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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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73 Zitra

As Zatiel closes his eyes and concentrate, he could see a dark space were a glowing light was present, this was his soul, the purest and most important piece of his being. Above the core of his existence, he could see how two words were forming in a language so strange that it makes him feel like it was able to encompass anything.

The awakening of a True Name was a slow process, so Zatiel remains motionless, focusing all of his mind into the Words of Creation that was forging his True Name, the name that will accompany him through his entire life, until the moment he dies and his soul shatters.

The racial aspect from the True Name in the case of Neo-Demon, should come from a combination between the characteristics from their bloodline and their Chaotic Core, that contain the essence of the species, due to the first being assimilated by this last one, creating a single composed name, but in Zatiel case it was different.

Due to the level of his bloodline being so ridicule high from a beginning, to the point it was connected with the laws of creation itself, it was able to materialize a separated part of the True Name, so in the end, Zatiel had a section created in part by the golden sun and another created by his chaotic core, but still, they were his and no matter if even, they were to copy his body to an atomic level, this name will never repeat.

Even before they were completed, the two names were showing great contrast. The one in the right, it looks like it was made from golden lava of the center of the brightest star of the universe, while the other was completely different, it was like darkness itself materialized and forged the words, but despite the feeling of inexistence, Zatiel could still see it.

"I was under the assumption that the Words of Creation that will from my True Names, will be related or at least similar to my previous name, even if I died and was born again, and my bloodline and race are different to demons, the changes in my personality must have been more than I thought," In Zatiel mind the faces of a small boy, a dumb girl and a group of underdogs came out making him smile, "It's for the better, even if it is the part related to Neo-Demons, it gives a feeling much deeper than my previous True Name."

When the names were completed, Zatiel could feel how his body was enhancing itself, due to the appearance from the Words of Creation next to his soul. The one that was forged in lava was ´Natux´, and the other, that seems emptiness itself was ´Dexisus´.

When Zatiel focuses on Natux, it gave him the impression that was seeing the born of life and how it flourished, filled with vitality and endless possibilities, as for Dexisus, it was the opposite, it was like watching a world decaying and all the life in it, ending, going back to nothingness.

Despite the nature from one of the components of his True Names being an antithesis form the other, for some reason when he saw them one next to the other he felt harmony, like if from the moment they existed, they were meant to be connected.

Now they were finished, Zatiel was going to test the effects of these words. True Names have and passive and active effect, greatly varying depending with which laws they are connected.

From the passive effect, he was able to assess an increase in his vitality, which was already monstrous for a Rank 1 due to his bloodline, together with an enhancement on all the spells that were related to necromancy and the use of negative energy. Also in this passive state, the Words of Creation will improve the affinity of his soul with the laws that they are related to.

For the active effect, Zatiel chose to start with Natux, and the moment he does it, his skin turned golden immediately like if it was made from pure gold, as he assesses his body with the help of the chip, he was able to estimate that his vitality has duplicated itself and his endurance was monstrous, for a moment he was feeling like as long a cell remains from his body, he would be able to regenerate himself. Of course, this was just an illusion due to the immense power up but, in the future, it may be possible.

"Hahaha, this is awesome!, as expected from a name that was born from the strongest bloodline that I have ever seen, together with my will and personality," Zatiel excitement could not be contained as he felt the amazing effects from Natux, after all, even after the third evolution, his previous True Name wasn't able to provide a powerful enhancement like this one.

Now using Dexisus, Zatiel felt a dark current originating inside him running through his body, before it materializes itself in his hand like a dark aura. Conjuring a simple flame, he adheres the darkness to it, and his power was enhanced in almost 50%, with a decaying effect adhere to the spell that will rot the body of the ones how are reached.

"The enhance it provides is an offensive one, and even though his power is no to the level of Natux, it will be useful in a battle. Besides, as the transformation of my body continue and my existence as a Neo-Demon improves, the name will be improved and evolve to a higher version of itself. And even now it is more powerful than my previous True Name when it first appeared."

Zatiel was extremely satisfied with his True Name, especially when he remembers that this is just the beginning and they will evolve improving his powers even more. Although he felt that there were more things that remained hide in those word, True Names and the Words of Creation are a topic vast and obscure even for him.
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"With my True Name awaken, and my rune crafting skills improving by the day, I will be able to display an immense power by the time the expedition happens."


In an immense underground cave that extended for kilometers, there was an individual floating in the center. What was special about this was that every corner, even the most remote and hidden, was filled with light, but in the place, there was no object that could generate such a marvelous sight.

The origin was the person in the air, the radiance came from her. She was a stunning woman with a perfect face and a delicate body. Anyone who sees her would felt like she was the purest and holiest beings in the world.

A man enters the cave running in the direction of the woman, his body was imponent and his expression intimidating, but when he reached the area under the woman he kneeled with a respectful, and somewhat fearful, expression.

"Princess Zitra, I came from the tower, the moment I heard your summons," The man didn't dare to look at the woman directly as he spoke.

Even after the man spoke, Zitra's eyes remained closes and didn't talk. It was only a few minutes later that she opened her eyes and look at the visitor, making the last one shiver.

"There will be an expedition to the Endless Forest, since you, Siru, are the Rank 2 under my command that has made the greatest contributions, you will go." Zitra´s words sound like a compliment but her expression was indifferent and even though it was considered a favor, she gave no room for any sort of negation.

"Thank you, your Highness, I will do my best," The man nodded and express his happiness, but even now he keeps looking to the ground.

"When you are there, I need for you to gather some information about a new runemaster whose work is widespread lately"

"Is your highness referring to the Daybreak runemaster," After thinking a moment for a moment the man give a guess.

"Oh, you know about him," For the first time, Zitra look at the man with attention.

"Yes, your Highness, his runes are appearing a lot lately and they have a sort of logo that looks like a sun rising in breaking the night, hence his name. Recently the amount of his work that is reaching the market as become very high, yet the quality has not diminished at all."

"Tell me what you opinion from his abilities as a runemaster," The expression of Zitra was still indifferent, but there was a glimpse in her eyes.

Siru found very weird about her master asking about a Rank 1 runemaster, but he didn't dare to ask and just answer.

"He is very talented, his runes have great effects and bearable requisite, but it is not something other Rank 1 runemasters aren't able to do," Siru answer was objective without any sort of prejudice.

"And what if I told you he is less than twenty-four years old and the time he has spent as a runemaster is less than 7 years. Also, he is not part of any type of power and his abilities came from himself, without any type of apparent help."

Siru was shocked when he heard that, having reached that level in so little time and only using your abilities to do it, it was something he finds almost impossible to believe, but he knows that the princess will not be wrong.

"He is a genius! compared to those talented runemaster that the empire nurture."

"During your trip, you will recollect all the information you can from the ones send by Heinz, and in the remote chance he turns up, relate my personal invitation for him," Zitra command was more profound this time, as an unbreakable order.

"I will do, Your Highness, but if I may speak, is a Rank 1 runemaster worth your personal invitation," No matter how good rank 1 rune where, they still could not be something that would inspire desire in a mighty Princess of the Empire according to Situ thoughts.

"Rank 1 is indeed useless, but if I wait for him to reach Rank 3, do you think he will come to see me and accept to become part of my forces easily. And in the minimal chance that he breaks pass that level, even I would not be able to have him as a subordinate."

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