Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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The reason why the value of the enhanced ´Magic Shield´ was so great is simple. First, it has the effects of a Low-grade Rank 2 Rune but it only needs the energy from a normal Rank 1 being to be activated, without causing any problems or diminishing their reserve to a dangerous level; and second, despite the other two runes also having effects over their limits, not everyone would need a higher sensor or mark an enemy, but there was no one who wouldn't need a powerful barrier that could save their lives.
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The old man begins to assess all the runes that were left and realize that there was a progressive advancement in the quality of the work, and there were only a few of the runes that could display a performance beyond their theoretical limits. He took this as a display of the talent and hard work of Zatiel though the years.

The supposition of the old man was technically right, as Zatiel was indeed talent and used the millennial of years of knowledge as a runemaster on his previous life to reach this level in such a little time.

"I haven't introduced myself, my name is Tritus Fonxer, Vice-Head of the Imperial Comercial Asociation. May I know your age and how long have you been a runemaster?," Tritus could feel a great vitality in Zatiel, meaning he wasn't very old, but the term could be relative, after all, Heinz was also considered someone young and his body was full of life, but he has lived hundreds of years.

"I am less than thirty years old, as for my time as a runemaster, its been almost ten years since I inscribe my first rune," Zatiel didn't feel the need to lie, after all, the identity of a genius will be helpful, as for the greed on other, anyone that knows the most basic thing about runes will be able to tell that the reason for their performance was just an excellent work and nothing more.

Tritus suspected that Zatiel was very young, but hearing that he was not even half a century, surprise him greatly since he felt the great power on his body, that together with the fact that he has trained as a runemaster for less than a decade was enough to shock him.

´This person is an absolute genius in all aspects. There have been cases that those with talent in runes are restricted by their power, but this will no be the problem here,´ The old man put a thoughtful expression as he evaluates some things.

As for the chance of lying, no Rank 1 being will do something so stupid, that can be find out with ease through the record from the Tower, so Tritus trusted Zatiel words.

As the old man deliberated, Nein was looking at Zatiel as if he was a monster, he has lived for hundreds of years but his skills as a runemaster are inferior to the one of the young man in front of him. In these cases, most individuals would feel envy and anger against those more skilled than them, but Magi are practical beings and becoming an enemy from someone just because he is better than you was stupid. So besides shock, there was only a little praise in the middle-aged man's mind.

"It's as been a long time since I saw someone so talented and young, I wonder if you would like to join the association as an internal runemaster," By the aptitudes that Zatiel was showing, Tritus was sure that he would become a Rank 2 Runemaster in the future, and if he continues improving himself, Rank 3 was possible and having someone like that working under him would be extremely rewarding and helpful for his advancement.

Although Zatiel expression was respectful to the old man, the absence of interest in his proposal was evident, but Tritus was not someone who would give up so easily.

"Before you answer, let me tell you, if you join the association, we will give you all the materials and diagrams you need to practice your skill as a runemaster for free and also you will get 100% of the revenue your runes get on the market. Besides, we will also proportionate whatever resources you need for your ascension on the Ranks, of course, there will be conditions and some tasks you need to realize, but I promise that it will be nothing compared to what you will get.''

The proposition that Tritus was offering was something anyone would want, practically they give you all the things you needed to enhance your abilities as runemaster and your power, and also, you will get a background that will protect you and ensure your safety.

Despite all that, Zatiel wasn't interested, even though the deal sounds amazing it will surely connect him to the Empire, making him a center of attention of powerful individuals due to his constantly extraordinary skills and will restrict his actions.

Of course, he could be with them for the time being and leave them in the future, but he was sure that those connections will not break so ease, as no one would let a genius escape his grasp.

"I thank Lord for his compliment and greatly appreciate his offer, but I don't have the desire of joining any type of power for the time being, and would like to remain as a simple member of the Empire." Zatiel words were simple but also hinted that it was not just with the Empire that he wasn't wanted to create a connection, but any type of organization.

"I see, although it is disappointing I will not press the subject, since you strike me as someone who doesn't change his mind easily. Since we're not going to be part of the same organization, I hope that we can create a profitable business relationship." Although it was not what he wanted, having a connection with a genius was always helpful, so the attitude of Tritus was amicable.

"You have handed 65 runes, divided into three different types, with two groups of 25 of ´Ecolocalization´ and ´Hunters Mark´, and a group of 15 of ´Magic Shield´. Those runes that have an effect close to their theoretical power or not too great of a difference will be sold with a market value according to their ranks, as for those runes that perform over their limits, for the first two, they will be sold at 1.5 their original price and the last will be sold at 2.5. Usually the commission we charge for allowing external individual to use our commercial channels is 15%"

When he reached this part, Tritus saw that Heinz signaled with his eyes and the old man nodded

"But this time we will charge just 8% since you are a member of his Highness group"

After hearing this, Zatiel saw Heinz and give a small bow "Thank you, Your Highness."

Heinz only nodded and signaled for Tritus to continue.

"To all runemaster that wishes to generate business transaction with the empire, there is a clause in the contract that allows us to commission him with the job of creating a rune of our election, two times a year. The difficulty for the rune will be according to your rank as a runemaster, we will provide with the diagram and three sets of materials, if after those three sets, you still haven't created the rune, you will have to use your money until you manage to do it. This are the main conditions of the contract, do you have a problem with any of them." Tritus' expertise in this field was evident, as he explained all the aspects of the contract with clarity.

"I have none, but can 50% of the revenue be transformed into high energy food, instead of magic crystals?." Although Zatiel could buy the carcasses directly from the tower, the amount of Rank 1 creatures in here was limited and it will be more practical getting them from the empire right away.

This type of request was not uncommon as most of the individuals due not really need magic crystals and what they want is resources for experiments or to be used in their path techniques. Tritus nodded without much thought, taking a contract from his ring and making some alterations before handing it to Zatiel

"Here is the contract, there are a large number of clauses that include all types of situations. I have changed the part of the revenue to be divided into high energy food and magic crystal equally. Feel free to revise it."

Zatiel took the contract and begin reading it. All the points Tritus mentioned were there and in essence, it says that he will create a purely business transaction with the empire, and this last will bring no help whatsoever to him, besides selling his runes. But thanks to that he will be able to break that relation whenever he wants, without repercussion of any kind.

After sign it, he returned it to the old man who took two crystals, with one he scanned the contract and the other was handed it to Zatiel.

"Whit this crystal you will be able to see when your runes are sold and how much stock of them remains on the market, also it will allow you to contact us to deliver more runes. If 75% of your runes have not been sold yet, we can refuse to take more from you, and when at least 30% is sold you can request your payment. That is all, do you have any question?"

"No, thank you for your help," Zatiel gave a small bow to the two. Before they were acting with arrogance, but now since they were showing him respect, he would reciprocate.

"There is no need for our young friend to thank us, it is our job. Your Highness we have been here a long time already we must leave,"

Tritus and Nein say their farewell to Zatiel and Heinz, before the last created a portal in which they disappeared.

Now that they were alone Heinz's attitude changed to a more relaxed one as he came to Zatiel and pat him on the shoulder as he laughed.

"I knew brother was talented, but not to the level that you could make those two forget the fact that you made them wait seven days. You never cease to amaze me."

The reason why Heinz was acting differently before, was because letting others knew that he has some type of relation with Zatiel was fine, as he could just say he was his subordinate, but if he shows a true connection it will be dangerous, as the inner schemes from the Empire were always present and the cultivator was no someone so naive to let others find out his soft spots.

"There are very few things in the universe that with the right knowledge and the power to apply it can't be done. Anyway, since I am here, should we practice?" Zatiel was happy to finish with this as it will allow him to focus his mind on enhancing his power and not bother with resources and felt in the mood for some training.

"Hahaha, you don't have to ask me twice."

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