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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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51 Experimen

It took a long time for Zatiel to be in top condition before he opens his eyes. By now all the corpses had vanished and all that was left was the golden flames, that were weakening by the moment. The All-Encompassing Sun-Flame can absorb all the energy of everything it consumes but that doesn't mean it doesn't use energy to be active, and after consuming the bodies completely it starts to use his own energy to remain present.

By now 20% of the energy on the flames has vanished, but Zatiel didn't care, according to his calculations and the ones from the chip, for what he is about to do next, he needs less than half of what was at the beginning.

"Be ready to act in case a problem occurs," What Zatiel was going to do next was entirely theoric and like in any experiment the possibility of failure is always present.

Ezequiel and Sophia did not make a question and burst their energies ready to act. The first one made his entire body, both inside and outside, filled with lightning, and the last created dark-cristal wings in his back and a dome of ice surrounding her.

Zatiel rise in the air before being 10 meters from the ground and activated his third eye.

The Eye of Life and Creation started to glow with a rich golden color and half of the flames that were on the ground started to concentrate in front of it. When the accumulation ended, in front of Zatiel was a ball of golden fire of 5 meters in diameter.

´Now the truly important part begins,´ Zatiel face was serious before he active the power in his third eye to the maximum.

"Creation!" His eye opened to the point it looks like his eyelash disappeared and the power it started to generate was greater than any rank 1 being could hope to use.

As soon as the eye acted, the ball of flames in front of him started to compress, little by little, enhancing his golden color and power inside it.

When the diameter in the ball of flames reduced to 3.5 meters his third eye started to tremble along with the ball of flames, and pain begins to assault his mind, but Zatiel withstands it, continuing with the compression and transformation.

Sophia and Ezequiel become solemn when they saw the pain in Zatiel face and the instability in the ball of flames. The more it compressed the higher the sense of threat that generated became.

The process was slow, but the more Zatiel continues, the greater the pain and instability of his third eye and golden fire became. It was when the compression was about to reach 2 meters in diameter that his Eye of Life and Creation started to bleed and the instability in the ball of flames became too much to control

Zatiel was someone determined, that always seeks to accomplish whatever he proposes himself, but that doesn't mean that he didn't understand that sometimes things can't be done with your current power, no matter how hard you tried. So concentring all the power he has left, he launched the ball of flames as far as he could, before his third eye closes itself and he started to fall from the sky.

As soon he did that, he felt someone hugging him as two cristal wings cover them and a dome of black ice generated around the two, and in front of this dome, a 15-meter man appeared creating a shield of lightning with his body.

The ball of golden fire reached 70 meters of distance from Zatiel before it exploited and a couple of kilometers around, all the creatures in Wasteland were startled as the sunlight filled their always dark homes.

The three were at the periphery of the explosion but still, Ezequiel felt like if a mountain had crush against himself when the blast of flames impact on him, and although the innate spell known as Titan Form improve his body greatly, he was still hurt, and the flames that manage to reach the dome almost destroy it before they vanished.

When the explosion was over the three of them descended to the ground and started to rest. Zatiel and Sophia were not hurt, but Ezequiel had burn marks all over his body, luckily for him, his titan bloodline and Neo-demon physique allows him to heal quickly, and by activation abyssal regeneration his wounds healed at a speed the naked eye could see.

Zatiel could not help but sigh to the failure of the experiment, if he could have made it, it would have been of great help for his subordinates.

"Ahh, I guess using the principles of Creation with my current power it's impossible no matter how much help my bloodline gives me. Little EZ are you ok?"

"Don't worry Master, it won't take long for my body to be in top condition. But I must say, Master, that explosion was very powerful, if I was to be in the center of it, even with my two innate spells and rank spell activated, I would end up severy hurt." Ezequiel was convinced that the power in that ball of fire was greater than any type of attack he could do, even his abyssal blast end up short.

"True, the power that reached was close to the one a rank 2 being could use, but it is not useful in battle, after all, no one will let you be for minutes without interference as your charge a spell." Even though he says that, Zatiel had a few ideas on how to use it for the future.

"Anyway, shouldn't you let go of me already," Zatiel was speaking to Sophia, who continues hugging him from his back, and due to him being very weak right now he could not free himself.

"Of course not!, when I would have another opportunity to have you like this." Sophia smiled and started to play with his hair.

Zatiel could only shake his head to the actions of the woman, after all, she had done all in her power to protect him and this is the lest he could to compensate her. Once his condition improved a little he opens his mouth and the golden fire that remained in the area started to be consumed by him, directing a part to his bloodline heart and the rest he kept in his stomach to be of use later. Although the amount was still great as long he doesn't trie to alter the properties of the flames, adjusting his size a little did not create any trouble.


The kobolds were all grouped in the center of the cave and on the face of most of them, the fear was evident. They know that a great battle is happening outside their territory and depending on the winner, their survival was at stake, and not long ago they heard an explosion that made their entire cave tremble, increasing their anxiety.

Rax was sitting and in his hand was his son that was still unconscious and to his side was the only one in this place that was relaxed, the little dog Tao who was playing with his tail.

"Leader, should we not escape?, the amount fighting power of the races that will come for the technique is too great, I doubt only three people can defeat them," The one who spoke was one of the kobolds that had used the path technique and after the death of the traitor he was one of the most powerful warriors.

"They will not be able to kill the Mighty One or his followers." Rax was confident in the power that Zatiel had shown.
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"I don't mean they will be killed," The kobold looks at Rax with meaningful eyes.

Rax was smart enough to understand the meaning in the kobold´s words and looked at the dog that Zatiel left with them. But by what he knows humans are a cold and practical race, and they would not hesitate to leave one of their own to die if it means their survival, much less a group of other races.

"Ahhh, enough Jax, we will wait here," Rax could not help but sigh, to the bitter taste of letting the fate of his race to the actions of someone else.

Jax nodded and didn't continue, although he was stronger it was thanks to the effort of Rax that this small group of kobolds had managed to survive this long so he feels great respect for him.

The anxiety and fear in this group were growing as the minutes passes, and by this point, most of the adults were with the small ones waiting for the inevitable end.

Out of nowhere step started to be heard and unlike the kobolds that looked fearfully to the origin of the sound, Tao begins running to the figure that appears in front of them before jumping to his shoulder. Of course, they were Zatiel, Sophia and Ezequiel that had come back after recovering.

The first one to talk was Rax and made the question that every kobold had in their hearts.

"Mighty One, what has happened with the enemies"

"They are all dead," Zatiel says as if it was an insignificant statement but for the kobolds, it was the most beautiful news they could hear.

"Thank you Mighty One, thank you for fixing my mistake," The origin of all this was the traitor that leak the information, so Rax was feeling guilty for trusting him.

"I don't blame you, you may have made a mistake, but I can see that your value your race much more than your own life and you are willing to accept the price for your mistakes without looking for excuses, that is more than enough, but learn from this and make sure it doesn't happen again. So the little brat his still unconscious." Zatiel was looking at the little Dragonborn-like kobold in Rax arms.

"Yes, but his breathing is normal and don't detect anything weird in him," Rax was worry at the beginning but after checking him, he realizes that the boy was just unconscious from exhaustion.

"It is normal, after all, the reason for his condition was that he had used the power of his True Name without control when he attacked me. As long he rests long enough he will be back to normal"

"His name is Kylo, Mighty One, but I don't see how that could have helped him became more powerful"

Rax was confused as he had never heard the term True Name, and he was not the only one as both Sophia and Ezequiel was also curious.

"I will explain it to you all when the child wakes up. Now Rax, prepare yourself, this will be painful but if you manage to withstand it, your power will greatly improve."

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