Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
33 Abyssal way of fighting
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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33 Abyssal way of fighting

The ball of fire was immense and the heat that generates consume all the oxygen in 50 meters around the explosion. Of the three people covered by the spell, from the center of the ball of fire two were blasted out, one of them was a badly wounded short man with a ring that created a glow that covered all of his body and the other one was someone covered in a cocoon made of chains, although there were parts broken in all places of the cocoon and it looks like it would vanish in the next second the figure inside was still fully covered, as for the third one it looks like it was disintegrated by the flames.

Three hundred meters away the air started to change and four people and a group of ogres appear. At the head of the four were a man and a woman, the man held a parchment that was glowing, this person has ash-colored hair, a delicate face, a height of 1.8 mt and he was laughing as he saw the explosion, as for the woman she had a beautiful face and crimson hair, in her hand was a clown-like mask full with cracks. At the back of these two were Luis and Johann with a respectful expression on their faces.

Erick, like most rank 1 Magus was someone who likes to put contingency plans, so in the group of apprentice, he send there were two of his disciples, they were tasked to keep themself hidden and make sure that there was no problem in the mission, when the acts of Alan rises suspicion they reveal themself and took control of the ogres and the other two apprentices, tracked Alan and attack them by surprise.

"Hahaha, that asshole of Alan really thinks that could trick us, he deserves tasting the power of a rank 1 spell made directly by Master". The man keeps laughing as he watched the flames.

"Concentrate Cristian, we waste almost all the power in the mask to not being detected and take them by surprise, but the target is still alive," The woman looked at the direction the cocoon made of chains crashed, and a grave expression appears in her face.

"Who cares, even if he used his magical equipment to cover himself, he should be barely breathing for the 35 degrees of damage that the explosion caused. Don't tell me that you are scared of him Barbara," Cristian was openly disdaining the fearful attitude of the woman.

"Hmph, those chains are not magical equipment but a spell, I guess I don't have to explain what that means," Barbara sneered at the foolishness of his comrade.

"Impossible!, even if a parchment can only bring out the weakest power of a rank 1 spell, it is impossible for a rank 0 spell to matched, if those chains are truly a spell then..." Cristian smile vanish from his face and was replaced by gloominess.

The reason for the apprentices apprehension was simple, when two spells crashed, the one with the most power should eliminate the weaker one, although the winner would loss potency it will still manage to damage the target, so for the chains to be still active even after being reached by the explosion it means that the spell launched by an apprentice has the power of a rank 1 spell, even if it was the weakest one, it was still something that no apprentice should be able to do without external help.

"Ogres attack that cocoon with all you have," Cristian wasn't stupid and will not put himself in danger when he has a disposable task force at his order.

The ogres were ordered by their leader to obey the commands of the apprentices, so they immediately started to march to where the cocoon was.

The four apprentices were focused in the ogres to see what the person in the cocoon would do, but just as they were at half the way the ground under their feet started to tremble.

A figure came out of the ground right in the center of the four of them, the person was Zatiel, his robe was destroyed and the upper part of his body was exposed showing his perfectly attuned muscles but also the severe burns all over his body, his eyes were cold and not letting the apprentices recover from the surprise he attacked ferociously.

His first target was the strongest of the four, Cristian, Zatiel grab the arm of the apprentice and with his other hand throws a punch with all his strength at his head, the moment the fist was going to impact an armor made of earth covers his head, although it manages to save his head from exploiting the power of the punch was so much that he was blasted away, and since Zatiel had his arm grabbed, this one detached from the rest of his body, making the apprentice scream of pain as he is sent flying away.

´Already in the process of developing his Rank Spell, how annoying.´ Zatiel didn't chase after Cristian and attacked at his next target.

Barbara barely managed to recover from the shock with Cristian scream and made the energy in her body exploit as she prepared to launch an attack.

"Wind Bla.." But just as she was about to finish the preparation and launch the attack, she saw two eyes staring at her with such coldness and savagery that make her lose focus.

Although it was just for a moment, she was the closest to the place Cristian was, so her carelessness allows Zatiel to reach her.

Zatiel grabs her head and blasted in the ground, but just like with Cristian, an armor, this time of wind, covers her head and allows her to diminish the impact just enough to save her life, but still, she was severy hurt. Zatiel prepared to give her the finishing blow when spears made of bones came rushing at him, they were incredibly fast and he was barely able to dodge due to the close distance.

Just when he managed to dodge the last spear, an immense fist crash at him, barely giving time to cover himself before being thrown out, managing to stability himself twenty meters away.

Zatiel looks in the direction where the spear came from and saw Luis surrounded by bone shields and a five meters gorilla by his side.

"Johann we have to delay him the most we can and wait for the ogres, besides by the lack of spell I bet he barely has any energy left," Luis may not be the strongest of the four but he had an excellent battle sense so the actions of Zatiel give him a lot of information.

Johann nodded and adopted a defensive posture.

Zatiel didn't say anything and only look at them, the guess of the apprentice was correct, after killing all the goblins his energy was already low, and with the explosion, he had to use an immense amount to maintain the chains and use Abyssal Regeneration to heal his body, so he was not able to use any spell by the moment.

´Darkness elementium and a bloodline apprentices, one has stealthy attacks and the other great vitality, I need to end this fast and I can only depend on my physical might....." Zatiel looked at the direction of the cocoon and a small flash of worry appeared in his eyes before he concentrated on the ogres that were already coming back. When he retook his focus on the enemies in front a smile form in his face and small laugh came out. "Haha, It has been a long time since I fought like a true abyssal, defeating your enemies with brute power".

Zatiel took a sword from his spatial sack before flashed at the five-meter gorilla, just when he was about to crash with him, he made a stomp on the ground lifting a huge curtain of dust.

"Luis be careful, he is surely coming for you," Johann believed that Zatiel rushing to him to just blind them was to trick them and take the opportunity to kill the weakest of the two.

Luis arrived at the same conclusion and defuse the spear he was summoned to focus all of his energy on his shields.

Johann was coming to help Luis when he saw a sword pierce straight to his eye, he moved just at right the moment making it fly past him.

"Hmph, if you think a trick like this is going to..." Johann didn't finish talking when he heard a scream and he saw how Zatiel grabbed Luis's head with a smile in his face before applying so much pressure that makes it explode.

If the two worked together they could stop Zatiel for a couple of minutes but the moment Johann focus on defending himself, Luis fate was sealed.

Zatiel face was cover in blood but his smile only became wider as he looks at Johann, "I have forgotten how good this feels! now it is your turn".

"You fucking devil, die!" Johan roared and his body grows even bigger as he throws a punch with all his strength.

The fist was the size of his chest and came with crushing power and impacted Zatiel, but instead of being sent flying away he manages to catch the fist making marks in the ground as his legs sink in it.
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"Not devil... demon!" Zatiel roared and grabbing a finger with each hand he pulled in separated directions splitting the fist in two.

"Haaaaa!" Johann could not even stop screaming from the pain before Zatiel reached for his head and start bombarding it whit his fist.


Every time his fist crashed on his skull a blast could be heard, and although bloodline apprentice had great vitality it didn't take long for Johann to be dead, but Zatiel continues punching until his skull opened and his brain was splatter.

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