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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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62 Cultivator

The man looks at Zatiel, Sophia, and Ezequiel maintaining his view in them for a while, before focusing on Clive and Jhon, making those two trembles, especially the last one when he remembers the words he just said and guessing the identity of this person.

"Clive of the Tribus family, greets his Highness!," Clive stands up from his chair and kneeled immediately as he saw this man, leaving all his prideful facade aside.

"Jhon of the Tribus family, greets his Highness!" Jhon was shaking and he kneels so much that his head was touching the floor, not daring to look at the man to his eyes.

"Clive, did you fulfill the part of the contract for the one, you were asking for the runes?" The tone of the man was indifferent as if, independent of the answer, his actions were already decided.

Clive would want nothing more than to lie and say that he did everything he was asked, but he knows that it was not true and if it was any other Rank 1, he was sure that he could intimidate them so he will follow along, but in his short interaction with Zatiel, he already knows that fear would not work, so he just sighs and answer.

"No, your Highness, my man fail to carry my orders and didn't provide the protection that was stipulated in the contract." Although he admitted the failure he put all the blame in Jhon, implying that if any fault was committed it was not his, but of his man.

When Jhon hear this, he felt a great injustice was committed to him, since it was the direct order of Clive, that they should just let Erick do whatever he wants with them, but he didn't show it in his face, and also didn't dare to argue with the words of the Rank 2 Magus. If he were to do it, it wouldn't be weird if he ends up dead tomorrow.

To the man, even though Jhon trie to hide it, he was able to realize his state immediately, easily discovering the truth, but to him, there was no difference how much guilt either party had.

"Since you fail to fulfill your part, the contract is null. And because you tried to extort the payment you will have to pay him, something of equal price as compensation." The words of the man were direct and carry a might that makes those who hear it not dare to defy them.

"Tell me your name, and what do you desire as compensation?" The man looked at Zatiel and spoke, but he was a little surprised, as he was the most composed in the room, and his two companions although a little nervous they were miles ahead of the Rank 2 Magus.

"My name is Zatiel Daybreak, your Highness, and this are my companions Sophia and Ezequiel," Zatiel made a small bow as he presents himself, followed by Sophia and Ezequiel."Answering your Highness, what I need right now is a sword, I don't care about special abilities but is essential that can resist high temperatures and of a durable material."

The man was a little surprised at the request of Zatiel, but he focused on Clive again and command him.

"Take your best magical equipment that fulfills those condition, I guess I don't need to tell you what will happen if you tried to trick me."

Clive was exactly thinking of just giving a simple weapon to Zatiel, but when he heard the words from the men, he didn't dare to tempt luck and with a face full of reluctance took a one-handed sword, from his spatial ring. The sword looked very ordinary, just like a sword from the mortal world would, but both the man and Zatiel were able to realize that it was indeed special.

The man moves his hand and the sword flies from Clive's hand to his own. Once in his hand, he starts to wave the sword and despite not carrying neither strength or energy, any slash had more than enough power to kill a Rank 2 being.

"Not bad, it doesn't have any sort of inscription or special ability but the metal that is made can withstand great amounts of energy going through it, It should be a rank 2 magical equipment, but just in durability, it can compare to some weaker rank 3. Take it," The man throws the sword to Zatiel before looking once again at the duo, this time focusing on Jhon.

"You were the one to say that the codes and laws from my family do not matter."

Jhon started to tremble and when he was going to trie and give an excuse, he saw the man make a slashing motion with his finger. No blade of energy, of any kind, came out but Jhon started to scream as thousand of small cuts started to appear in his right arm until they pulverize it.

Although it didn't seem like a great punishment since most Magi can regrow a member with ease, this attack carried the power of the laws, and the wound was affected by them, so unless Jhon could get the help of someone at the same level that the man with the sword, that arm will never regrow.

"Everything here is done, accompany me," The man waves his hand and a portal appears in front of Zatiel, before he disappears into the broken space from which he arrives.

Zatiel finishes assessing the sword before keeping it into his space ring and looking in the direction of Clive and Jhon, the two of them look at him with poisonous hatred but it didn't make any difference to him, at most it makes him mark them to be killed at the first opportunity it presented.

He enters the portal together with Sophia and Ezequiel vanishing form the house.

When they were alone Clive looks at Jhon for a moment before speaking, "Do you blame me?"

Jhon stares at the Magus and although his face didn't show anything he knows that if he doesn't answer correctly, then surely he will be recalled to the family territory and suffer and ´accident´ on the road.

"I don't blame Master, as I would have done the same in your position. But that person, no matter what, I must repay him all the humiliations he gave me." Jhon's hatred was obvious making even forget the pain of his amputated arm.
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Clive looks at Jhon for a while before nodding, "Don worry, If I allow an insignificant Rank 1, take my possessions and live to tell, then I will be failing my title of Butcher Shadow, but we must not speak here."


Zatiel, Sophia and Ezequiel arrived at a room filled with all sorts of decorations, from pictures of strange creatures to scenes of warrior clashing with their swords. In one of the walls, all types of swords were hanging, and in everyone was some amount damage and small cuts probing that they were not mere decoration but weapons used to kill all sorts of beings.

What calls most the attention was a wall that had nothing on it but mark made by sword attacks, and despite the material of this room been the same as the exterior of the Tower, the attacks made incision one meter deep.

When the man saw them, he uses his consciousness and after a moment he spoke.

"The three of you don't follow any of the paths of power of the Magi World," The statement was simple but made both Sophia and Ezequiel startled.

They know that it is impossible for any being present in the Magi World to see their cores and their energy had the same feeling that spirit power would give so they don't understand how this person could discover their secret.

But contrary to the two, Zatiel remained calm, it is true that to most their energy and body are the ones of someone who follow the Magi path, but if someone was strong enough he could realize that their bodies were too powerfull for someone did not focus in Body-Refinement and the amount of energy in their bodies was too much for a new advanced Magus, plus other small details. Even so, the number of paths to power in the universe are countless so having one that was not present in the Magi Wolrd was not a big problem, so he answers naturally.

"No, we don't, but neither does your Highness?" Zatiel attitude was respectful but extremely calm.

The man was a little surprised before concentring in Zatiel and trying to see through him, but all he got was a feeling of depths, unlike anyone other man he as met.

"I'm very surprised than a Rank 1 being has information about my path. My name is Heinz and I am a prince from the Empire. Can you tell me what you know about my path and how you found it?" Speaking as an equal to a Rank 1 being maybe considered weird to someone of his power, but for some reason, Heinz felt that it was correct.

"Answering your Highness, the information I got is from the libraries of the towers I have visit and also from some ruins I explored. Your Path should be that of those called Cultivators, and for your style, I can say you follow the branch of Sword Cultivator. According to what I know cultivator must enhance their energy just like any other path, but the special part about this path is that they produce something called Dao Heart, that is a set of believes and ideas developed by the cultivator along his path of power," Zatiel chose to end the explanation here, as any more information could be suspicious.

The information about Sword Cultivator was not very weird and was present in most of the libraries, but when Zatiel spoke about the Dao Heart, he surprises Heinz greatly, as that was something generally only those that follow this path knew about it.

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