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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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65 Business

"With your abilities and the information I just give you, should be enough for you to achieve the first Sword Realm, as for your sword techniques, you are using different ones at the same time and that makes your stile slopy, due to your Rank, I think that you should trie to create a sword-art of your own," Having ended, Zatiel closes his eyes again and started to meditate to recover from the exhaustion.

Heinz was truly enlighted, and the feeling he got from Zatiel was something even those elders from his family that had lived thousands of years could not compare.

´He is like an abyss, no matter how much you see of it, the end of it is impossible to reach.´ Seeing that Zatiel was resting he remained in silence and begun to go through the information he received, as it was too important to let pass even the smallest detail.

Ezequiel and Sophia also were meditating, although neither of them uses a weapon for the moment, the information could be helpful in the future.

After a while, Zatiel finally opens his eyes, and the other three follow along.

"Its time to discuss the original intention I came here, before you bring all that ´sworn brother´ thing, as you know I am a runemaster and I wish to use the commercial channels that the empire has to sold my runes and also obtain great amount of high energy food," Zatiel original plan was to attract the attention of the Tower Master, and since that person should be connected to the empire, he will trie to establish a business relation through him.

"Yes, I was able to guess brother intention from your performance outside the tower and then in Clive house. Actually brother, you could seel your runes directly to me, I assure you I will give you a price according to the market value," Heinz wasn't trying to be polite and help Zatiel with his runes, as they were truly are helpful to him, due to his subordinates.

"I don't have a problem selling to you, but I need someone who can buy great amount since I am technically a rank 1 runemaster, I plan to sell runes in bulk and need someone like the Empire that has connection with thousand of Rank 1 and 2 beings for which the runes are meant." To Zatiel, create rank 1 runes was easy, and since rune creation enhances his abyss aura, he was planning to create thousand of them. Besides, to advance to Rank 2 the amount of energy a Neo-Demon needs his astronomical, especially now with the tribe of kobolds, and obviously he could not go around killing thousands of Rank 1 creatures as he did with Rank 0.

"I understand, since that is what you want, I will contact those in the empire that handle this type of transaction an see that they establish a contract with you, but since you are going to use their commercial paths, sometimes they will request you a determined rune that they need, of course, they will pay for it. The fee for this type of transaction is usually 15%, but I am sure I can make it lower. If you can hand me some of your runes I could show them directly to those that verify the quality of your work." Heinz was decided to due his best, after all, the help that Zatiel give him was something a task like this could not even remotely pay.

"Good, here you have some Rank 1 runes I create a while ago. We will remain in the tower from the time being, can you handle the living arrangements?" Zatiel handed some of the rank 1 runes that he had created when he was preparing to fight against Erick.

"These should be more than enough. You can use one of the houses in the fourth floor, usually, Rank 1 being have to use those of the first tier, but since they are unoccupied you can use those of the third tier, if you want," Since the tower was under his control, Heinz could do things as he pleased.
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"We will use those of the first tier, there is no need to call too much attention. We will need two, and one of them needs to have two different laboratories." The only practical improvement that those at the third tier is that they have a higher concentration of natural energy, but to Neo-Demon, absorbing the energies of the world will be to slow compared to consuming powerful creatures.

"Consider it has done, the information about your houses should have arrived at the crystal that you got when you enter the tower. Brother, I don't think I need to remind you, but Clive will surely target you for what you did. Although I could kill him, that will only make things worse for you," The same laws that protected Zatiel from Clive, should protect this last one from Heinz, but he was a prince from the Empire and an extremely powerful individual, so at most, they will make a symbolic trial and make him compensate the leader of the Tribus Family.

To any group, a Rank 2 is certainly a core member, and if Heinz were to kill him, since they could not harm him, the leader from his family will come for Zatiel, so in the end, he would just be changing an enemy for a more powerful one.

"I know, don't worry I can handle a Rank 2 Magus. I will be leaving now, call me when they give you an answer about the business. Before I go, when you try to create your sword-art, remember don't go for a extremely balanced stile but one that suits you perfectly filling your gaps and enhancing your strong point, something that is average in everything is of no use, especially since you use the law of killing," To Zatiel enhancing your strong point should always be a priority.

Heinz nodded and made a portal to the fourth floor in front of Zatiel, and this one entered together with Sophia and Ezequiel, vanishing from the room.


The moment Zatiel, Ezequiel and Sophia appear on the floor, numerous consciousness arrived at the area. This was normal as they had made quite a commotion before being called to the house of a Rank 2 being. Most of them thought that it was the end for the three, but no much time later, they arrived on the fourth floor, and by the look, they already had a house arranged for them.

Zatiel could not care less for these people, so he enters his house accompanied by Sophia, and Ezequiel enter the one next door.

The last time he was in one of these houses, he was brought directly to Jhon, and didn't have the chance of exploring the place. The design was simple and efficient, there was a dinner area, a place to sleep and two laboratories, together with a zone mean for testing spell, almost identical to the one in the house for apprentice, but there was a big difference, and this was the presence of a podium in one room with a formation in the ground.

This podium worked as a catalog for the things accessible in the tower that includes magical material and meat from powerful lifeforms. By using the formation you could deposit the magic crystal and make what you bought appear directly here.

As Zatiel was assessing the place, he felt a body pressed against his back and a couple of hands start to go through his body, before hearing someone whisper directly into his ear.

"It is been a long time since we were alone, should not we enjoy ourselves a little," The seduction on Sophia's voice was evident as she presses her body harder against Zatiel´s, and her hand reached some sensible areas.

Zatiel was greatly aroused, as he turns around and without a word, he removes her clothes exposing her body, that could arouse desire in any being, before pressing her against the wall.

During the entire day, moans of placer could be heard thought the house.

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