Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
50 Kneeling for mercy
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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50 Kneeling for mercy

Zatiel body started to glow as he activated Sunlight Speed and in his back, a ring of dark flames appeared. His third eye began to glow as a part of the golden flames, that filled the place, started to gather in front of him creating dozens of small golden fireballs, the ring split and two three-meter wide balls of dark flames appeared.

The three rank 1 leaders didn't waste time and made the energy in their bodies erupt before preparing themself to counterattack.

The spheres of dark flames headed for the cyclops and yuan-ti as for the yeti, this one received the golden flames. They immediately distance themself form the attack already knowing how powerful they are.

Neix knows that his allies would not be able to withstand these spells without severe injuries so he roared and from his mouth, a deathly cold cone of air came out fighting against the flames.

This attack was the most powerful the yeti had and was able to significantly reduce the power in the dark and golden flames.

Zatiel saw this and he flashed in the direction of the yeti. Neix could not be happier with the action the man, his path technique may have focused on his energy, but still, his body was stronger than most Novice Rank 1 Body-Refinement Magus, so he launched himself against his enemy with his claws ready to split him into pieces.

When they were about to crash against each other, Zatiel third eye acted again making the golden fire explode but instead of flames what it released was a blinding light.

The three rank 1 leader screamed as their eyes burned due to the intense light and got temporarily blinded, but unlike the other two Neix was able to use his consciousness to see his surroundings.

The yeti knows that the opponent in front of him was no fool and understands that such a trick could not really affect him so when he detected that there was no one in his surroundings, he sends his consciousness to the cyclops and yuan-ti but he was startled as he could find nothing.

´Where the hell is he!?´ Neix was scared but didn't take long to find out where Zatiel was, as an immense feeling of danger assaulted him from his back

He was not able to do nothing, as a fist with golden flames impacted him on the upper section of his spine. Although and ice armor came out to protect him the punch had so much power that was able to trespass the rank spell on his own and with the flames that created an explosion on the impact was more than enough to blast the yeti away and make his bones creak.

What assaulted Neix beside the pain was confusion, he didn't lift for one moment his consciousness during the entire fight, so he could not understand how Zatiel was able to reach his back undetected. What the yeti didn't know is that although your consciousness his very useful to see your surroundings if your opponent is stronger or use his consciousness to camouflage from yours, your detection abilities are severely weakened. And Zatiel´s Primal Chaos Consciousness his way superior to the one of the yeti.

Zatiel was going to follow with his attack on the yeti when a huge rock almost twice his size came crashing at him. Due to concentring all of his consciousness to hide from Neix, the cyclops was able to attack and caught him by surprise.

The rock came with such a power that throws him in the air, and whether it was a coincidence or part of the cyclops plan, he came crushing where the yuan-ti was.

"Die you damn human!" The yuan-ti was furious due to losing one of his arms and he attacked with his sword lacerating at Zatiel head.

When the sword was about to decapitate him, Zatiel body twisted in the air, dodging the attack and end up face to face with the now terrified yuan-ti.

"Wai..," The serpent folk wanted to plead but what he got was only three cold eyes and a hand that choke his neck.

The next thing the yuan-ti feels was agonizing pain as flames started to burns his entire body and golden fire continue consuming him even after he dies.

Immediately Zatiel trow the body to the ground, before flashing to the side just in time to dodge another huge rock.

The moment the cyclops saw his attack fails and one of his allies die in such a horrible way, he became terrified and tried to escape, but Zatiel speed was superior to his and was moments away from reaching him.

When Zatiel was about to grab the cyclops, from the sky dozens of ice lance formed and came crashing in his direction. This attack came from Neix, that had managed to recover just enough to launch the spell.

The cyclops became delighted when he saw this and turn around to smash Zatiel.

Zatiel saw this but instead of moving back or trying to dodge the spell, his eye filled with determination as he made his golden flames cover him before summoning the dark fire as a second cover, making a two-layer cocoon, blasting his way through the spears.

Although the fire was able to weaken the spell, most of them still manage to break his defense, reaching his body, making him bleed and hurting him greatly but his golden flames healed all those wounds immediately and before long he was able to reach the cyclops.

The cyclops was startled, not only did his opponent was able to survive those huge ice spears but manage to reach him, and because he had foolishly tried to get close to him to strike him, now he had no way of dodging the attack.

Zatiel reached the cyclops and with all his power he punched right where his eye was, making it explode along with his head in a blast of fire.

Neix heart fills with desperation, his two allies were dead and although he manages to land one of the most powerful spells he could cast on his enemy he could see how his wound disappeared in a blink of an eye and was like if nothing happened.

"Mighty Magus, please spare my life and I will follow you every command," Neix knees and started to beg for mercy, he knows that his only way of getting out of here alive was if the monster in front of him let him.

Zatiel was not surprised by the action of the yeti, this type of scenario has happened thousand of times in his previous life. He said nothing and just send his consciousness to explore the body of the Neix and commanded his A.I. Chip to do the same.

"Bip.. scanning target

Name: Unkown
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Race Abominable Yeti (High Rank 1)

Strength: 29.1

Physique: 34.4


Energy Source: 71.6

Body condition: Severe depletion of energy and great harm in the body"

"You managed to reach rank 1 using some sort of path technique that focuses on your control over the natural energies. Your spells are strong and due to your racial traits your body still his moderately powerful for your rank." Aloturgh it sounds like a compliment Zatiel face was emotionless and his eyes were still cold.

Neix noted this but still, he was confident that his worth was more than enough to entice any Rank 1 being. Bu the next thing he saw was Zatiel disappearing from his view only to feel a hand covering his mouth. He trie to defend but before he could act, a blast of flames came out from the hand and fill the inside of his body to the point that golden fire started to come out from his mouth and ears.

"If I were to accept as my subordinate someone like you, who leaves all his people to die just for the possibility that they can weaken their enemy, then I could only blame myself when they eventually betray me." Zatiel was indifferent to the drowned screams of pain from the yeti.

Unfortunately, for Neix his constitution was powerfull so the time it took him to die was long and the pain excruciating.

When the yeti finally stop screaming and die, Zatiel let his body fall to the ground as the flames consume him.

Zatiel saw his surroundings and in all directions, golden flames were consuming the bodies of their victims making their golden glow brighter. Not wasting time he sits down and started to rest, although he manages to defeat all his enemies and his body was in perfect condition his sun power was almost depleted entirely and his abyss aura had less than a fourth of his reserves.

As Zatiel rested, Sophia and Ezequiel appeared by his sides and waited for him to finishes restoring his energy.

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