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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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59 Arrogance

This day was like any other in the Sinux Magic Tower, apprentices came and go as they completed their mission or did business and from time to time a mighty Magus shows up, and whenever that happens they became the center of attention.

Although most Magi disdained this type of display and prefer to spend their times enhancing their power, seeking for the way to the next Rank or doing experiment in their laboratories, some of those that advanced recently to Rank 1 enjoy in doing this, due to the feeling of being feared and respected by the same people that were your equals, not long ago, was pleasing for them, and today close to the entrance of the first floor a Magus was doing that.

The Magus was walking calmly around the tower and as he saw the envy in the eyes of the other apprentices a feeling of superiority fill him making a grin appear in his face. He was not alone, accompanying him there were two Pseudo-Magus, a man and a woman, and although they didn't show it as much the Magus, their expression was also one of superiority and disdain to the rest of the apprentices because despite being technically in the same rank due them being with a Magus they think themself superior to the rest.

The Magus was Leonard, the apprentice that once trie to recruit Zatiel. Not long ago he had signed a contract with a small family of the Empire and manage to obtain the material necessaries for the advancement together with a Path Technique, although he will be connected with that clan for the next one hundred years and would have to follow their orders, all those thoughts vanished when he felt his power.

"Has there been any news of that self-important insect?" Leonard's face fills with hate as he thinks of that person, but also there was a wicked aura as he images all the think he would do to him.

"Nothing boss, since the day he left the tower a couple of years ago there has been no sight of him. According to my sources, he and the other two died at the hand of a Magus."

"Hmph, so much for a genius, he end himself killed. Well, he can consider himself lucky, if anyone of them had come back, then I would have taken my sweet time with them, especially that bitch that always accompanies him, how great it would have been having fun whit her with him looking." As Leonard speaks a wicked and perverted expression appears in his face, as did on the two Pseudo-Magus.

"You are completely right boss, that bastard we made watch, while we had fun with his daughter, he ended up killing himself. His expression was exquisite." Arnold smiled as he remembers those events that make his blood boil.

"Of course he did, after all, he saw how you killer her by transforming into your bloodline as you ravage her," Betrix laughed as she remembers that scene.

"Keep searching, in the case they appear again so we can be the first in paying a visit to them."

"Sure thing boss, and please after you have your fun with that woman, can you lend her to me. The way they scream is addictive," Arnold's expression was natural without a single thought of remorse or the feeling that what he was doing was wrong.

The reactions and attitude of the three was more common that one could imagine. The moment most people become a Magi, they start to see the rest of the humans like inferior beings that have to obey their desires and that there is nothing wrong is using them to satisfie their most wicked cravings, since they are not the same lifeform to begin. Although it would not happen in a Pseudo-Magus, since the two had the protection of a Magus, they started to see the world like them.

Leonard did not felt anything wrong with the actions of their subordinates and was going to continue having fun with them when he became surprised as he detected three figures flying in his direction, but they were so fast that by the time he manages to see them, they had already landed in front of him.

When Leonard, Arnold, and Betraix saw the three persons they were shocked, although their appearance had changed they could still recognize that they were exactly the people that they were discussing how they were going to torture and the expression of the two Pseudo-Magus filled with fear as they felt the power that emanated from each one was way stronger than the one Leonard had.

"How it is possible that the three of you have advanced to Rank 1!" Leonard's resentment was obvious as he saw Zatiel, Ezequiel and Sophia, as the immense power that was in each of their body was something a Novice-Rank 1 Magus could not hope to compete with.
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"Since someone like you could advance, why can't we do it?. Anyway, I seem to hear you three talking about us just now, it must have been pretty funny by the way you were laughing," Zatiel was smiling and there was no anger in his actions, but the three immediately felts terror filling their bodies.

Although he was afraid, no one that had managed to become a Rank 1 being on his own has stupid, they were next to the tower and although his family was not connected the Imperial clan, as long he made time and used they right amount of excuses, they could not kill him as the laws of the empire protect Magus greatly. But before he even spoke, Sophia flashed and grab Arnold by the neck rising him in the sky.

Although she looks small and weak, Sophia had assimilated the bloodline of one of the most powerful dragons that existed so her strength was something a Pseudo-Magus could not hope to compete.

"Come on, I am waiting, weren't you going to make me scream?" To Sophia, only the idea that any other man beside Zatiel touching her body was disgusting, so when she ear Arnold saying how he was going to violate her, she became furious.

Arnold was choking and the pressure in his neck was so much that he felt like it was going to break in the next second, but the worst had yet to happen, as he saw a black liquid coming out from Sophia hand and beginning to enter inside him through his eyes, ears, and mouth. The feeling was like if acid was being shoved into his body making him felt the most horrendous pain that you could imagine.

Leonard saw how Arnold was being tortured, but he didn't dare to act, he knows that Zatiel was only waiting for an excuse to kill him and by the display of power he saw just now, he has no chance of even escaping any of the three. But still, his face was filled with hate, especially as he saw the other apprentices watching from distance and murmuring between each other.

The idea of those maggots making fun of a mighty Magus like him, make him want to kill everyone here, but he just withstand that rage and wait for the time he could repay them.

"Not bad, you are not as stupid as I thought."

The contempt and mockery in Zatiel words were obvious, but it didn't end as Leonard saw him vanish only to appear a second later with his hand over Betrix head generating so much pressure that his bones were cracking.

"So what now, are you going to do something or not?" Zatiel continues applying more and more strength on his grips making the apprentice scream.


A man descended from the upper level of the tower and surrounding him were green winds. It was Jhon that had identify Zatiel and there was anger on his face. The reason wasn't for the fact that they were torturing two apprentices, all his rage was because he felt the power that Zatiel and his two friends had and the feeling of being inferior to someone that you not long ago treated like an insect that neede your help to survive was awfull.

When Leonard saw Jhonn, he was able to finally calm down as he was thinking that Zatiel would not dare to go against a Magus that was part of the tower and had a powerful background, but what happens next shatter all his hopes.

"Why do I need to hear the order from someone's pet," Zatiel increased the power in his arms to the level that made the head of Betrix exploited shocking everyone.

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