Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
36 Preparations
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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36 Preparations

Ezequiel and Sophia were with Zatiel in his house on the second floor of the tower, they were no speaking but by the expression of their faces, it was obvious that they were communicating in some way. They were talking through their cores to avoid being found out by someone in the tower.

"None of us can leave the tower for the time being, I doubt that magus will dare to enter the city but it's never good to underestimate a desperate enemy," Zatiel already has a plan to take care of Erick and the trip to the Underground has given him all the material necessary to do it, so leaving the tower would only be an unnecessary risk.

Sophia and Ezequiel know that against a Magus there is little they can do besides escaping, so they have nothing against Zatiel plan.

"Our priority should be reaching the peak of rank 0, once there the number of times we can use abyssal blast should be two and the damage should reach over 50 degrees. I will also use the time to prepare the necessary runes for the fight and also the search of the laboratory, little EZ how did the creation of the weapon from the matrix I give you turn out?," Zatiel didn't have much hope, after all, the matrix was from peak rank 0 magical equipment, and Ezequiel has less than a year of training as a Magical creator.

"Yes master, I have managed to create one." To the amazement of Zatiel, Ezequiel takes out a white orb and handed it to him.

Zatiel picks up the orb and starts to assess it and it looks exactly like the type of magical equipment that the matrix described.

"A.I. Chip scan it," Zatiel know that Ezequiel would not trick him, but the complexity of the equipment what incredibly high and he was using the chip to make sure there were no imperfections.

"Bip.. scanning magical equipment.

Metamorph orb: Peak rank 0 Magical equipment. It can take different forms according to the user desire varying from a single-handed weapon to a partial or complete armor. When it is used as a complete armor can offer protection of 15 degrees of damage both physical and magical, and the defense is enhanced as the range of protection is reduced. It can be stored inside the user's body to be enhanced with the user's energy.

Status: Optimal condition, functioning perfectly"

"Hahaha, little EZ this is a marvelous thing, awesome job!" Zatiel was truly amazed by the work of the boy, after all, when he gives him the matrix he was hoping in the best scenario that he could create it when he was at peak rank 0 and had at least a two years of practice, and even then the possibility of creating it will be low, but not even half a year has passed and he already has made it.

"Thank you, Master," Ezequiel didn't say much but the pride was obvious in his face.

"Do you think you can create another two of these equipments?" With that magical equipment, the plans of Zatiel would become much more easy to implement.

"I should be able to do it, but I would need more materials," Ezequiel was already very familiarized with the matrix for the equipment and as long he has enough material, he was sure he could create them again.

"Don't worry about that, I have brought a lot of things with me, take whatever you need and if there is something that is missing sell some of them and use the crystals to buy what you need from the tower," As long he could get one of those spheres from all the three of them, the price what not something that worries Zatiel, so he handed the spatial sack to Ezequiel so he could take the thing he needed.

Ezequiel noded and start to check the spatial sack and takes all the material he needed.

Once the part of the plan with Ezequiel was already in motion Zatiel starts discussing with Sophia.

"Sophia, you told me you have chosen alchemy as your profession, right?" Once Zatiel ended the process of transforming her into s Neo-Demon he asked a lot of questions so he could help her in choosing spells and other things.

"Yes, but I have never been too good in it," Sophia wanted to help Zatiel, but her talent in alchemy was never too good.

"Don't worry about that, all of your abilities have been enhanced when you became a Neo-Demon, I am sure your talent in alchemy has improved as well. I will give you some recipes for pills that will be helpful. Don't worry about the times you have to trie before you create them, as long you don't give up I am sure you will manage to do it." Zatiel used the core and transfer some recipes to Sophia.

Sophia start analyzing the information on the recipes and the difficulty was indeed high, but the resolution could be seen in her face. She didn't give any promise, but by her attitude, Zatiel knew that she was going to prove with action her determination.

"We all know what we have to do, so little EZ, you can return to your house, let me know if you need anything during the process of creation. Sophia, I will inscribe the Secondary Consciousness and Aerial Walk runes in you, it will be very painful so prepare," Once he gives the order Zatiel started to prepare for the process of inscribing the runes.

Ezequiel took all the material he needed and was leaving when someone stops him. Sophia appears in front of him with a smile on her face.

"We have not introduced ourself, my name is Sophia, I always hear Zatiel calling you little EZ, but I haven't heard your real name." Sophia's attitude was friendly when she speaks with Ezequiel.

"My name is Ezequiel," Ezequiel didn't have a bad impression of Sophia, and since she was a Neo-Demon like him, he responded with a good attitude. After answering he was preparing to leave but he was stopped again.

"Wait, I have seen you always call Zatiel, Master, so how about you start calling me Madam," Sophia was smiling and looking at the reaction Zatiel was going to make.
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When Zatiel hear that, he started to get angry, but when he saw the mischievous expression in her face he understood it was not that Sophia wanted to put herself above Ezequiel but the term was because the connection it will create with him, so he just shakes his head and continue with his work.

Ezequiel also realizes that the woman was not trying to undermine him, so he didn't get angry, but that didn't mean he will follow her game.

"Master?" Before saying something Ezequiel wanted to know what was Zatiel opinion about the tittle.

"You two are equal," Zatiel only says that before going back to preparing the runes.

"So can you call me Madam? it will make me happy" Sophia smiled at Ezequiel and this one smile back but the word that came next was something entirely different from what she wanted.

"Old hag," Ezequiel says it with a straight face and there was not a noise coming from him, but a laugh started to hear in the house just after he speaks.

The source of the laugh was Zatiel, even with his abilities, predicting how this will develop was impossible and that makes it hilarious.

Sophia became red when she her the insult and even more when she saw Zatiel laughing.

"You little rascal!" Sophia throws herself at him, but even though she had become very powerful, Ezequiel has been a Neo-Demon more time than her and his forte was speed so he dodges her and before she could act again leaves the house.

"That brat has no manners," Sophia was still upset but she didn't chase him. She knows that truly fighting between themself was prohibit, besides she was not really angry.

"Don't give more importance than it has, anyway the runes are ready to be inscribed in you," Zatiel took the parchment with the runes and came closer to the woman.

Sophia sees the runes and smiles playfully as she takes all her clothes off, displaying her sensual body in all of its splendor, but what she got from Zatiel was his usual calm expression

"Come on! it will kill you to show something in your face?" Sophia didn't know what to do before the always composed man.

"This process is delicate so I can't allow myself to be distracted," Zatiel starts to inscribe the runes on Sophia and his movements were coordinated and proficient without a single mistake.

The process was indeed very painful but Sophia had already resisted the transformation into a Neo-Demon so when it ended she only felt tired.

"I will go to slee..." But before Sophia could even end up her sentence she was put against the wall by Zatiel.

"Ok, we have finished the inscription, now I will teach you what happens when you entice a demon," Zatiel face has none of his previous calm, but pure lust and desire as he positioned behind Sophia.

"Wait I am a little tire maybe latter," Although Sophia was constantly tempting Zatiel, the truth was that she was a virgin and had no experience at all so she became timid and nervous when the real thing was going to happen.

But her attitude only made the lust in Zatiel even greater, as he trusts his manhood inside her, although it looks rough, he was very experienced and it didn't take long for moans of pleasure started to be heard.

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