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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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77 Overload

The pressure that Sophia was feeling originated from the old man that was releasing all the power of his consciousness, forcing her to use the energy in her body to fight back. But she didn't have to resist for long since someone appears between them, shielding her.

Replacing the vicious smile of the Werewolf, Sophia saw a large back that gives her the sensation it could carry the weight of the world and makes her felt safe, even against the threat of someone at Rank 2.

Of course, the one standing in front of Sophia was Zatiel, that had a cold expression as he faced his opponent and used the energy on his body to restrain the consciousness of the Werewolf.

In Sophia's face, a gorgeous smile appeared, but immediately it was replaced by a coldness and killing intent, as she looks at Ezequiel who shared the same expression and nodded to her. The energy inside them exploited and they were about to activate their trump cards and attack the old man, when a voice sounded in their minds.

"Don't act, no matter what, that is an order. I will handle this."

Although they were unwilling, they know that Zatiel must have a reason for acting alone, so the calm their energies and remained still.

"Hahaha, who do you think you are, some sort of hero. It has have been a long time since have I seen such a buffoon," Scorn was in the werewolf face as he laughed at the fact that Zatiel was trying to defend Sophia.

The Rank 1 Magi was looking at Zatiel as if he was stupid for what they thought it was a useless act. In the sky, the only woman among them remained indifferent to what was happening and the Rank 3 Magus continue meditating.

Nimir was looking at Zatiel and did not try to hide the disdain on his face, like if he was looking at a clown performing a show.

"Since you make me laugh I will be kind, move so I can grab the woman and I will only rip one of your arms for meddling," The old man revealed a bloodthirsty smile as he looks at Zatiel and the pressure of his consciousness increased as savagery radiate from his body.

Zatiel was indifferent to the threat of the man and he acted like if he didn't even feel the pressure, as he looked at Nimir and seeing his expression, a more clear idea of what was happening formed on his mind. As for the ones in the ground, to him, they were only a group of monkies and their opinion could not matter less. From his ring, he took a sword and rise to the sky until he was 200 meters away from the group before making the energy in his body burst.

The expression of the people in the ground filled with surprise as they saw Zatiel´s actions, this was a clear challenge to the old man, and something it could only end with his defeat, in their minds.

The difference in Ranks is not something so simple as the ability to use spells with a higher degree of damage, after all, if it were like that then using runes and magical equipment anyone could fight against those stronger.

When someone advances to the next Rank, not only is their energy reserve greater and the lethality of their spell higher, but his entire body and soul grow stronger making their speed of thoughts, reflexes, reaction time, and even instinct more powerful. All that together, with a higher manipulation of the natural energies make that a feat like fighting those above your Rank, only possible to absolute geniuses that are the best of any great power, and that is only when they are at the peak of their Ranks.

"HAHAHAHAHA, you are really a fool. This is the most hilarious scene I have seen in many years," The old man laughed even harder and he was amused with Zatiel actions.

"I have heard that the a barking dog does not bite, I am starting to think than that is true, with all your talk," Zatiel expression was indifferent but his tone was one filled with mockery.

When Zatiel finishes speaking, those at the ground were shocked, as they could not believe what they just heard, making a total silence appear.

Before, Zatiel actions could be considered as a passive confrontation that could be resolved as long he submitted and accept his punishment, but now that he calls a Rank 2 Werewolf a dog, this could be considered creating an enmity that could only be resolved with someone dead.

"What the hell did you just say!!!, you dare to compare me, the mighty Feiner, member of the proud Werewolf race, with a fucking dog." Feiner's face warps in rage and as he heard the greatest insult the members of his race could receive, his body started to enlarge and fur fills him.

As soon the transformation begins the energy in his body spiked, and just the physical might he released was something a Rank 1 could never achieve no matter what path he took. His jaw started to protrude and fangs filled his mouth, his hand and legs grow muscular as his nails extend and took the appearance of small daggers, his dark fur got a metallic luster, and although it may seem soft in reality it was even tougher than some rank 1 magical armor.

Zatiel saw the transformation and although the chip could not trespass Feiner energy barriers, he could use his experience and the energy that the werewolf was releasing, to estimate his strength.

´A Werewolf at the Advanced Rank 2, his physical attributes are superior to mine by a great margin. Although they are a race that uses their bodies as the main weapon, he definitely has spells that can enhance his power and can use his consciousness to use long-distance attacks. Let see how long I can last without external help.´ As Zatieel assesses his opponent, he adopted a fighting stance, with his sword ready to protect his head and hearts.

It only took Feiner a moment for his transformation to be completed, and he ends up as a three and a half meters tall black Werewolf, that radiated savagery and killing intent from his body. Not saying a word, he dashed to Zatiel with such a speed than it took him less than five seconds to reach him.

With his immense claws that looked like it was made from knives, Feiner slashed at Zatiel, and just the winds he created could heavily injure any Rank 0 lifeform.
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All the ones who were seeing this fight thought it was over, as Zatiel was receiving a direct attack from someone famous for his immense power, and even if he didn't die he would be severy injured.

But contrary to what they believed, Zatiel used his sword and block the attack redirecting most of the power in it to the outside.

Feiner wanted to end the fight in one moment to humiliate Zatiel, but when he saw how he stop his claw, he was furious and continue attacking with even more ferocity, not only using his hand but also his legs, displaying the fighting stile of werewolves.

Every attack that the werewolf was releasing had enough power to seriously injure an individual at Rank 1, his movements were erratic and incredibly fast, but somehow Zatiel always manages to block the claws or dodge them in the last moment.

With the exception of the Rank 3 Magus, everybody was focused in the fight, even the woman in the sky was looking attentive.

The Rank 1s at the ground were amazed by the ability of Zatiel to stopping the attacks of someone at Rank 2, but both Nimir and the woman in the sky know it was not so simple.

The power that Feiner was liberating was so much that every time Zatiel stop his attacks, even after using his swordsmanship to redirect most of the strength in them, he feels like he was crashing against a mountain damaging all the muscles and bones in his arms, and since his opponent agility what so superior, he could barely dodge twenty percent of the attacks, forcing him to be in absolute defensive mode.

If Feiner were to use a spell to enhance his power the fight would be finished immediately, but the old man knew that he will become a laughing stock if people find out he could not defeat someone at Rank 1 even after completing his transformation.

Eventually, after another dozen of attacks, the anger of the Werewolf reaches his limits as he opens his mouth.


A thunder-like wolf howl assaulted Zatiel consciousness making his vision blur, and although it lasted just a second it was enough for the werewolf to launch his attack.

"Fucking die!" Feiner claw filled with silver fire as he slashed.

Zatiel was able to put the sword in the last moment to shield him, blocking most of the attack, but still, the power was so much that he was sent flying and impacted in the ground creating a small crater.

When Sophia and Ezequiel saw this the fury in their hearts was immense and wanted nothing more than attack the Werewolf with everything they have, but remembering Zatiel word, they remained still but their fists were clenched so hard that blood was coming out form them.

"Hmph, you have to be stupid to go and challenge those above your rank"

"You are right, the only reason he lasted that long was that lord Feiner was taking it easy and not really attacking"

"Well, he deserves what he got, so weak yet trying to defend others"

"Look, even his companion do not dare to help him, how stupid"

The ones mocking Zatiel were some of the Rank 1 in the ground, and although they try to hide it, the envy was evident in their faces. The power that Zatiel demonstrated means that he is able to kill any of them, but since they thought he was finished, they took the chance and make fun of him.

The woman in the sky didn't say anything and just shake her head, as for Nimir, he looked at the place Zatiel crashed and seeing the damage it was provoked he seem satisfied.

The Rank 3 Magus finally open his eyes and although it seems like he was not paying attention, his consciousness has been active all the time, he was about to act when he saw in the direction where Zatiel crashed, how a golden glow was appearing.

Zatiel raised into the sky, a part of his robe was destroyed showing his upper body and the runes that cover most of it. His ribs were broken as was his right arm and there were cutting marks all over his body, but the golden flames were healing them and in his forehead, the Eye of Life and Creation appeared.

"Time for round two," As soon he says those word, an immense ring of black flames appear on his back, before entering completely on his sword, and the skin of his body turn golden when he activated his True Name.

When Feiner saw those changes he was a little surprised, but after seeing it was only an increase in the vitality and endurance of the body, he calms down, and although the sword seems dangerous he was confident in his power.

"Hmph, the only thing you manage to achieve is to make your suffering last longer."

But in the next moment, he saw how the runes on Zatiel activated creating dark paths among his golden body. Feiner was startled as he felt the power in Zatiel body increasing beyond the level a Rank 1 could achieve.

The woman, Nimir and even the Rank 3 Magus focus all their attention on Zatiel and their expression was of complete surprise.

"I will use you to test the power of my first runic set," The runes in Zatiel body finally lit up completely, as he felt as an immense amount of vitality and energy was being drained, but the enhancement of power was even more monstrous.


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