Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
85 Eve, the Holy Mother
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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85 Eve, the Holy Mother

As Zatiel rested, he focuses on the changes in his body, particularly the transformation of his original heart into an Elemental Chaos Heart.

To his delight, Zatiel finds out that during his stay inside the cave and by using the elemental chaos that those pieces of fallen star released, the transformation of his heart has advanced in 1%. This may not be considered much but it took him four years to reach 50%, so the improvement in the transformation speed is incredible.

Another good news was that despite increasing his speed that much, it didn't shake his foundation at all and even his heart and the chaotic core were more efficacious than before, so there was no fear of leaving some hidden damage by using this acceleration method.

Having made sure there was no problem with his heart, he focuses on the task he had put one of his minds to work since the moment his fight with Feiner ended.


Two individuals were coming out from the cave, they were Eye Lords and floating beside them was a bag, that appears to be made from shadow threads, which contained pieces of fallen star of all sizes, and by the color they have, their purity was very high.

The duo was composed of a male and a female, both at the Master level. The man had brown hair, his body was around three meters tall and muscular, displaying a great power, the eyes on his forehead were completely white and there was no clear influence over a certain type of natural energy. As for the woman, she has red hair and her body was somewhat short and petite, her face was beautiful and there was a certain wickedness that could arouse most men, the eyes on her forehead were completely black.

There was something special about the woman, and it was the fact that even though the sun was on his peak, she generated no shadow.

They were flying without a worry to the platform from Dynasty, but they were both shocked when they saw Tritus lying on the floor and the bloody aura covering his body and trying to heal him.

Both of them knew that although the man was only at the Advanced level and has not yet started to learn his next Rank Spell to reach the following level, he was someone very powerful as his bloodline was of the King level, and thanks to his background the trump cards he posses were impressive.

"Azel, how Tritus condition can be so severe, merely days after the start of the excavation, especially since you were tasked to protect him?" It was the man who makes the question, and despite sounding like someone concerned for the condition of an ally, on his face was only curiosity.

Azel has been under great stress this couple of hours, as he searched for a way out of this predicament, and hearing the tone the man used, made him frown, yet it was their help he needed so after taking a moment to calm down, he spoke.

"It was the man at Rank 1 who inflicted the injuries, he used a runic set and took advantage of the fact that Young Master was afflicted by powerful curses making his energy go wild and weakened his defenses. Although the item given by his father saved his life, the attack was too sudden and it could not stop the damage."

After hearing Azel words the duo look at Zatiel full of surprise, since being able to display such a power even with the help of a runic set was something only those great geniuses could do, but since there was no reason for the man to lie to them, they accept it as the truth, besides in their group there was also a talent like that.

"Someone like that will grow to be a powerhouse from the Aeternum Empire, and his action shows a complete disregard for the Eye Dynasty." Having said those words, Azel gives a meaningful glare at the duo.

The association that the Empire and Dynasty have maintained during the dozen of thousands of years they have existed could be considered neutral, with neither power doing a formal attack on the other or trying to steal their land. Although some fights and deaths have happened, those were conflicts between individuals and did not represent the power behind them.

But during this last century, this relationship has become more and more hostile, despite the fact that there has not been any fight between them in the Magi World. This friction between those influences happened for the conflict among the true leaders of those powers how are no longer in this world, those Law Beings that reside on the void.

As Eye Lords, both the man and woman were aware of this conflict, as for the specific reason behind it, that was something individuals like them could not know. But even after hearing of the talent of Zatiel, the duo only sneered at Azel, since even someone at Soul Forging could not affect the action of those mighty Law Beings, much less them.

Even after seeing the expression fo the duo, Azel was not let down since those words could only be considered a probing.
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"Besides there must be a lot of secrets on his body that could be helpful for whoever gets his hand on them," There was a wicked light on Azel eyes as he spoke and tries to incite the duo.

This time they adopted a thoughtful stance and did not disregard Azel immediately. Any genius must have something worthy with them, and they didn't mind dissecting him if it was necessary to get their hands on it.

After some time, the man shows hesitation and eventually shook his head.

"You can do whatever you want, but don't count me in. Every genius has a trump card to save his life, and I am sure that man is not the exception if we attack him and he escapes, then we will have to be looking over our shoulders the rest of our life"

The greed in the woman's eyes reduces significantly after hearing these words, she knows that if you attack a genius you better kill them as the number of people how died regretting their choices are countless.

When Azel saw their reaction, he was immediately infuriated. He was no fool and know that Zatiel can handle a fight even against someone at the Master level. With the retreat of the man, even if the woman were to accept, they may be able to defeat him, but the possibility of killing him was too little.

"James, since when did you become such a coward that you don't dare to attack someone at Rank 1, despite being three of us!?" Azel knew that if his life was in the line and hopelessness was filling him, so he didn't care if he offended the man.

"Hmph, you must be desperate thinking what Lord Finz will do to you, once he finds out the condition of his son. I bet the Blood Guards will have a new member very soon," James was not someone who would let others insult him, so he smiles as he strikes directly on the fears that were filling Azel mind.

Blood Guards is not a title but a type of humanoid creature made by submitting a living person to a devious procedure in which they modify their bodies and consciousness by using the Blood Laws, increasing their power greatly and making them a fearless killing machine.

As someone who has served the Blood Eye clan for years, Azel has had some interaction with these beings, and he knows that the person they once were is still present but trapped on their own mind in an endless torment of perpetual darkness. Just thinking that could be his fate that made the Eye Lord tremble with fear.

As the idea of that hell passes through his mind, determination fills the eyes of Azel as he looks at the duo.

"James, Mira, if you help kill that man, I will compensate each of you with a High Rank 3 item of your choosing, no matter if you want a rune, magic equipment or medicine, you will have it. I can recite the sacred oath to prove my sincerity," Although a reward of that size will bankrupt Azel forcing him to sell all his belongings, and he will even need to ask for money to pay it, he was desperate enough to do it. Besides what use he has for his possessions if he was dead or worse.

When they hear this offer, even James could not hide the desire on his face. By using a High Rank 3 armor, the damage a Rank 2 spell could do to them would diminish greatly and if they were to choose a rune, then it would give the duo the ability to face a Novice Eye King for a small amount of time.

James looks at Mira for a moment, and after a small exchange of messages through their consciousness, they nodded and signaled Azel, so he would perform the oath.

When the Eye Lord saw this, he finally relaxed, it was like if he was seeing the light at the end of a long a dark tunnel.

After calming down, Azel adopted a respectful expression as he prepares to recite the sacred oath. This was not just some words, but a verbal promise made under the watch of the most holy existence to the Eye Holders, and trying to use technicalities was of no use in this type of contract.

"I, Azel Huminer, swear to pay the promised reward to James and Mira, as long they help me in my task. I make this oath under the watch of Eve, the Holy Mother of all Eye Holders and the beginning of our sacred bloodline."

As soon he finishes talking, Azel felt something strange invades him for a second, but in the next moment, the feeling disappeared. He knew that this was a mark put by that mighty existence and if he were to break the contract then it would kill him.

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