Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
49 Letting your people die
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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49 Letting your people die

A group of about five hundred individuals was marching through Wasteland, most of them have a power reaching the middle or high level of rank 0. Although to normal creatures the difference in ranks is an almost impossible thing to overcome if a Novice Rank 1 Magus were to fight a group that big he will probably deplete all of his energy before killing even half of them.

At the front of this group were three figures, one was a four-meter tall man with a single eye and a brutish appearance, a cyclops, the other was a serpent-like creature with a humanoid upper body, member of a race know as yuan-ti, and the last one that was positioned between the two and from him you could feel the greatest amount of power, he was a 6-meter tall Yeti with a simian build and white hair. The three had reached rank 1 but there was a great difference between the other two and the yeti, that was that those two advanced simply because they accumulated great amount of energy in their body and were able to impulse their bodies to the next level, and although they become more powerful they don't obtain a improve in their consciousness nor any type of powerful abilities, but the last one advanced using a Path Technique, and although it was not designed specifically for his race he was able to obtain amazing powers from it.

"Lord Neix. We are very close to the territory of the kobolds."

"By what our scouts have told us the Magus that give that technique to them remains in there."

The Yeti named Neix looked at those two rank 1 creatures and nodded.

"I will take care of the Magus, I am confident in defeating him but they always have abilities that allow them to escape in the last moment, when that happens you two will have to stop him long enough for my to incapacitate him. If you two fail, then there is no need for you to remain alive". When Neix says the last part his eyes exude killing intent.

Although the cyclops and yuan-ti were angry about the threat they didn't dare to rebuke, they know that against someone who was able to kill an Advanced Rank 1 Magus, they have no chance so they only nodded.

Neix didn't care about the other two, his entire focus was in obtaining the Path Technique and all the information that man has. He had managed to obtain a Path Technique from a ruin in Wasteland and after using it he understood how precious it was, the moment he advanced to rank 1 he became the most powerful member of his tribe and was able to kill the previous leader with ease even though he had been in rank 1 for dozen of years. But unfortunately for him the technique he got only allows him to reach close to the peak of rank 1 and has no way of advancing to the next level so when he finds out about the kobolds and the technique they got from a man he makes sure to do everything he could to find out about that person and planed for the time he would come back.

The desire of the other two for a path technique was not a bit inferior, they may not bee the smartest but every being that advance to rank 1 has an enhance in his cognitive abilities and they are able to understand the importance of the technique. The three had a copy of the technique that they obtained from the traitor kobold but it was of no use for any of them due to them already reaching rank 1, as for giving it to their subordinates, that will never happen, even if the effect was not great, neither of them would allow some in their tribe to reach the level that could threaten them.

The three leaders had migrated their tribe long ago so they could be closer to the kobolds and they started marching the moment they found out about Zatiel, so they were less than half a day from the kobold territory.

As they advanced there was no a lot of communication, after all, in normal cases their tribes would be fighting either for resources or simple xenophobia but something happened that make them start to talk. Although Wasteland had a certain level of light it was mostly a dark place, but in the sky, small lights started to appear that make it shine with a golden glow.

The three rank 1 leaders also notice this phenomenon, and they were able to see the orbs of light that started to appear, but unlike the other two, Neix was able to redirect all of his consciousness in the direction of the golden light to get a better idea what were those orbs and the moment he did, his face turn grave.

"Watch out!" But it was too late as the orbs were already falling in the direction of the rank 0 army.

And in the direction of the rank 1 leaders, an immense 2-meter ball of dark flames came crushing to each one.

The cyclops roared as he stomped the floor at his feet and a wall of eath appear in front of him. The wall was destroyed immediately when the dark flames impact it but it manages to make the attack exploited and although some dark flames manage to reach the cyclops it was able to survive.

The yuan-ti did not have any good defensive ability so he trie to dodge the attack and throw his sword to the dark flames. Unfortunately for him his attack barely manages to alter a little the direction of the flames before it exploded at his side engulfing him in flames severy harming him and making him scream from the pain.

Neix was the only one that was able to neutralize the attack as he launched an Ice Storm at the dark flames making them disappear, not wasting time he launched a blast of ice to the cyclops and yuan-ti to vanish the flames on their bodies.
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After some moment the flames on the two rank 1 disappeared. The cyclops had some burn marks on his body but was mostly fine and the yuan-ti was missing one of his arms and had wound all over his body. Although both had their consciousness damaged by the flames they were still able to fight.

The three looks at their armies that now were scattered in all directions but even so they could not run very far as walls of ice and lightning stop them.

The golden flames burned more brightly with every being they consume and continue to expand. In the center of this realm of flames was a man moving through the area and with every attack he was able to kill tens of creatures.

The cyclops and yuan-ti were terrified when they saw this, they are only now able to see their enemies yet they were both already hurt, with one them losing an arm and their tribes were being slaughtered in front of them.

"Focus, if we try to run, the owners of the ice and lightning will stop us, our only option is to defeat that person and use him as a bargaining chip, besides I don't think he has too much energy remaining after a spell of such magnitude." Neix knows that if he was alone he would not be able to escape so he encourages the other two and it was effective as in their eyes the savagery proper of their races appear.

Neix was not wrong, in this attack Zatiel had used an immense amount of energy, consuming almost 75% of his Sun Power, but he also had his Abyss Aura and although that attack with Abyssal Fire was expensive, he used his rank spell as an intermediary to launch them and he still has a little over have 70% of this energy remaining.

The rank 0 army was depleting at an amazing rate but neither of the three chose to intervene, in their mind as long their tribe members can deplete at least a small part of Zatiel energy, then their death was useful.

Zatiel saw the action of the rank 1 leaders but didn't matter to him and before long all the rank 0 soldiers were dead, leaving only golden flames all around the area. It was so much that it looks like it was day due to the light they were producing.

Once they were all death Zatiel started to walk through the golden flames heading in the direction of the Yeti and the rest.

"Ruthless enough to leet all your people die for the chance they can make me weaker, but too stupid to realize that it would not make a difference." Zatiel eyes were could and his body exudes killing intent

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