Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
31 Danger approaching
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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31 Danger approaching

Zatiel says it in such a relaxed manner that it seems like it was not a great deal, but by the expression of Sophia, it was clear that it was not so simple.

"How could you give something so precious like a Path Tecnnique just like that?" Sophia still could not accept that Zatiel has given that technique to some kobolds he just met.
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Although the expression of Sophia was a little exaggerated, Path Techniques are indeed very valuable.

The most basic description of Path Techniques is methods that allow someone to become stronger and shows a way to advance in the ranks. Apprentices use meditation techniques to enhance the amount of energy in their bodies so they can latter advance to rank 1, but although this way is the easiest and has the lest requirements, it is also the weaker way. Path techniques allow you to enhance your energy and improve the quality of this one, as well it will teach you spells that are the most suitable for you. Although Path Techniques are not an absolute necessity to advance in ranks, it helps you clear most of your doubts and shows you a way to advance from one rank to another, hence the reason for their name ´Path´. Due to these reasons, path techniques are a dream for most apprentices and is pretty weird seeing someone above rank 1 without one.

"Calm down, that Path Technique has only one level and will help them get to the power level of Pseudo-Magus but not beyond, besides that technique has its bases in atavism, meaning going back to their ancestor, so it is very useful for kobolds because of their dragon heritage but for humans is of no use," Zatiel wasn't worried about someone tracking the origin of the technique to him, after all, although it is true that path techniques are valuable, finding one that allows you to get to peak rank 0 is not a great thing, so he was sure no one with real power with botter him for it.

Sophia finally calms down once all of it was explained.

"For any chance do you have one suitable for me?" She could not help but ask, after all with a path technique her possibility of becoming a Magus will improve greatly, and with the power of a rank 1 being, restoring her body will be easy.

"Keep dreaming, if I had one useful for humanoids I would have use it on myself a long time ago," Zatiel was lying, actually in the first level of memories there were some useful path techniques for humanoids, but they will be of no use for Sophia due to the contamination of her energy, as for Neo-Demons, the chaotic core enhance their energy the most efficient way possible on his own, as for the quality of their energy, abyssal energy has always been one of the top sources of energy in the universe so alter it with some technique will just create troubles, so for him path techniques are useless, at least the ones focused on developing his energy and advancing in ranks.

Sophia became very disappointed at the response after all in her mind a path technique would have solved all of her problems, but although she had not realized yet her will had advanced a lot in the time they have been here, so she didn't take long to get better.

Zatiel smiled and noded seeing the reaction of the woman ´Getting better, I can count this as another approved´.

Zatiel saves all the mineral in the spatial sack, before commanding the chip to show the path to their next destination.

"Let's go," Zatiel and Sophia follow the indications of the chip to the next place were the materials for his runes are.


In another part of Wasteland, a couple hundred of kilometer away from Zatiel was a group of about 50 Ogres we all marching, this was not too abnormal but the thing that makes this scene so weird was that there was 5 human at the head of this group, and the ogres who are known for the habit of eaten people were obeying all of their orders.

All of the humans had magic robes and the energy inside their bodies was very strong.

"Hey Alan, do we really need all of this power just to kill someone who is just at the peak of rank 0," The person who spoke was a young black-haired man, who assess at the ogres that follow them and as he did, a small amount of fear appear on his face.

Ogres are a very powerful race when it comes to their bodies if it wasn't because of their almost non-existent ability to use magic the threat that they could represent will be of a pseudo-magus, so for the man, this was overkilling.

"Luis, you have heard the order of lord Erick, we have to kill that person and we can't let anyone alive that can identify us, besides that individual was able to kill an entire group of apprentices lead by a pseudo-magus by himself." The man named Alan was someone of short stature, with white hair and a solemn expression on his face, but despite being the smaller of the five the power that came from his body was the higher.

"Relax you two, Magi are always been decisive beings that use their entire power regardless if their enemy is a mouse or a lion, lord Erick even gave us magical equipment that can cloak our presence from other Magi so we can ambush that person, he is undoubtedly dead," The person who talks was a bald bulky man whit a tattoo on his face who was playing whit a clown mask that released a glow that covered the apprentices and ogres.

"I guess you are correct, but these creatures will obey us when the time is right," Luis was looking cautiously at the ogres, the reason was simple, he was the weaker of the five and if the creatures were to attack them he will be the first casualty.

"Don't worry about them, lord Erick did a deal with the leader of their tribe and they will follow our orders until the mission is over, besides we need these creatures and their abilities to hunt humanoid or else trying to find someone here will be impossible." Alan's face was still solemn, the reasons of his concerns were not these creatures, but the amount of energy the Magus has sent in this mission, after all, the five of them were pseudo-magus and even with the decisive personality of a Magus this was a little too much, but what concerns him the most was the secrecy of the mission and the emphasis in the order of not leaving anyone who has seen them alive.

No one who has reached the level of a pseudo-magus on his own is stupid, and Alan as always been someone very smart so he already has an idea of what was happening, but that only made his mood even worse making him sigh.

´Ahhh, this will not end up well to any of us,´ Alan was feeling impotent, even as a pseudo-magus if you have no backer then against a Magus scheme there is little you can do even if you know it.

"Is there a problem?" The bald man asked Alan, not because he was concern about him, but to make sure that his problems don't affect the mission, so his tone was cold. No one of them was friends with the others and the only reason they were working together was that they were commanded, so they would not let anyone of them lose their focus and endanger their task.

"Hmph, nothing that should bother you, Johann, let's continue," Alan keeps his suspicions hide and they continue on their way.

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