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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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58 Drone

The moment Rax and Kylo inserted their energy into the runes, they immediately started to glow and the natural energy of the world began to conglomerate around the body of the female kobold. As the power of the rune formation grows all the ones present got an ominous feeling as they concentrate on the resurrection spell.

Sophia and Ezequiel were also able to felt it, but even more clear that the rest as they were stronger and they put all the power of their consciousness surrounding the formation, to trie and find out the origin.

"It is useless, what we are feeling is just the effect of the laws in the natural energies. Trying to understand them with our current power is impossible," Zatiel explained to the two as he continues looking at the body.

The glowing reached his peak before vanishing abruptly, and the runes that created the formation disappeared leaving burn marks on the floor.

The female kobold remained on the ground and there was no response from her, make it look like the spell failed but the faces of both Rax and Kylo were full of happiness as they detected the weak but still present breathing.

"Catch" Zatiel throws a potion to Rax before instructing the father and son. " Make her drinks it to stabilize her condition. She will be in a comatose state for between 6 months to a year, as the connection between her soul and body is restored. Make sure to feed her liquid with high amounts of energy."

Rax took the potion and with great care put it in the mouth of the kobold making sure she drinks it all. Watching with joy as her breathing became stronger, before taking her in his arm as he bows in Zatiel direction, follow by Kylo.

"Thank you Ancestor, for this great happiness."

In the eyes of Rax and Kylo, Zatiel could see such a devotion that could be compared with religious fanatism, and they were not alone as the same expression could be seen in the rest of the kobolds. Before they were just hopefull, but now they know that by following him, even death can be reversed.

"If you want to thank me, become stronger, so powerful that you can be of use in the battles to come!. That goes for everyone." Zatiel was pleased with the reaction of the kobolds, although people with that kind of zeal usually become mindless idiots that commit atrocities, that is because they follow fools with such an inferiority complex that commits the most grotesque acts they can think just to reaffirm their pathetic egos.

Rax and Kylo bring the unconscious female kobold to a stone house in which the two of them lived, and the rest of the kobolds continue with their training with even more resolution and discipline than before.

Zatiel, Ezequiel and Sophia were together as they discuss their next movements.

"Remaining here is not a good option, as it will slow down our advancement not only in the ranks but also with our professions. So we will return to the tower, although there will be some questions about or power and the disappearance from that Magus, I already have a plan, and worst-case scenario, we use the runes that I inscribed using the mirage crystal and teleport to this place."

The three of them had a rune inscribed above their over their chest, just where their heart was, it was created using the mirage crystal as the core material and will allow the three of them to use the laws of space to teleport to any place they want inside this world, but due to it being a single-use rune they had to be careful. Even so with this rune, the restrictions of Zatiel will be greatly weakened, as he will be able to take greater risks. The one thing that botter Zatiel about this is that if his abilities as a runemaster where higher, the runes could be much more potent allowing them to use freely short teleportations and more than one greater teleportation.

"Are we going to continue working with that Magus Jhon?" Sophia had a bad image of the man, because during the little interactions she had with him, he had always look at her with disgust when she had her deformities.

"No, that person is useless to us, and the one behind him should be a Rank 2 Magus, so if we tried to do business with him, either they will trie to rope us in their family or suppress our advancement to have greater control over us. So we will find a third party to negotiate and I already have an idea of who could be," Zatiel has a plan to approach the one in the tower who could be the ideal business partner.

"We will leave shortly as everything I needed to do in Wasteland has been taken care of."

As the three finish their plan, Tao came running to Zatiel and the symbols in his stomach glowed as he stood before him and opened his mouth. The black orb appears again but this time instead of swallowing everything it spits a 3-meter tall egg of grey color.

The small dog put himself beside the egg and start to move his tail from one side to the other and by his expression, it seems as if he wanted to be congratulated for a good job.

Neither one of the three knew how to react, even Zatiel whit his vast knowledge was caught unaware by the weird scene of a dog barely 40 centimeters long throwing up an egg almost 10 times his size and looking at him with a prideful face and the expression a small child will make when they want their parents to praise them.

But still, after a moment he got himself together and pick up Tao before rubbing his ears and careers him making the animal move his tail with more strength and start to fall sleep.

Zatiel passes Tao to Ezequiel, before closing to the giant egg and using his consciousness to explore it inside. What he saw was creature that looks very much like a werewolf would, floating inside and by the energy in his body had and the chip scans, it was apparent that it had the physical might of a Peak Rank 1 Magus, approaching Rank 2 in some aspects, greatly surprising him, but as he continue assessing it, he realizes that although it was alive it had no soul, it was a biological drone.

Zatiel looked at the small dog sleeping placidly in Ezequiel's hands and begin to go through all the information he had over him before obtain a better picture of his abilities.

`He can swallow biological organism that reach some type of dimension inside his stomach that functions like a furnace, still I am not sure yet if the creature was created without a soul because he used corpses as the prime material or he is not able to create them with one, I need to perform some experiment with living organism. I can detect some type of connection between the creature and Tao so it probably works following the orders, but the little dog does not really understand it so he didn't even give the command for the being to leave the egg.` Zatiel continues assessing the creature and after some final checks, he conjures a spell that generates that pale energy gathers in his hand before pressing it against the shell.

"Animate dead!"

The spell that Zatiel was using was one of necromancy that allows someone to raise a dead body to fight as an undead zombie or skeleton, although they are warriors unafraid of pain, due to their condition they can use less than a third of their original power and most of their abilities are lost.
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The werewolf was alive, but what Zatiel was doing was using the part of the spell that generates a pseudo consciousness made of negative energy, making the creature obey his commands without question. In any other living being, this would fail but since the werewolf didn't have a soul it was a perfect target. Once the connection was made he give the creature the order to get out.

The werewolf inside the egg open his eyes, but they were without light an only a small dark flames in their center, and following the command, it blasted his way out breaking the shell.

When the kobold sees him they were alarmed but seeing it remain unmoving in front of Zatiel, waiting for his commands they just took it like another mystery of their ancestor before continuing training.

"Not bad, although it can only follow a simple command, they will become the perfect cannon food for my future campaigns."

Zatiel pick Tao and started to rub his fur. "You are a small bag of surprises."

The small dog opens his eyes and barks before going back to sleep making the three laugh.

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