Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
42 A fight outside the Abyss
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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42 A fight outside the Abyss

Hight Worlds usually have their unique sun that provides light and warm to them and it moves encompassing them, but there are places in the Universe where the sun is the primordial star of the galaxy and planets are circling it.

In a part of the Universe, there was such a sun, the size of this was even bigger than some High Worlds or Planes, but this was not the only thing that makes it special, its size was getting bigger and the amount of energy it was producing was growing. The planets that were in his surroundings either end up swallowed by him or destroy by its radiation.

As this Sun grows it reaches a point that exploited destroying absolutely everything of the galaxy it was the center.

But when the explosion ended, instead of nothing, nine small suns remained, inside every single one of them was a humanoid life, they were very similar to a human but in their forehead, they had a third eye, around every single one of them different thing happen.

The suns were different, the colors and phenomenon that generated varied. One of the Sun`s had a golden color and surrounding it you could fell that the Law`s of creation and life were active.

The man inside the golden sun looks at his brethren but didn't say a word to them before he leaves. His speed was amazing moving millions of kilometers with every dash, and from time to time he vanished only to appear galaxies away from where he was before.

The man explored the Universe for thousands of years, from time to time he found other beings but when they saw him, they always scape.

One day the man was outside a Lower World, the life in this world could barely reach the peak of rank 0 and the energies were extremely thin.

The man look at the world for a long time, before he releases all the power of his sun and inundated this world in golden flames, all life in this world was consumed by the flames, and the more it consumes the more prominent the golden color was.

When all the life of the planet was absorbed, the flames that surrounded this world were so brilliant that it makes it look like a sun.

The man saw the flames for a long time before he raised his hand and clenched his fist, the moment he does his third golden eye started to glow.

The golden flames started to enter the world, reaching the core of this one, but instead of harming it, the flames started to nurture him, the energy of this world start to improve and a new life started to grow at an accelerated rate. This Low World that had barely begin his path was already in the way of becoming a Middle World.

Usually, when flames consume something, they release a great amount of energy to the exterior but the golden flames maintain all the energy of everything it disintegrated inside them, to be used later.

The man continues doing this in hundreds of Low World, although he kills billion of life the World`s that were touched by his golden flames always end up in a better position than before. After a couple of thousand years, the man was able to manipulate the Law of Life.

The man stood before a Low World again, he looks at it for a long time before he acted. He releases his golden flames but this time the power in them was much greater and they not only consume the life in the world but the world itself.

His third eye was monitoring the entire process and when it ended, there was no longer a world but a giant ball of golden flames.

The man stood still for a long time and only look at the flames. Eventually, he concentrates all his power and started to manipulate the flames. His golden third eye started to bleed but he was able to transform that immense ball of flames into a Plane.

Although Wold and Planes have a similar function they are different so what the man did was taking the energy of something an create a different thing. This moment the man starts to manipulate the Law of Creation.

The man continues to explore the Universe practicing his law of life and creation, there were times he faced some creatures but with his immense power they alway die or ended up running.

One day the man reaches a place were uncountable layers of infinite variety connected haphazardly, dark and chaotic energy surrounded this place, and even with his consciousness he was not able to see it entirely.

The man felt weird about this place and was going to leave when he felt someone approaching.

The one who approaches was a figure cover in darkness and you could only see his red eyes.

For the first time the man felt threatened by someone, he knows that this person was able to harm him, the same way the laws of life and creation surrounded him, the law of death and destruction were with this individual.

The man understood the reason the person cover in shadows was coming and he launched himself at him.

A figure cover in golden flames and another cover in shadows crashed against each other, every time their attack opposed the space around them broke and the energy they released was enough to kill any creature under rank 5 at fifteen hundred kilometers around just for the collateral damage.

As the fight continued the man was starting to lose, although his flames were more powerfull that the shadows, these last ones were moving in a way he could not predict and occasionally were able to cross his defense and reach him.

When they fight at a close distance the disadvantage was even more prominent, the man had a stronger body but the person cover in shadow was able to predict his every moment and attack in the most unexpected way.

The man separates from his enemy and made the energy in his body spike as an immense golden sun is created around him.

The person cover in shadow saw this, and his energy also burst as a black hole is formed surrounding his body.

They reached monstrous speed as the impact each other, the sun and the black hole fight to consume the other. The power was so much that any Middle World would be severy harmed and even a High world would find its landscape affected horribly.

The fight between the sun and black hole end up in a gargantuan explosion, the space in the area was broken and the energy on the place was volatile. When everything calms down only one person was remaining.

It was the shadow covered individual, and in his hand was a heart, he makes it disappear inside the darknesses and depart from the area, by the way he was moving it was obvious he was severy hurt.

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As Zatiel was resisting the immense pain that carried having a bloodline assimilated by the core, this majestic scene was passing through his head.

`So those were his memories, It is really weird fighting against myself, even if it was just a recollection of someone else,` Even though Zatiel was withstanding tremendous pain he makes sure to focus on those memories and command the chip to save them, they will be very helpful in the future.

As the process continues golden flames started to cover Zatiel body, and immense pressure started to originate from him.

Ezequiel and Sophia were now away from him, the pressure he generates was already affecting them and those golden flames make the instincts of both scream in fear.

As the flames rise in power his body started to grow to reach a height of 2.2 meters, his muscles started to increase but contracted immediately making him have a perfect body, in his forehead the rune he had was disintegrated by the flames and his skin was breaking as a third golden eye started to appear.

In his interior, there were also changes, next to his heart where the Chaotic Core was, another smaller heart started to form and inside this one a diminutive sun started to generate.

It was not until a couple of hours later that the process finished and he opens his eyes, the moment he does a blast of golden flames is launched at his surroundings. The ground around him was melting and becoming lava due to the high temperature, and everything the flames touched got burned, luckily Ezequiel and Sophia were away and didn't get hurt.

Zatiel stands up and starts to laugh as the golden flames bath his body and he felt the amazing power-up he had.

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