Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
11 Pseudo-Magus
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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11 Pseudo-Magus

The interior of the tower was the same obsidian black color that the exterior, it was very simple without extravagant tings like pictures or trophies made of monster parts, it was truly fitting to the pragmatic nature of the Magi.

The first level of the tower was the place were apprentices gather, there were all kinds of stands, some sold special metals, others potions and herb, and some sold weapons.

There are also stands that were used for administrative purposes, like the management center or the exchange center.

In a corner, you could see groups of apprentices that looked at huge screens in the wall.

In an extreme of the tower, there was a blue platform accompanied for a statue of a lion, this was the portal to the upper floors of the tower.

Zatiel and Ezequiel enter the first level of the tower and were headed to the place where the management center of the tower was located, a lot of apprentices were looking at them and murmuring but Zatiel only ignores them.

The reason for the attention was that Zatiel was dragging a wounded person from the neck, of course, it was Nick who was so terrified from the duo that didn't dare to be stubborn and did as he was told, bringing them to the management center. But beside fear in his eyes, there was hatred as he looked at Zatiel.

Although he was trying to hide it, to Zatiel it was so obvious that he may as well screamed, but he didn't do nothing, firstly because to Zatiel this person was insignificant and could never pose a threat and second because if he were to kill him, they would definitely get a lot of trouble and maybe even Rank 1 Magus will involve themselves, after all, they were not part of the tower yet and although most magic towers doesn't meddle if apprentice star fighting, killing was prohibited.

Zatiel knows that he wasn't strong enough to fight against a rank 1 Magus yet, and even if he is, for what he can tell about this tower the person who controls it is definitely superior to rank 1.

After a couple of minutes, they arrived at the management center, there were 4 apprentices in charge of the stall, for what he could see every one of them was rank 2, Zatiel went to the one that was unoccupied and reading a book.

The apprentice a middle-age man, despite his age he was barely a rank 2 apprentice meaning that his chance of becoming a Magus was null.

"Hello, I want to know the procedure to become part of the tower and also where I can exchange some magical creature part for magic crystal," Zatiel asked.

The apprentice barely look at Zatiel with a tired face, but he was instantly startled, not because Zatiel and Ezequiel strength of rank 3 apprentice after all in this place that level of power was not uncommon, what attracted his attention was the wounded person that Zatiel was carrying, he recognized Nick immediately, after all the apprentice has made a fame from being a brutal person, but now he was being dragged like an animal.

"What are you doing with him!" The apprentice could not help but ask.

"Oh, he is just our guide don't worry about it, now you haven't told us what we asked," Zatiel responded like if nothing happened.

"Yes! sorry for that, I am Richard, I will give you the information immediately," Richard was scared, he did not dare to offend someone who dares to drag a rank 3 apprentice like a dog.

"Good, now you are no longer needed, you can leave," Zatiel says as let Nick, making him crush in the ground.

Nick pick himself off the ground, and contrary to what most were expecting he started to leave the tower without a word but although his expression was emotionless if you could see his eyes, you would detect an immense hatred.

´He is not completely stupid´ Thought Zatiel.

Ezequiel saw the man leaving and his years as an assassin and instincts as a Neo-Demon let him detect the hatred that he was hiding, he knows that is never good to leave unfinished business so he was preparing to handle it immediately, but just when he was about to act a voice was heard in is consciousness through the core.

"Don't do it, the problems that it will carry way overcome the threat that he represents, if you want to get rid of him wait until you can do it without none knowing, and don't worry you won't have to wait for long, I am sure that he will come back on his own very soon"

Ezequiel looked at Zatiel and nodded.

"I'm sorry for that, continue."

"Ah, yes, to become part of the tower and be able to use the facilities you have to sign a contract. Since you are an apprentice the contract his very simple, the principal point is that you will have to realize a certain number of tower missions every determined amount of time. Of course, if you want to realize more mission you can do it, the reward is in magic crystal and merit point, this last one is a currency used to obtain certain material that can't be exchanged from simple wealth." Richard says as he delivers the contracts to Zatiel and Ezequiel.

´It is simple, although it doesn't proportion much help and we will have to pay to use most of the facilities, we will be able to use the tower to rest and experiments and the better part it is doesn't have anything that is too binding.´

"Ok, we have no problem with this what else is needed to do."

"We will also have to take scan you magnetics force field to make an investigation and be sure that you are not wanted from some crimes."

Magnetic force field is produced from the energies that all being carried on their bodies, the higher the amount of energy the stronger the force field, and it is unique to every individual so it is normally used as a means to recognize someone, after all making some changes in your physical appearance is very easy with spells.

´It's normal that they investigate, but it doesn't matter when I became a Neo-Demon everything about my change and that includes my force field´.

"Ok, you can begin immediately with the scan.


Richard nodded and pick a crystal from his desk, after giving the command a wave of energy scanned both Zatiel and Ezequiel.

"Bip.. external energy trying to assess host, permission to interrupt."


´This time it was able to act, I guess that the wave at the entrance of the city was too subtle for the chip current abilities.´

The scanned lasted 3 seconds, and information was being sent to Richard trough the crystal in his hand.

"We have no information about a crime associated with any of you so as long you sign the contract you will become part of the tower."
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Zatiel and Ezequiel delivered the signed contract to Richard, this last one used the crystal to scan them.

"I have uploaded the information in the contracts, now if you follow me I can take you to the place where you get your magic robes and guidebook about the tower and it is the same place where you can exchange your carcasses."

Richard guide them to another stall not far from the one they were, in which an old man who was a rank 2 apprentice was sitting.

It is very normal for these jobs to be taken for people with little talent after all the other apprentices' with a chance of becoming Magus will never waste their time in this type of job


"Hey old Hal, this is the new apprentices, they need magical robes and also exchange some part of magical creatures."

"Who are the new ones and what they bring... oh, so they are you."

The apprentice named old Hal has already seen Zatiel and Ezequiel when they enter bringing Nick with them, so he knew that this was people he should not offend, he immediately gives them their robes, black for Zatiel and white for Ezequiel matching the color of their hair, and also a crystal to each one.

"This crystal has all the basic information about the tower as the facilities, the classes you can take and more. If you give me your sacs I can evaluate the worth of the material you bring."

"Here you go," spoke Zatiel as he and Ezequiel give their bags to the old man.

Although he was old the apprentice certainly has proficiency in his field, with a crystal he starts to scan all of the magical creatures.

As they were waiting for the old man, Zatiel started to explain the use of the crystal to Ezequiel after seeing the boy not knowing what to do with it.

" Little EZ, this crystal is the most common way of keeping the information, you just have to put the crystal in your forehead and trie to guide your consciousness to it, and the information will start to appear in your mind."

Zatiel nodded as he saw the boy starting to go through the information in the crystal, as for him, he has a more efficient and faster way of doing it.

"A.I. Chip scan the crystal and imprint the information directly into my mind."

"Bip... Starting scan,

Scanning completed

Uploading information."

Zatiel felt a current of electricity go throw his brain as the information started to appear in his mind, as he going through the new information a voice distract him.

"Ok, I have finished, most of the magical creatures are bordering the strength of a rank 2 or 3 apprentices, according to the parameter established for the tower you will receive 223 magic crystals."

"That much!" Richard could not help but exclaim after all his salary was barely 10 crystal a month and saw someone making a transaction for more money than he makes in a year.

Old Hal was already used to this type of transaction so he didn't say much.

Zatiel was satisfied with the amount so the transaction ended quickly as the old man handed a bag with magic crystals, as for the expression of the apprentice he didn't take it into account

"Thanks for the help."

"It was nothing, also this is the place where you deliver the material of the mission, so I guess we will see each other often."

"See you soon then, and you too," Zatiel say to the old man and Richard, but he didn't go very far when the last one reaches out to him.

"There is something else?," Zatiel asked at the apprentice who was making a troubled face.

After a moment and seeing that no one was looking in their direction Richard came closer to Zatiel and started to whisper.

"You have to be careful, Nick's older brother is a Pseudo-Magus, and a very powerful one, he will definitely come to you for harming his brother".

Zatiel saw at the apprentice and understand why he was helping him, reaching into his bag he took 30 crystal and give him to him.

"Thanks for the help."

"You're welcome!" Richard said as he took the crystal and return to his desk with a smile on his face.

Ezequiel was listening to everything and concern was shown in his face. He knows that it will be easy to kill a rank 3 apprentices with his strength but a Pseudo Magus is supposed to be much more strong and he doesn't know if he can defeat it.

"Master there will be trouble?."

"Don't worry little EZ, as long we are in the same Rank nothing can represent a threat to us," Zatiel spoke with carefree expression.

Ezequiel nodded and his expression return to is the usual calm one, to him his master his always right.

Zatiel looked at the boy and smiled.

´He is still doesn't understand how strong he is, barely 3 months ago he was just a normal boy and now he was able to defeat a rank 3 apprentice with just his body, if it wasn't for his opponent having a strong body he will have kill him in the first exchange´

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