Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
60 The might of Rank 2
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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60 The might of Rank 2

Jhon was startled, not only did Zatiel disobey him but also insult him in front of all the apprentices present and also the Magi that were looking at this scene from the tower through their consciousness. Jhon was almost 50 years old and he was an Advanced-Rank 1 Magus, so he could be considered relatively young and with his talent reaching the Master level was not something truly difficult and even the opportunity of Rank 2 was present for him if he was lucky, so being call a pet by someone who didn't even was 20 years old, made him rage.

"Who the hell do you think you are!, not long ago you kneel and beg me, so I took take pity and save you, but this is how you repay me. Truly an ingrates animal," Jhon know that his words were 99% lies, but he wanted to humiliate Zatiel and see him angry, and if he trie to defend himself he would just continue to lie, after all, who would take the words of a newly advanced Rank 1 over his.

Contrary to the anger that Jhon was hoping to see in Zatiel face, there was only disdain like if he was looking at a clown making a show, making his rage only greater, but all that took a background as he felt Ezequiel blasting in his direction covered in lightning.

Jhon hasn't given him much attention, as he had just remained beside Zatiel without doing nothing but as Ezequiel crashed against him, he felt like if a mountain was going to crush him. He sensed something weird as he saw so many openings in the attack, but the fear of being reached by him make him act.

"Poison Hurricane"

A hurricane of green wind reach Ezequiel and cover his body entirely, creating a tornado that remained in that position harming everything inside

"HAHAHA, shouldn't you go and save your friend before he ends up like a poisoned corpse?," Leonard took the first opportunity he could to make fun of Zatiel, but this one remained calm and the one that was upset was Jhon.

Although this should have made Jhon happy, he was confused as his opponent did not make the smallest effort to dodge and took the spell head-on. Something was telling him that there was a problem but he could not see it.

When the green wind had finally vanished, Ezequiel remained standing, although some parts of his body were harmed and poisoned, due to his ability to transform into lightning and his titan constitution, they were superficial wounds and his lightning was already destroying all the poison in his body.

"Little EZ, he attacks you without reason, so according to the laws of the Empire, even if you kill him, there is no problem."

Jhon understood everything, it was pretty simple yet greatly effective. If they had attacked him first, then the Rank 2 Magus, Clive, would have every right to intervene since Jhon was of his men, and then Zatiel could have done nothing even if Clive imprisoned him, but now that he attacked first then Jhon has to fight back or else, even if they kill him, they could just say that they were defending themselves.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt an immense amount of energy coming out from Ezequiel's body as the Lightning Armor and Lightning Transformation activated to the maximum and he dashed with a speed much greater than before.

´This amount of power is close to the Master level, but how?´. Jhon trie his best to distance himself as he trow 1-meter long blades of green wind against him.

Just like before Ezequiel didn't change his course, but when the blades were about to reach him he moved his body just the right amount to pass through them, leaving him in the perfect position to dodge the next one and continue his chase.

This domain over his body made almost all the Magi that were seeing the fight impressed, several of them could have withstood the attack of Jhon with the same ease that Ezequiel did, but dodge those blades with such a mastery and without letting your speed slow down in the slightest, was something even those Body-Refinement Rank 1 with the best reflexes will find difficult.

Jhon looked with horror as Ezequiel manage to reach him and punch him right in the stomach, although his rank spell activated, creating a compacted tornado around him, it did almost nothing as the lightning covered fist pierced it and reach his body.
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The attack had such a power that makes him crash against the walls of the tower and burn marks were on his abdomen as his intestines were badly hurt, but even worse, Jhon saw how in Ezequiel hand a spear of lightning that resemble a horrible serpent was formed before it was thrown on his direction.

Jhon new that if that attack reaches him was dead, but the lightning of the attack remained on his body paralyzing him and the spell carried such a speed that he couldn't move in time.

Just as the attack was about to land, and immensely powerful consciousness descended and encapsulated the spear destroying the attack.

This consciousness was different than the one a Rank 1 being had, this one was full with natural energy, of the darkness type to be more specific, giving it the capability of affecting his surroundings and giving the one who owns it the ability to use it to attack and launch spell from a distance by channeling the energy inside it.

The moment it arrived, most of the Magi that were seeing the fight withdrew their consciousness, as offending this person was not a wise choice, but still, some remained, meaning that they either were at least equally powerful or have a greater background.

"Enough!, The three of you come to my place, with Jhon. Unless you refuse," Although it was only his consciousness, the power it carries could make any Rank 1 quiver.

Zatiel, Ezequiel and Sophia felt an immense pressure descending on them, although it was not to the level of making them powerless, if the three were going to fight against it, the most they could do was escaping.

The pressure continues increasing as Clive waited for the answer, it appears that he wanted to make them kneel, but as it continues growing stronger, in the bodies of the three their two hearts started to beat faster increasing their energy and allowing them to resist.

It was only until Zatiel was able to get an assessment of the power that Clive had, that he talked.

"I wouldn't dare to challenge a Rank 2 Magus," Zatiel made a small bow with a respectful expression.


The consciousness vanishes but the three know that he was still looking at them, and if they continue creating trouble it will take direct action the next time.

Ezequiel deactivate his spell and came back to Zatiel side, as for Sophia, she was still torturing Arnold, making sure the decaying effect of his water did not harm his vital organs making the agony last the longest possible, but realizing that there were important matters to attend, she destroys the apprentice brain before going gathering with the other two.

"Using your consciousness to harvest the natural energy of the world, and no longer being restricted to having to use your body as a container, is one of the main characteristics a Rank 2 has, remember every advancement in the ranks has a qualitative change that makes the difference in power so great, even though our race and bloodline are incredibly powerful, never underestimate your opponents, especially those in a higher rank," Zatiel communicate to the two through their cores, and after seeing the solemn expression of the two, he nodded.

In his past life, the number of individuals he killed just because they think that their racial advantages make them superior to the rest was uncountable, so he was making sure it would not happen to Ezequiel and Sophia.

Zatiel came to Jhon that was standing up and recovering from the attack, "Come on, lead the way, your Master is calling you."

Jhon's face once again filled with anger, but he contains himself by thinking that once they were with Clive, he would make sure of paying back all the offense, so he turned around and leed them to the tower.

When they enter the tower and left his sight, Leonard crumbles to the floor, everything that has just happened was so surreal and terrifying, but it was finally over. As he was preparing to leave he hear a voice in his head.

"Don't think I forgot about you, very soon I will come to visit and we will have tons of entertainment, just like the fun you enjoy giving to others," It was Zatiel voice, that has reached his consciousness.

Leonard's body starts to tremble uncontrollably and his heart filled with dread, as he starts to think what will happen to him if he falls in Zatiel hands.

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