Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
91 Savagery, fear and madness
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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91 Savagery, fear and madness

The moment the dimension broke, four bodies were sent flying away.

The ones with better conditions were Azel since the only damage he took was because he hurt his life force to use the Ice Dragon spell and James that was able to resist the self-destruction of the automaton thanks to his white aura but the amount left surrounding his body was very thin.

As for Mira and Zatiel, the two were severely injured, with the first having his eyes closed and face contorted by the immense pain she was feeling and the second having the left side of his body torn apart to the point that his lung was visible and a white aura was around the injuries trying to expand and continue the destruction, but being stopped by golden flames.

Thanks to the energy released by the destruction of the shadow cage, all of the Eye Lords had their defenses hurt, allowing the A. I. Chip to scanned them and sent the information to Zatiel.

"Bip... Targets scanned, sending data to host


Race: Eye Holder ( Eye Lord, body refinement-related bloodline)

Strength: 148.1

Physique: 120.7

Speed: 99.3

Energy Pool: 153.4

Note: Energy is unable to leave the body naturally or be used to cast spells, but it can increase body functions and potential, create an aura armor or cover certain weapons to increase their power.


Race: Eye Holder (Eye Lord, ice-related bloodline)

Strength: 54.2

Physique: 99.3

Speed: 67.6

Energy Pool: 174.2


Race: Eye Holder (Eye Lord, shadow-related bloodline)

Strength: 47.1



Energy Pool: 187.8

Note: Serious damage has been dealt on the consciousness which has hindered cognitive abilities, provoking a momentary state of unconsciousness and a failure in body defenses."

Despite his monstrous vitality and regeneration abilities, Zatiel condition was extremely grave and the best path would be to distance himself from the fight and focus on recovering, but after seeing the condition of the Eye Lords, his eyes become cold and after sending a command to Ezequiel and Sophia, he released a jet of golden flames from his feet.

Sophia and Ezequiel intend to go and protect Zatiel, but when the order from this one arrives, they turned to Azel without hesitation and pointed their palms at him.

"Abyssal Blast!"

"Abyssal Blast!"

Four beams of chaotic energy were fired against Azel, making this one shudder in fear due to the immense power in the attack and forcing him to activate the rune on his chest.

Dozen of ice shields were formed around the Eye Lord's body, protecting him from the attack.

Zatiel didn't speak to Kira, but when the woman saw that the fight continue, she sent the most powerful weakening curses she had against James, taking advantage of the fact that he was still a little dazed from the explosion.

With the two Eye Lord occupied, no one stopped Zatiel as he blasted his way to Mira, carrying the dark sword on the only arm he had left.

Maybe it was the threat to her life or just luck but Mira eyes opened and she saw Zatiel about to reach her.

Although the strength that Zatiel had left was little, the power in the sword was more than enough the divide her body in two since she could barely channel her energy.

But of course, she would not just stay still and wait for death and as someone that has lived for hundreds of years, Mira battle experience was plenty so using the little amount of energy she had left she conjured dozens of shadow whips.

Seeing the resistance of the woman, Zatiel eyes become colder and once again released a jet of golden flames shrinking the distance between them greatly, but worsening his injuries and allowing the white aura to extend.

Mira manipulated the shadow whips, focusing all of them on Zatiel arm and sword.

The whips embraced the sword and arm, and even though Zatiel was able to break great part of them, in the end, they overcome him, stopping his attack merely ten centimeters from then Eye Lord's neck.

Blood was coming out from Mira's eyes, but she was happy and a smile appears on his face, thinking that threat to her life was over.

Unfortunately for her, she had never fought with demons and did not understand that every part of their body was a deadly weapon, so she failed to react when Zatiel extend his neck and bite down, ripping half of her skull of and leaving part of her brain exposed.

Mira's face froze and she still had the smile on her face as Zatiel chewed and swallow the piece of her brain that was on his mouth.

Thanks to her vitality the Eye Lord remained alive, of course, she was beyond salvation and had lost the ability to think.

Everyone had their consciousness released and saw this act of pure savagery, making diverse thoughts appear on their minds but the ones on Zatiel's were simple.

'It tastes awful, but it is very nutritive.'

Without Mira's control, the whips disappeared and the first thing that Zatiel did was grab the Eye Lord by the neck and once again bite her skull eating the part of her brain that remained.

Zatiel actions shocked everyone, before, the act of bitting Mira's head could have been considered a decisive way of killing an enemy but now his attitude proved that he saw the woman as a source of food.

Although his behavior could be considered bestial, in the Abyss demons devour among each other all the time and although he was different now, he doesn't see a difference between the woman and those magical creatures he devoured in his way to this place.

As for the fact that they had a similar humanoid appearance, that could not matter less to him, after all, lions and zebras both walk on four legs, but when have you seen the king of the jungle conflicted when he devours those black and white creatures.

But it was the fact that he effectuated this action in a casual and relaxed manner that generated such horror on those how saw him.

When James saw his ally being eaten alive, his body froze and the moment Zatiel look back at him, he started to tremble and fear crawled to his heart as the idea of sharing the same fate pass through his mind.

Without hesitation the Eye Lord made one of the rings on his finger explode, increasing the amount of white aura covering his body greatly, but even though his power was enhanced, on James mind the only thought was to escape from the monster in front of him so he immediately started to burn this white aura, destroying the curses on him and increasing his speed as he flies to the surface.

The action of the Eye Lord was very decisive and don't give Kira time to stop him.

When the Magus was wondering whether to hunt him, she hears Zatiel voice.

"Leave him, he is set on escaping and we will not be able to stop him before he reaches the surface. Focus your energy on the enemy left, we have to kill him."

Kira looks to Zatiel and saw that he had just ripped Mira's heart from her chest and was eating it with an easy-going expression on his face.

Although his actions stunned the woman a little, she nodded and focus on where Azel crashed after being blasted away by the attacks of Sophia and Ezequiel.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Although the ice shields had impressive defensive abilities, four abyssal blasts were more that it could withstand so although they manage to block most of the attack, there were still burns marks all over Azel body and his right leg was missing.

And the worst part wasn't the damage to his body, but the chaotic voices that filled his mind and that provoked on Azel a mind splitting pain.

But he did not have the time to try to recover because Sophia had just landed above him and was pointing him with her hands.

Although nothing seems to come out from them, he was able to perceive the dozens of small dark crystal spear that were being fired in his direction with a speed so fast that they were invisible to the naked eye.

Immediately the Eye Lord made a wall of ice appear in front of him, and although it was able to withstand the barrage for a mere moment, it was enough to let Azel escape.

But unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to dodge the curses that slowed his body and the next thing he felt was how his bones broke when a gigantic leg crashed on his chest and sent him into the ceiling of the tunnel, making him spit mouthfuls of blood that had pieces of his organs inside.

Ezequiel, Sophia, and Kira don't stop and charger to the Eye Lord, to give the finishing blow.

With the threat of death so close, instead of fear what appears on Azel's eyes was pure madness as he roared and made his blue eyes explode.
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