Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
43 Regeneration against defense
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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43 Regeneration against defense

With the golden flames covering his body, Zatiel starts to assess his current condition and with the help of the chip was able to see even the most insignificant change in him.

´My body has improved greatly especially my speed and physique, these flames are not originated from my abyss aura but by the small sun inside my new heart and I can felt that the way to control them is with my third eye.´ The golden flames are truly special even by Zatiel standards.

Zatiel started to manipulate his abyss aura and send it to the small sun in his heart, but the moment the energy touched it was burned down immediately and consumed.

´It can swallow energy of such a purity like my abyss aura so easily, and there was absolutely no loss in energy, amazing!´ Zatiel was marveled, after all, there is always a loss of energy when something is transformed in a different thing, the most simple example will be when his Chaotic Core transforms the food he consumes in energy for his body, even though the core was one of his proudest creation it could not do such a thing like a perfect transformation.

Next Zatiel starts to manipulate the golden flames with his third eye. He could use the flames without the eye but to bring out the amazing properties of the flames like using the life energy that was inside them, the third eye was necessary.

The abilities of the golden eye didn't end up here, he was able to how the energies move inside everything, even the ground he was standing. When he saw Ezequiel and Sophia he could see the abyss aura running through their bodies as well a huge amount concentrate in their hearts were the Chacotic Core was.

After seeing the changes that the bloodline brings to his body he starts to inspect his abyss aura and core. The quantity of his aura has grown a lot but the biggest change was on his quality with the purity highly surpassing the one he had in rank 0 as for his core, the size was bigger and he could see how it was releasing small parts of it and fuse them with his heart.

Finally, he checked his consciousness, now that he had advanced to rank 1 Neo-demon he was able to use Primal Chaos Consciousness, and let a part of his consciousness leave his body to explore his surroundings, but this was not all, he was also able to use it to affect the mind of weaker targets and create a chaotic pressure on the enemy, and as it became stronger more abilities will be unlocked.

Having already seen his new abilities he turns off his golden flames that were covering his body and contracts his magnetic force field vanishing the pressure it was generating.

Ezequiel and Sophia came running to him, amazement and anticipation in their faces. Before Zatiel advanced although his fighting experience was greater than them, their physical abilities were similar but now the difference in their power was like day and night, and the idea that they will become that powerful soon was exhilarating.

"Zatiel, those flames are incredible, how powerful was the bloodline you assimilated?" Sophia still could remember the fear she felt when those golden flames were near her, so she assumed that the race that could generate such power was amazing.

The easiest way of determining the power of a bloodline is seen the rank that the creature from who it originated reach when it becomes an adult, after that those creature could no longer depend on their racial heritage to advance and even worse the same thing that helps them advance in power now became shackles that difficult their progress. For example, a Frost Dragon can reach rank 4 just by depending on the power of his blood, but after that, unless it gets help from a higher life form or some special heritage, advancing any longer is very difficult.

"If you have to rank it, it should be a Law Bloodline, meaning that on his own it would provide help until I become a Law Being, and that is not counting if I manage to evolve it," Zatiel was smiling as he explained. Law Being is the peak of the universe and every single one of them is a force to be reckoned with and the goal of every individual in the path to power.

Ezequiel and Sophia were shocked by the answer, although they don't know exactly how powerful a Law Being is, they know that the true leader of the Aetereum Empire had reached such a level.

Zatiel starts to laugh when he saw the expression of the two, he usually won't do such things but seeing how powerful the blood has made him from the beginning makes him be in an excellent mood.

After a couple of minutes of teasing the two, Zatiel concentrate on the broken door. He uses his Primal Chaos Consciousness and starts to explore the inside but even then he was barely able to detect the presence hidden in there.

´Impressive, it must be barely functioning and still I hardly can detect it. Let try this then,´ Zatiel third eye focused on the weak presence he felt on his consciousness and he was able to see energy channels that take the form fo a 3-meter man, but those channels were so harmed that it was a miracle the energy could still move through them, and the area of the right arm was turn off.

´Let's try this new spell.´ Zatiel smiles and a golden light starts to cover him.

Ezequiel was going to ask about the light when he Zatiel disappeared, the speed was so much that he didn't even realize when he left, and the next thing he heard where explosions past the gates.

Ezequiel and Sophia could only see how a golden light crashed against a grey figure and every time they do it a massive boom could be heard. Eventually, the grey figure was blasted outside the gates and they were able to see its appearance, it look like an armored human with spikes all over him, it had old broken pieces all over its body and its right arm was missing.

Zatiel came chasing immediately, he was going to bash its head when the automaton moved with great dexterity dodging his attack and managing to punch him in the stomach with his spiked gauntlet perforating his stomach and making him crash against the walls.

The wound looked serious but immediately golden flames surround him and heal the damage in seconds. The moment Zatiel saw this he started to laugh and launch himself against the automaton.

Ezequiel and Sophia saw how they continue fighting. Every time Zatiel strike a blast could be heard but whatever material the creature was made it was incredible resistant and it was only thanks to the missing pieces of his armor that his attacks were able to harm it, as for the creature attacks, every time it manages to hit a blow it send Zatiel flying with great wound but those golden flames always appeared and heal him immediately.

This continued for a time but neither of the two was able to truly harm the other, one had unbreakable defense and the other never-ending regeneration. Finally, Zatiel separated from the creature, the reason for his recovery were the golden flames originated from the sun inside his heart but the energy was diminishing at an alarming rate so he could not fight in such a brutal way for too long.

"I have a good hold of my current power, so I guess it is time to end this." Behind him, a ring of black flames appears, this one was much more impressive than before with a diameter of 4 meters, a wide of 1 meter and in his hand, a sword appears.

Immediately all the flames of the ring started to enter the sword and by the end, the ring had disappeared and the sword had a black color, smoke came from it and the air was disturbed by the immense temperature.

Zatiel looked like a deity floating in the air with a golden light covering his body and a sword that looks like it was made from dark flames in his hand.

The creature did not remain still and launch itself at Zatiel, his dash had so much power that the ground he was standing got destroyed.

Zatiel concentrates his third eye on the automaton and attacks it. The moment they crashed against each other a massive explosion occurred and the entire cave tremble.
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Zatiel was blasted and crashed in the ground, his chest was bleeding badly but the golden flames acted and heal him as for the automaton, the sword manages to break his defense and pierce all the way to his back.

The creature falls from the air and stops moving. Although a wound like this should not be enough to neutralize it, the sword pass through the most important channels of energy thanks to the ability of the golden eye to see them.

"Zatiel, are you fine?" Sophia saw the grave wounds that he withstands in the fight and although the flames heal him she fears he had internal injuries.

"Don't worry, although my energy is almost depleted, I am in perfect condition. Little EZ, sorry I think the weapon you give me was destroyed." The metamorph orb was made from excellent materials but to withstand all the power from his ring of fire inside it was too much.

"Doesn't matter, I will be able to create something better soon. Master, what was that golden light and your speed, I was barely able to see you during the fight, if it is a spell can you teach me?" Ezequiel forte was his speed, but Zatiel movement with the golden light was more that he could ever hope to do, so if he could learn it will be very helpful.

"It is a spell and its called Sunlight Speed, but unfortunately I can't teach you, It is an Innate Spell that I was able to awaken from my bloodline and uses the energy that my new heart generates so it can't be passed. But don't worry this place surely had powerful bloodlines for you two."

The moment Sophia and Ezequiel hear about the bloodlines, excitement fills their faces.

"Little EZ you should keep that automaton, although now it has only the power of a peak rank 1 being and only can use physical abilities by what I can see in his peak it should have the power of a rank 4 lifeform, if you can fix it, it will become very useful," Zatiel may not know a lot about magic creation but he was able to identify some of the material it was constructed so he was able to guess the original power of the automaton.

The moment Ezequiel hears the original strength of the automaton he moved immediately and safe it in his spatial sack, although he knows that he doesn't have the abilities to fix it yet, just examining it will become very helpful in his path as a Magic Creator.

"Let's enter and see what the laboratory of an ancient magus has to offer"

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