Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
68 Performing over their limits
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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68 Performing over their limits

The moment Nein saw that great amount of runes, the first thing it came to his mind was no surprise by the skill of Zatiel, but disdain, as he as seen this type of performance more than once.

´Hmph, using quantity over quality to make your skill look better than they are, these are probably sub rank runes that all they do is take the capacity of the somebody and give an insignificant boost´.

An individual has a limit at the capacity of runes his body can bear, this his correlated to the energy and vitality of his body, so unless the rune can offer an improvement they can use in the long run they usually don't spend their money on them, this is the reason most Rank 1 don't possess a rune and usually save their money and wait to find one more suitable in the future, besides most of the basic runes can be replaced by spells that are more easy to obtain.
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Even though Nein was sure that going through these runes will be a waste of time, he was smart enough to know that Zatiel had some type of relation with Heinz, and offending a prince from the Empire was not something he could afford to do. So he will checks these runes and then will have a solid excuse to reject or put very harsh conditions in the contract.

Nein took the piles of beast skin and start to appraise the inscriptions in one of them, and the moment he did, he was surprised, but being someone who has lived hundreds of years he was able to control his expression so the rest didn't notice, or at least they choose not to comment on it.

´These runes are not mere low-grade Rank 1 runes, the inscription that all of them carry is very complicated and there is not a single mistake in any of them. The precision and control needed to do this are impressive,´ Although he could not know the effect of the runes by just looking at them, Nein was a Rank 1 runemaster and he was approaching the level of Rank 2, so he was able to detect the general Rank of the work that Zatiel did.

For the first time since he enters the room, Nein gives a detailed look at Zatiel.

´The amount of energy in his body is between Advanced and Master level of Rank 1, so if he made these, his talent is impressive,´ Nein went back to the runes, this time carefully organizing them before he started to go from one on one, to see if the same quality was in all or there were some inferior ones in between.

The old man had all of his focus in the red glow that was left in the sword marks and has not paid any attention to the runes that Zatiel left, but when notices the change on the attitude of Nein, and the meticulosity he was doing his work, he became intrigued. Especially when he saw the surprise in the middle-age man was so much, that he was not even bothering in hiding it anymore, as he was reaching the runes at the ending that were different from the rest.

In that stack, there were only three types of runes, but the quality varied, especially the ones at the end, that were made in the ninth and tenth day.

The old man moved his hand and three runes at the end moved by themselves and reached his palm, and as he judges them, his eyes narrow before he looks at Zatiel.

"What is the name of these runes?" Although the voice of the old man indifferent it carried great pressure that will make any Rank 1 quiver.

"They are Ecolocalization, Hunters Mark and Magic Shield" Zatiel remained was calm without fear as he stares back at the old man.

The old man was a little surprised by Zatiel composture, but after hearing the names, he focuses on the runes again. He took a strange orb from his spatial ring and put a rune over it before filling it with energy.

When the orb appears, Heinz and Nein concentrate on it, waiting for the display that was going to happen.

The orb started to glow and the rune begins to float over it as a small hologram of a humanoid appeared. Over the man, a strange tattoo starts to generate, beginning in his throat extending to the back of his ears.

The humanoid roared and no sound came out, but in the hologram, you could see how a sound wave was generated expanding with the man at the center, before returning and the runes in the back of the ears started to glow. The hologram ended and a screen with the information describing the effect of the rune appear.

The old man's face was serious and without wasting time he took the next rune and put it above the orb replacing the previous one.

Another hologram appears, but this time two humanoids were shown, on the first, a tattoo appears on his arm, the man activated the rune and in the second humanoid, an invisible dot was adhering. The two humanoids separated inside the hologram until the rune glow turns off. Like before, the effects of the rune were displayed.

Although his expression was more composed this time, the old man was still impressed by it, and he put the final rune in the orb.

The hologram with the humanoid was generated and a tattoo that covered a great part of the upper chest appeared, before starting to glow as an invisible barrier covers him. A great ball of fire was launched against the humanoid generating an immense explosion, but when the flames vanished the humanoid was unharmed and the barrier remained.

The moment the old man and Nein saw this they were both shocked.

"Master how much power did that spell carried?"

"100 degrees of damage and yet the barrier remained without a problem," The reason for the surprise of the old man was different from Nein, he had lived a long time and was a Rank 2 Runemaster with the ability to inscribe some Rank 3 runes. He had heard of the rune known as ´Magic Shield´ and although it was rare finding it on the open market, there were some in the Empire that were kept for personal use, he knew that the maximum degree of damage that the rune can handle is supposed to be 100 degrees, yet this one remained standing after that.

There were several ways of making a rune display power over his theoretical limit, like replacing the material that was in the diagram for similar ones of a higher rank, but this was counterproductive as the value that the rune would be inferior to the cost it took to make it.

The old man keeps looking at the rune for a long time, even using his consciousness to assess it, and in the end, he was able to determinate that the reason for it performance was due to a sublime work all the way from the processing of the material to the inscription, that could only be achieved with a great talent.

The old man focuses on Zatiel for a long time trying to see something from his expression, but he remained calm and indifferent no matter how long he looks at him.

Once again activating the orb, the same scene appeared and a more powerful explosion of fire reached the barrier, yet this one remains.

It was on the third trial that the barrier finally broke, yet the amount of power that reached the humanoid only made some light injuries and nothing more.

When the screen with the effect of the rune appear both the old man and Nein were shocked.

"Master, it was able to withstand 135 degrees of damage!"

"Yes, It is a Rank 1 runes with a power similar to the one of a Low grade-Rank 2 rune. I guess I don't have to tell you what this means and the commercial value of this rune."

Heinz was looking from the side and didn't understand how the assessment of runemaster work, but he was able to get that the runes Zatiel created were truly impressive from the expression of the two.

When Zatiel first shows up the expression of both was of indifference and annoyance but now when they saw him there was intrigue and praise.

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