Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
83 The price of arrogance
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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83 The price of arrogance

The entrance to the cave was an immense hole in the ground that connected to a tunnel that extended for kilometers. This tunnel was 300 meters in diameters, and from it, hundreds of sidepaths grew like branches from a tree trunk.

Something special about this tunnel was that its form was perfectly conical, without a single imperfection and some parts of it showed signs of crystallization as if it has withstood tremendous amounts of energy.

The earth in this place has been contaminated by the elemental chaos that the fallen star mineral released for decades, making it as hard as a piece of Rank 1 magical equipment.

Everyone was able to realize that this cave did not form naturally but by the action of someone with tremendous power, whom with a single attack created a perforation of hundreds of kilometers into the ground and with such precision and control that manage to make an interconnected ned of tunnels.

The member of the Empire and Dynasty were advancing at a great speed, and by the time they traveled one hundred kilometers, they started to see piece of a metallic mineral with a greyish white color in the walls of the cave, some were the size of a fist while others were as big a grown man.

This was fallen star, all of them have some sort of knowledge of this mineral, and despite seeing this pieces in here no one act, as the purity in them was so poor, that it will just waste space and since they would have to carry whit their body and spells, it was not practical harvest the one in here.

As they advanced the color in the metallic mineral started to become darker, meaning his purity was greater. It was when they reached three hundred kilometers that those at Rank 1 from the empire and the Eye Masters, started to feel the effects of the pollution.

The elemental chaos this mineral released had a very low concentration, and yet they still felt like their Rank Spell and defense start to weaken, forcing them to increase the output of energy into their spells.

The case of Zatiel, Ezequiel and Sophia were different, they did not resist the invasion of the elemental chaos and focus the energy into their Chaotic Core, which immediately absorbed and begin to rotate faster and faster, speeding up the formation of the Elemental Chaos Heart, and filling their bodies with energy. It was incredibly effective, to the point that in just this couple of hours they have been flying their heart transformation has advanced the same it will in a week in the outside.

Elemental Chaos has always been an incredibly powerful type of energy, and the beings that can channel it, have fast rates of growth and are able to display exceptional might, unfortunately the effect it has in corroding the consciousness is even greater that Abyss Aura, so most of the beings that use it are either warmonger monster or quiet and simple creatures with no concrete thoughts.

It was when they reached seven hundred kilometers inside the tunnel, that some of those people started to show signs of fatigue and felt like their skin was burning. The concentration of elemental chaos at this point on Rank 1 life forms generated the same effect that ionizing radiation has on normal humans.

This was the splitting point between the two groups, if those at Rank 1 were to advance beyond this point they would only be able to be safe for a couple of minutes top before going back, or else the elemental chaos will start to tear their cellular structure apart, with their skin beginning to necrotize, and the pollution will accumulate in their bodies. Of course, as individuals that have transcended common mortals, they can heal from this damage but if it is too extensive, their foundation will crumble and the path to power be shut down.

Ezequiel and Sophia also stay here, even though elemental chaos doesn't have the same destructive effect in them than in the others if they were to advance they would have to face those Eye Lords, and that will be equally dangerous that the pollution that the fallen star release.

Those at Rank 2 of the Empire and the Eye Lords of Dynasty, proceed flying deeper into the tunnels, as for Zatiel he looks back to Sophia and Ezequiel and after nodding to them, he continues traveling beside Kira.

Seeing that someone at Rank 1 dare to continuing forward with them, made the Eye Lords show all kind of expression, with the most prevalent being of mockery. The only exception was the young man at the lead, who look at Zatiel with an analytic expression for a second before advancing.

Although the members of the empire knew that the reason Zatiel was able to display a monstrous fighting power was his Runic Set, no one of them is dumb enough to think a normal Rank 1 could activate such runes. But there was one person that was constantly looking in his direction, it was Feiner, and in his face was a vicious expression as he looked at Zatiel hoping to see when he succumbs to the pollutions.

Zatiel could not care less about the werewolf, and as he inspected the surface of the tunnel, he made his Eye of Life and Creation appear to be able to see the accumulation of energy inside the earth.

When Zatiel activate his bloodline, all the members of Dynasty immediately look in his directions and there was surprise in their faces, not for the fact that he had an eye on his forehead since the number of races with eye power was immense, but by the fact that being individuals that were born with bloodlines, they were able to feel the purity and power of the one of Zatiel.

Their eyes filled with envy and malice as they look at Zatiel, by the feeling they got, it was obvious that his prospects were endless. The members of Dynasty had always prided themselves from their bloodlines and seeing someone with one better than theirs made them want to kill him, but in the end no one act and instead they look at him with the same expression that Feiner has.

Zatiel saw this, but just like with the werewolf, he ignores them. He knew the fact that his bloodlines could incite envy and anger on others, but hiding his power and stop his growth was not something he would do just for the sake of some potential threat. To him, it was better to use all the cards at his disposal and grow powerful as fast as possible.

It was when they reached twelve hundred kilometers, that again some people begin to such signs of discomfort and needed to increase the power of their defense. Among them was a member of dynasty with red eyes on his forehead and Feiner. It was expected since the two were the only members at the Advanced level.

Ironically, it was the weaker members that show the better condition, with Zatiel and the young man in white robes looking perfectly fine.

When Feiner saw how Zatiel condition was unchanging, meanwhile he felt his skin started to burn, made his face deform in hatred.

Kira was also looking at Zatiel and was happy to see that he could keep up until this point, since if he were to stop in the same place where those at Rank 1 had, then they would have to separate, and she would have to go with someone else.

All of a sudden, Zatiel stops and begins to focus on the upper surface of the cave.

When the rest saw this, some were indifferent while others sneered, especially Feiner whose face had a mocking expression as he saw Zatiel, as for the fact that he will only be able to advance barely a couple of dozen kilometer more before stoping, he chose to ignore it.

As for the action of Zatiel, they looked like if he did it to hide the fact he could not withstand the elemental chaos anymore, but the young man at the lead of the Eye Lords narrowed his eyes as he saw him, but in the end, they all continue leaving only Kira behind.

As Kira saw the rest leaving, she was indeed a little disappointment, but the pollution was becoming more and more powerful, so excavating here was not a bad choice.

Zatiel saw her expression but was indifferent, before entering they accorded that he would be the leader and waiting for his command was obvious. Although telling her about the ability of his eye to see the energy inside the ground could expel her doubt, he would not reveal his secrets just for some temporary alliance.

Kira continues waiting and she begins to get impatient with Zatiel´s act.

Zatiel looks at her and with a commanding attitude he spoke. "Keep an eye on the surroundings and let me know if anyone gets close to us." Having said that he blasted into the ceiling of the cave and begins to destroy the earth on his path until his entire body was inside it.

When Kira saw this she could not help but sigh. "Did I make a mistake?"

To her, Zatiel actions could only be considered an embarrassing act, she had tried to use her consciousness to explore the surrounding but the elemental chaos stops her, so of course, she was sure he could not do it.
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´I guess I should take this as a lesson.´ Kira's expression was one of great disappointment as she though Zatiel action was only a stupid charade to hide his weakness.

But in the next moment, she becomes shocked, as she felt a great amount of elemental chaos flood the place, forcing her to increase her defenses as saw Zatiel coming out of the pit he excavate carrying a pice of fallen star three-meter tall over his shoulders and by the properties of the metallic mineral it should weight at least a couple of tons.

Kira immediately goes to Zatiel side, and by the grey color the metallic mineral has, its purity was obvious. "How did you find it?"

Zatiel didn't respond and landed in the ground before looking in the distance with anger in his face. "Why haven you realize that they are people coming in our direction!."

Although being yelled by Zatiel made her angry, she wasn't a Rank 2 Magus for nothing and was able to realize that individuals were approaching at a great speed, and they turn to be Eye Lords. Previously she thought that Zatiel was just playing so she didn't maintain her consciousness extended causing this mistake.

The two Eye Lord that headed in their direction were both middle-aged men, one had brown hair and the color of his eyes on his forehead was blue as for the other, his hair was black and the color of his eyes was red. The man with blue eyes was at the Master level as for the one with red eyes, he was at the Advanced level.

These Eye Lords had stopped a dozen kilometers ahead since the one at the Advanced level could not resist the pollution beyond this point, and they started to move back when they felt a great current of elemental chaos and came to investigate.

When the man with blue eyes use his consciousness to explore ahead and saw that immense piece of fallen star, his expression was static. "Young Master Tritus we are truly lucky, it turns out the couple than remained behind find an immense piece of fallen star, at least three meters tall."

When he heard those words, Tritus' face filled whit greed and killing intent. "Hahaha, excellent, we just begin and turn out to have such luck. We will take the mineral, as for the Rank 1, Azel make sure he doesn't escape, I want him dead."

When Tritus though of the young man with such a powerful bloodline, and how his talent was greater than his, it made him remember another person and the killing intent in his body just increased, as a cruel expression appears on his face.

The man with blue eyes only noded, to him no matter how great of a genius that person his, before that transform to power it was nothing. And that person can only die at their hands.

Zatiel instincts were incredibly powerful and figure out the intent of the duo, making his eyes cold. "Activate your energy to the maximum and prepare your most powerful spell. When I give you the order concentrate all your power in the one at the Advanced level. I need you to incapacitate him for three seconds."

After giving the order Zatiel activates the energy in his body and made his true name, rank spell and runic set ready to act in the next moment, yet in the outside, it looks like he had no power left whatsoever and was beside Kira, with a subversive expression carrying the metallic mineral.

When Kira hears the command, she thought they were making a mistake since if she were to focus all of her power in one person, the Eye Lord at the Master level could generate great damage to them. But it was obvious by Zatiel tone that his command was unquestionable and the anger for her slip was also present. So, in the end, she didn't speak and burst her power as she prepares her spell.

Tritus was looking at Zatiel, and the cowardly attitude he was displaying made a vicious grin appear on his expression

As for Azel, he becomes serious as he felt the power in Kira's body. "It seems like she intends to fight, Young Master."

Tritus focus on the Magus and he forgets about Zatiel for complete as the energy of Kira, indeed makes him feel threatened, but after a second he clams downs. "There is no need to felt worried, she is alone and the two of us can defeat her quickly".

After some thought Azel expression also relaxed. As for Zatiel, the two completely ignore him, they were sure a Rank 1 could not pose any threat to them.

When they were around one hundred meters of distance, Tritus talked to Kira. "Hand over the piece of fallen star, and leave or else w..."

But before Tritus ended his speech, both Eye Lords were shocked as they felt an immense spike in power coming from Zatiel as his skin turn golden and runes activated all over his body.

As soon Zatiel enter is maximum state of fighting power, he throws the incredible dense piece of fallen start to Azel, with such speed and power that resemble a cannonball.

The launch carries all of Zatiel body power, reaching such a high that the ground in his feet craked for thirty-meters around him.

It was at this point when the duo was shocked by the incredible events, that Zatiel gives the order.

"Now do it!"

Azel, due to his tardy response, realizes he could not dodge the piece of fallen star crashing in his direction, so he made the energy in his body burst and the blue eyes on his forehead glowed as a cape of ice cover him.

Tritus for his part was assaulted by a splitting pain on his head, he felt his blood burning, his eyesight blurred, he felt the defenses on his body weakened and the worst part was that when he realized he could no find Zatiel anywhere.

Just as the pice of fallen star crashed with the many layers of ice armor made around Azel, something came out from under the shadow of the projectile.

Tritus was immediately assaulted by a feeling of absolute danger and he was barely able to discern a golden figure carrying a dark sword, as this one hacked in direction of his head.

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