Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
90 Destroying the shadows
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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90 Destroying the shadows

At the beginning Azel was sure that the plan was flawless, not only they had taken into consideration external factors like the Magus that accompanies Zatiel, but also utilized a magic item that could imprison Peak Rank 2 life forms for a long time and erase any escape route.

The three Eye Lord had discussed for a long time how to proceed, and in the end, they decided to use Mira's Shadow Cage as the battleground.

Shadow Cage was a magic item that looks like a dot of shadows that could be used to momentarily trap an enemy inside the dimension it contained.

This was Mira life-saving card since originally it wasn't made to withstand the energy a fight between Rank 2 individual will release and his use was only to give the Eye Lord time to escape.

Azel and James took out material from their storage and along the woman, worked together to transform the Shadow Cage into a stable battleground with tracking abilities.

This took a long time, and since neither James or Mira could give themselves the luxury of ignoring the excavation of fallen star and infuriate the powerhouses behind them, they had to divide their time and in the end, it took them five months to complete the transformation.

The ideal scenario would have been that Zatiel attacks them, in that case capturing him and anyone who would have followed him will have been very easy, but unfortunately that didn't happen and seeing that the end of the excavation was approaching, they were forced to act first.

Although they failed to capture Kira, Azel was still confident in the success of the assassination.

He was very old and know of the infamous nature of Magi and the fact that they will never put themselves in danger for another individual and even if she acted, the dimension defenses were strong enough to withstand until Zatiel was dead.

But all that confidence was shattered when he felt the entire dimension trembling as if it was about to collapse.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When James and Azel realize the precarious situation of the Shadow Cage, they look at Mira who was in a meditative position with her eyes closed and a small sphere filled with all sorts of inscriptions floating two meters above her head.

This was the core of the dimension and by putting part of her consciousness in it, was how Mira controlled this space.

The Eye Lord's face was ashen and a thin trail of blood came from the corner of her mouth as she used the consciousness inside the core to withstand the damage dealt to the dimension.

"Mira, what is going on, how can a Rank 2 Magus release a power so high that surpass the dimension defenses?" Azel's face was filled with distress. If by any chance Zatiel manages to escape, then his future was going to become a living hell.

"She is not alone, there are two other individuals with her," Mira's eyes remained closed as she moves her hand creating a screen that showed what was happening outside.

Azel saw three figures attacking the air, but all their attacks seem to impact an invisible wall and cracks started to form due to the immense power they released.

One figure corresponded to Kira, who had a green pentagram made of flames in her back and was constantly releasing fireball into the invisible wall.

Next to her was a woman with black crystal wings, her body was covered by runes that glowed with a dark light and her palms were pointing at the invisible wall but although nothing seems to come out from them, more and more crack filled the air.

The last one was a man, he was a fifty-meter tall lightning giant and just like the woman, his entire body was cover by runes, but these had a metallic light.

Logically, such an immense body should be slow, but the man's arms transformed into pure lightning and only returned to its physical form when they were about to land in the invisible wall, greatly increasing his speed and the amount of damage he generated.

Although these Eye Lords were able to recognize both Ezequiel and Sophia as Rank 1 individuals of the empire, they didn't have the time to figure out how could they bee so strong since the periphery of the dimension was already beginning to break.

"You have to hurry up!, with the three attacking together, I can barely withstand another minute before having to shut down the dimension," Mira face was pale and more blood came from her mouth and nose as she focuses all of her power in enduring the bombardment from outside.

The faces of James and Azel were solemn as they understood that they have to kill Zatiel immediately or else when the dimension is broken, they will have to face him and three other individuals equally powerful.

The white aura covering James' body increase greatly before most of it being redirected to his right hand where it started to rotate and transformed his entire arm into a gigantic drill.

There was a great resolution on Azel's face, as he made the blue eyes on his forehead glow and bleed.

When the Eye Lord did this, his energy increased tremendously and he channels all of it making a thirty-meter tall dragon head made of pure ice appear behind him.

The dragon head roared and accompanied by James, they launched themselves at Zatiel.

The energy that those attacks carried was so immense that even the cloaking abilities of the dimension could not hide them, so Zatiel was able to see them immediately and the threat he felt from them was immense.

'Any of those attacks is enough to put me in a critical condition if they land unhindered even with my vitality and regeneration, especially the dragon head,' Zatiel was focus as he looks at the dragon head, James and finally in Mira's direction.

A cold and vicious light appears on Zatiel eyes as he decides how to respond.

He raised his two palms pointing to the dragon head, and from each one, an immense beam of chaotic dark golden energy was released.

"Abyssal Blast!"

The beams were incredibly fast, reaching the dragon head in an instant, but even together and being potentiated by all the power of Dexisus, they were only able to equal the dragon head creating an immense explosion when they crashed against each other.

Zatiel did not have the time to be happy for neutralizing a threat as the white drill that was James' arm was about to land on his chest.

Making the sword appear on his hand, he uses all of the power he could gather in such a short time, to hit the arm and try to change the trajectory of the drill, producing an explosion of dark flames.

Unfortunately for Zatiel, James' attack was too powerful and although he was able to save his chest from being perforated, the drill landed on the left side of his body destroying his shoulder, arm and harming greatly his lung before sending him flying away.

James was surprised that Zatiel was able to redirect his attack in the last second and jump back to reduce the damage, taking advantage of the power in his attack to get away from him.

He was about to chase after him when a great feeling of danger assault him.

It took him less than a second to find the origin, it was a finger-sized humanoid figure cover by a grey armor filled with runes that had hidden in the flames.

The runes on the automaton glowed with a blinding light before exploding.

It happened so fast that James wasn't able to escape the explosion range and could only focus his withe aura over his body to protect himself.

The explosion of the automaton was the straw that broke the camel back, as it provoked the entire dimension collapse.

Mira coughed blood as the dimension core started to tear and was about to extract her consciousness when she hears a voice and saw Zatiel bloody figure that was less than fifty meters form her.

"Take my last blast and die!" Zatiel had a bloody smile and his eyes were full of madness as he pointed his palm at her.

Mira's mind filled with fear as she remembers the beam of energy that was powerful enough to stop the spell that needed Azel's life force to be created.

The Eye Lord created a set of shields made of shadow around her, but when the beam was released this time, it was only half as strong as the original, and she knew that this attack could not severy harm her.

But then she saw Zatiel's cold smile and realize that the beam of energy wasn't directed to her, but to the core.

The attack was to fast and before she could do something, the core was destroyed together with the piece of her consciousness that was in it.

"AHHHHH!" Mira screamed due to the immense pain and blood came out from her eyes.

With the core destroyed, the dimension exploded and four figures were blasted out to the tunnels.
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