Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
61 Law of Killing
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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61 Law of Killing

The fourth floor of the tower was were the Magi had their houses, that functioned like a laboratory and the place where they could rest and meditate to enhance their powers. Although the exterior appearance was the same for almost every house, the sizes were different and the degree that the natural energies were attracted also changes according to the power of the ones how owns it.

There were three tiers of houses, most the floor was occupied by houses of the first tier that were used by Rank 1 beings, the rest was divided between second-tier and very few third-tier.

In a room of a second-tier house were five people, in one group was a man cover in shadows sitting in a big chair and next to him was Jhon, whose hatred for the ones in front of him was obvious in his face. The man didn't say a word and wasn't acting in any way but his presence generated pressure in the room, making clear that he was in control of the situation and his power was immense.

Zatiel, Ezequiel and Sophia had arrived a long time ago, but Clive didn't say a word to them and just remained looking at them.

This was a basic intimidation tactic, making the incertitude and fear grow in them, forcing them to talk first and giving him control of the subject, but unfortunately for the Rank 2 being, Zatiel just remained with a calm smile on his face and both Ezequiel and Sophia were also relaxed.

Zatiel had found himself in situation thousand times more dangerous and terrifying than this, so for him, the intimidation of a Rank 2 was nothing more than a child games, as for Sophia and Ezequiel, for the two as long they found themself with Zatiel, there was nothing that could make them feel fear.

The minutes pass and the silence continues, but opposite to what Clive was hoping the three people in front of him just remained silent, waiting without a single worry just looking at him. This scene was starting to upset the Rank 2 Magus, who was already used to having Rank 1 beings showing fear in his presence and always doing whatever they can to end up their meeting the fastest they could.

Finally, after an hour, Clive got impatient and started the argument.

"So, what excuse do you have for your actions?"

His statement was a vicious one, already declaring the culpability of Zatiel, and jumping to the part where he can say a few words to ease his punishment. If Zatiel were to trie of use the witness, it would be useless as Clive would just intimate the ones present and since no Rank 2 would offer a testimony, his words would be useless. After that, he would take on himself to carry the punishment, since it was his man that they attack and he would make some fake connection with he dead apprentices, forcing Zatiel and the other two to sign a contract of servitude as penitence.

"Why do I need an excuse, I am sure the surveillance of the tower has everything recorded," Zatiel statement was simple but it disrupts all of Clive plans.

Had Zatiel use any other type of verification, Clive could have altered it easily, but by using the tower as a backer it makes everything a hundred times more difficult, as in that surveillance was the proof that they did not commit any fault. If he wanted to change it, he would have to ask for permission from the Tower Master, and Clive was sure it would be a negative answer.

"Hmph, you think you are very smart don't you?" Clive becomes angry and the pressure of his magnetic force field was released making the entire room tremble.
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Now Clive wanted nothing more than killing the three of them and erase that smile from their faces, but if he were to do that since there was no type of provocation by any of them he would have been going against the codes and laws from the Empire. Of course, they would not kill him, but they will use the opportunity by taking all of his possessions and forcing him to take some dangerous mission as a form of penalty.

Jhon didn't know what was happening, in all scenarios that he imagine could happen, it never occurs to him that a mighty Rank 2 would be incapable of forcing them to submit, even now that Clive was releasing the immense pressure of his body an showing an obvious killing intent, Zatiel will remain calm, and even worse he had time for look at him with a teasing smile making the rage in his heart boiled.

Seeing that his intimidation didn't work, Clive retracted his magnetic force field, before changing the subject.

"You signed a contract with Jhon, and since the period of protection is over you need to hand over ten rank-1 runes of my election."

"Its is true that I signed a contract, but according to it, you should have provided protection for five year, and during that time I was attacked more than once by the Magus named Erick due to the incompetence of your men, so according to the codes of the Empire, since you did not fulfill your part, I don't have to fulfill mine," Zatiel words were true, but any other Rank 1 in his position would not dare to argue even if they were in the right, for fear of earning the wrath of a Rank 2 being, but he knows that Clive is already displeased with him, and if he were to trie to be polite and helpful, the Magus would just take it like if he was someone who could me bully without consequences.

"You are just a couple of newly advanced Rank 1`s, if we say that you have to hand 10 runes, then you have to do it, the codes of the Empire do not matter!"

Having been insulted once again the anger in Jhon exploited, and since, according to him, no one would dare to spy on a Rank 2 Magus, he didn't think his words. But when he felt the anger coming from Clive and amusement in Zatiel face he realizes he made a mistake.

Since he arrived at the tower, Zatiel plan was always to draw attention from a certain individual, and Leonard was just a timely target, and although going against the laws of the Empire in a public place with so many spectators was a not something he could allow, killing some apprentices was no problem. When Jhon appeared he purposely humiliated and infuriated the Magus and now that he had let his guard down by being convinced that no one will ear him he lashed out, attracting the person that Zatiel was waiting and giving him a perfect excuse to intervene.

The space in the room broke as if someone was slashing it, and from that broken space a young man came out. He didn't look older than 20 years old, his body was tall and full of muscles giving him a perfectly attuned constitution, his hair was blonde and his eyes blue, his expression was indifferent but filled with a strange charm. He was wearing a dark martial robe and in his back was a sword and despite being in his sheath to all the ones present, it felt like it could cut anything in his path.

The moment he appears the room froze as a monstrous killing intent radiated from his body, paralyzing everyone present, forcing Clive to reveal his body, that was that of an old man, and different expressions could be seen in the faces of the ones present, with Zatiel having one of surprise.

Zatiel didn't become surprised by the power of this person, but by his killing intent. He was able to detect that its origin was not because of the emotions of the man, but it was something that came from his body and soul naturally.

"The Law of Killing! impressive, and by what I detect, he doesn't follow the Magi path, but that of those lunatics."

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