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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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54 True Name

"Ok, now that we are all together I will explain what a True Name is and the importance it takes concerning the laws and the abilities it grants," Zatiel was in front of five people who had a serious expression as the information they were about to receive was very important.

Of the five, two were Ezequiel and Sophia, and the other three consisted of two beings that look exactly like a humanoid black dragon would appear, they were Kylo and Rax, the last one had changed greatly after the transformation and his power had reacher the peak of rank 0 and if Zatiel had not told him to maintain that level he could have impulse his body and blood to rank 1, and the last one was a kobold that had some draconic characteristics. His name Jax and is Rax's most trusted warrior and friend, he was not included initially but after Rax speak on his behalf and since Zatiel saw in his memories that he was someone worth trusting he allows him to be present.

"True Name is a being hidden name unique to every individual, all being in existence has one, but the ability to awake them is present mostly in races that prevail in bloodlines such as dragons and demons. A true name is one of our greatest weapons but also incredibly dangerous if it is known by the wrong person," After giving them some time to understand what he just said, Zatiel continues.

"True names are written in the Words of Creation, these is the original language of the universe and is connected to the essence of the Laws, by awakening your true name you can create a connection with the laws, although it is very small and weak at the beginning, any type of connection can grant great power beyond your rank or level, true names can be enhanced and are connected to your bloodline, personality, and laws that you practice between other things. I will give an example with the only one of us that has awake his true name, Kylo"

When Zatiel mentions him, the rest look at the boy and this one had a prideful expression, a smile on his face and an attitude a little cocky, but the other four didn't give it importance, after all, the boy is barely two years old and even though kobolds grow up much faster than human he was still a little child.

"The reason his attack was able to harm me, was because he infused the power of his true name in his flames, that manage to increase their power exponentially, more specifically his heat. With this and the calculations I perform, I can say that his true name is of an offensive category and is related either the laws of fire or heat if I am not wrong his name should be pronounced something like Conbuztion Ignix, or alike," Zatiel look at the boy and chuckled as he saw his surprised expression.

Kylo was truly amazed, his true name had awoken not long before Zatiel arrived, although it didn't provide him much help and was only when he attacked Zatiel that he realized how powerful it was, something always tell him that it was very special and should not be told to anyone, but now the person in front of him had managed to figure out his greatest secret and although his true name was not the one Zatiel said it was very similar.

"Let's continue, to awake a true name several factors enter in play, the purity of your bloodline, your power and connection with the laws, the fortitude of your will and luck are the most common. This little brat was able to awake his true name mainly because he was born with a specially pure bloodline, although it is rare, two normal parents can bear a powerful child and most likely what happened was that the parts that were inherited were the ones that were enhanced with atavism. True names changed as they grow more powerful but the essence in them rarely changed, meaning that if your name was of an offensive category it will remain this way, but true names can also be fractioned giving origin to two different true names just like someone can have a parental name and maternal name, this happens mostly when you are able to use the laws to a point they start to change your soul or you have more than one bloodline in your body. Ok, that is the information about the power and enhance a true name can give you, there are more things but they will be left for later, the next part is about the danger a true name represents," Zatiel became serious when he reached this part, and the rest detected this and focused in what came next.

"If someone knows your true name it becomes extremely dangerous because by using it, they can affect your very soul, if someone weaker than you know it, they can easily send a curse that will severy harm you in the best case or most likely kill you, and if the one who knows it is powerful enough he can obtain complete control over you. Of course, the intonation and way of speaking it is filled with variation so guessing a true name is impossible, and in the case someone manages to find it, there are ways to overcome it, the simplest one would be to enhance your true name and that will change it, but still is very dangerous so by no reason tell you true name to anyone, even if you trust that person, they may not betray you but there are hundreds of ways of obtaining the information of an unwilling party."

Even after Zatiel finished, everybody remained still and thoughtful about what they just learn, even Kylo was concentrated, as this information was something extremely important for their future, after all, anything that has a relation with the laws is fundamental in the ranks.

"I have something to speak with Rax, so you two should go back with the rest," Zatiel spoke to Kylo and Jax, and after Rax nodded to the two, they bowed before retiring as they understood that it was something they are not allowed to hear.

After the two were away Zatiel spoke to the old kobold."The mother of Kylo is dead right?"

Rax was a little surprised but he was already used to Zatiel mighty knowledge so he nodded with a mournful face."May I aks how Leader knows it?"
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"When the child is too strong he usually need a greater amount of energy in the womb, this is not a problem as long the mother is powerful enough, but if she is not, the child will start to consume her vitality and if it is not sufficient, they usually born dead." Zatiel saw the expression of the old kobold and after making some calculations he spoke again. "There is no need to feeling depressed, I will see what I can do about her before I leave,"

"Its that.. true, you can resurrect the.. dead." Rax didn't know what to say, for him, death as always been something eternal than can't be undone. And he was not the only one as Ezequiel and Sophia were also surprised, although they know that are ways of bringing someone back to life, the amount to power it is needed is greater than a rank 1 being has, even if they are a Neo-Demon.

"There is no need to be so surprised, with enough knowledge about the soul, the correct spell and materials, bringing someone back to life is possible, of course, if she was killed, her body was gone, die of old age or any type of damage was done to her soul, it will be impossible with my current power, but since the reason was a depletion of life energy I think I can do it, and if I don't, then you just have to become strong enough to do it in the future, so the question is not about if she can be back, but when she will." To Zatiel bringing someone back to life was very normal, the number of people that made deals with demons and devil for this purpose was impressive, back then he just used his immense power to search for the soul of the person and there was no need to use spells or the like.

Although the ability of bringing someone back from the death sound amazing, the idea of transforming an entire world in a ball of flames and create a plane in base to that, is much more preposterous but it happens, of course when the fight between very powerfull being occurs, they make sure to harm the True Soul to the point that it can't be brought back and unless you have reached the peak of the universe, someone with a broken True Soul can't be resurrected even with Zatiel power when he was an Archdemon.

Happiness and hopefulness filled Rax eyes and a smile fills his face at the idea of bringing the mother of his son back.

"Ok, that is for later, I call you here so we can search for a place where I can help increase your power and transform in one of us, there is a place where we can be completed isolated from the rest of your tribe and Wasteland?" Zatiel needed a place where he can perform the ritual and sacrifice the Arachne so he transforms Rax into a Neo-Demon.

Although Rax trusted his tribe, he understood that sometimes too much information can be harmful, and some things should be kept secret.

"There is a hollow place around 1 kilometer under this mountain, it is about 1 kilometer wide and 100 meters tall, but the passage had collapsed years ago, we could trie to connect with thas place again if you like."

Although a place like that could be helpful to hide, if the entire race were to do it for a long time they will suffocate so they Rax had seen no need for reconstruction that passage until now.

"That will work well, we will help so it is finished in the least time possible"

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