Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
66 Supreme skill from hard work
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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66 Supreme skill from hard work

Zatiel was in his laboratory and was deciding which runes will be the first he will sell to the empire. Since the objective was making great amounts of wealth, he needs them to be those that can be used by most of the Rank 1 and 2 beings, with few restrictions for the user and that were not present for the moment in the market.

"A.I. Chip show me the most profitable runes there are in my memories and make sure that there is at least some type of notion of them appearing previously in the Magi World. Also, they need to be hard enough to be able to push my abilities as a Rank 1 Runemaster to the limit."

Zatiel knows that if he started to show some unheard runes, it will raise suspicious since technically, he had never left the world, but if they were mention in the history, even if it was just some words about them, he could just say that they were found in some ruins or ancient laboratories. As for the difficulty part, he was going to try to achieve something as he works on these runes and if they don't present a challenge, it will not work.

"Bip... going through the runes in the database that fulfill host request.

Search done...

Displaying runes:

Ecolocalization: Hight-Rank 1 rune. It allows the user to scan his surroundings by generating a high-frequency sound that will impact on the objects. The principal function of this rune is not the generation of the sound but the interpretation of intensity, time and frequency according to the spatial position of the object that generates. His advantage over the use of the consciousness is that the possibility of the target detecting it is lesser and the range his higher.

Hunters Mark: Intermediate-Rank 1 rune. It allows you to put a mark on a target without this one knowing. Your target must be within 10 meters from you to plant the mark. Once marked, you will know the specific position of the target as long they are less than 200 kilometers from you. If it his used in a Rank 2 being, the probability of the target detecting the runes is high due to the special characterizes of their consciousness.

Magic Shield: Peak-Rank 1 rune. This rune must be charged before it can be used. The charging period takes around an hour for a Master-Rank 1 being and last a week. Once charged, this rune can release all the energy saved in it to generate an invisible barrier of magic force that can withstand between 80 and 100 degrees of damage. Due to the spontaneous and high degree of energy that runs through this rune when it is activated, it can be recharged post-use between 3 to 5 times, before becoming obsolete."

`All of those runes will sell pretty well as their uses are plenty, especially the Magic Shield since it is practically another life and since they will need to buy it more than one time, the profits of it will be very hight. As for the difficulty of these runes, it is high enough that even those genius rank 1 runemaster will find it difficult to create,` Zatiel was satisfied with these runes, so he went to the podium and used it to buy the necessary material to create them, along with leather from powerful creatures.

The leather will be used to inscribe the runes, and he will use special ones, making the downgrade in the efficiency dimish the most possible.

Although in Erick`s ring there was a great number of magic crystals, since it was practically the wealth the Magus gather during hundreds of years, once he ends up buying the materials, he was almost broke, as the amount he needed to train was immense.

Without wasting time he heads to his laboratory and prepares to work. But Zatiel did not begin immediately, he meditated during an entire day before starting.

Like always, the first part with rune creation was processing the material, although this was a purely practical task and anyone could do it, it was very important as the quality of the work will affect the result and if the job is done mediocrely then, you run the risk of creating something without even 50% of the real power, equally if it was made spectacularly then finished product could be even better than the most optimal one described in the diagram.

Zatiel work was flawless like always, with excellent precision and never taking one second less or more than the time needed as he processed the material. After a batch of materials was finished, the inscribing began, and with the help of the chip he was able to generate even the smallest part of the runes with almost nanometric precision, his hand moved steady and without stopping even once until the work was done.

When he finished, what was left in front of him was a piece of beast skin with a beautiful glowing rune inscribed on it, making those who see it feel that the natural energy of the world was dancing around it.

Without a moment of pause, he starts to work on the next rune, with the same amazing abilities. Once a rune was finished he begun immediate with the next one and every time he did, it took him a little less time and the finished work was a bit better than the previous one.

What Zatiel was doing was perfecting his abilities as a Rank 1 Runemaster. Since he didn't have a pressing task and was able to get in his hands enough material for a long session of work, he could finally focus his entire mind on something and trie and achieve the Kung Fu of Rank 1 runemaster.

Kung Fu was an ancient word that Zatiel had hear in his first life, it was incorrectly associated with some types of martial arts, when in reality it was much more profound and covered all kinds of skills. Kung Fu means `supreme skill from hard work`, anyone that has mastered something can have Kung Fu.
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As Zatiel worked it came to his head the quote from a great sage. "Practice. Preparation. Endless repetition. Until your mind is weary, and your bones ache. Until you're too tired to sweat, too wasted to breathe. That is the way, the only way one acquires kung fu."

He worked until his vision begins to blur due to the exhaustion and his hands shaken, only then he stopped, but didn't leave, as he just sits to meditate right were he was. After a couple of hours, when he was in his peak condition, he took some food from his ring and after eating it, he starts to work again. His action could be resumed into three simple words; start, finish, repeat.

Sophia came from time to time to watch on him, but seen his concentration, she didn't dare to disturb him, waiting for him to meditate before removing the waste that his work created and letting him continue.

Zatiel objective was simple, he will achieve Kung Fu of Rank 1 Runemaster, making his path in the future a smooth and powerful one. As he continues, the days started to pass, but he remained still, not moving from where he was, doing the same thing day after day, and each time he finishes one rune, it was more impeccable than the previous one.

On the third day of work from Zatiel, Heinz came to his house to inform him that two members of the empire had come to establish the business contract. Sophia receives and took him to Zatiel, and seeing the focus that was displaying, Heinz did not disturb him and tell Sophia to contact him when he finished.

As the runes accumulated, Zaitel reached a point where he enters a trance and his movement started to become automatic without even the need of thinking, just performing them, it became a natural reaction fo his body just like breathing was. It was on this, the ninth day, that he entered this state and he achieved the Kung Fu of Rank 1 Runemaster. From this point on, every time he creates a rank 1 rune, the process will become so natural to him that it will be almost instinctive.

Zatiel was so focused on his work, that he didn't realize this and continue inscribing runes, it was only at the end of the tenth day when the materials were finished that he stop, and lay down in the ground to sleep.

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