from the shock.

Seeing his surroundings and the expression on the faces of the apprentices, Zatiel knows that everything his going according to his plan. The reason he was trying to make old Hal the person who will promote his runes, is because he is the person with the most information about his short time in the tower, so when the really important people get interested on his runes, they can use the old man for information.

"Keep the runes, remember I care more for the information about the runes being spread, that the price at which they are sold," Zatiel left the runes and started to leave, as for the possibility of the old man robbing him, he knows that he would not dare, and even if he does it will only mean a couple of days of lost work.

Just when Zatiel and Ezequiel were ready to leave the first floor, someone shouts at them.


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