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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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92 True genius

The moment Azel's blue eyes exploded, his power spiked and currents of ice covering a thirty-meter diameter were formed around him due to the effect the immense amount of energy on his body had on the natural energy on his surroundings.

Sophia, Ezequiel and Kira stopped immediately when they felt this power and the immense threat that carried.

The power in Azel's body was so strong that even Ezequiel feared being reached by it, so without hesitation, they move backward.

But unfortunately, due to the charge from before, now they were too close to Azel and before they could back up enough, the energy on the Eye Lord was released and one immensely powerful ice storm blasted out in all directions.

The speed of the storm was as impressive as his power and it reached the trio in an instant.

The moment Ezequiel realize they could not run away, he acted decisive grabbing Sophia and then Kira with his hands and putting them close to his chest, before adopting a fetal position with the two women in the center.

The energy on his body exploded, as he activated his True Name and Runic Set to the maximum and release an immense amount of lightning before compressing them around his body like a cocoon.

The lightning cocoon was so dense that it adopted a plasma-like state as it covers the trio.

The earth was left cover by a thick layer of ice as the storm passes by and when it reached the lightening cocoon, it assaulted it with its raw power and a great amount of the lightning vanished before a layer of ice formed around the trio creating a fifty-meter tall ice sphere before continuing its path of freeze and destruction.

The storm of ice extended as it froze the tunnel for more than a hundred meters.

It don't take long for the storm to reach were Zatiel was, luckily for him, he was far enough from its epicenter and had time to released a Sun Push from his chest moving his body dozens of meter in an instant.

Still, the storm continues his traject, but now its power was beginning to lessen and Zatiel made golden and dark flames appear over his body to protect him, greatly reducing his power so the amount it reaches him wasn't enough to truly harm him.

In the end, the attack that Azel release by making a irreversible damage to his bloodline and life force reached the power of a Rank 3 spell and cover a three hundred meter area transforming it into an ice hell, releasing a power that could destroy any Rank 0 life forms and most Rank 1's as well.

If this attack had been released in a populated city, the number of casualties could have reached the thousand easily.

Had Zatiel being in the epicenter of this storm explosion like Ezequiel, due to his injured condition, he would have been forced to activate his Mirage Rune and teleport to save his life.

As he erased the rest of withe aura and ice energy that remained on his body, Zatiel looked at the giant ice sphere with concern and used his Chaotic Core to probe the condition of Sophia and Ezequiel.

It was only after confirming that they were both still conscious and the damage on Ezequiel's body wasn't life-threatening that he relaxed.

Unlike the transformation of Bloodline Magi, that stimulate the bloodline they fused in their body to materialize an illusion from an ancient creature, Ezequiel transformation was thanks to his Innate Spell "Titanic Form", that allows him to increase the size and weight of his body and because his density remains the same, his physique increase greatly.

Still, even with that advantages, resisting a Rank 3 spell and not end with life-threatening injuries would have been impossible, but the Runic Set that was inscribed on his body was known as Hardening and it complemented Ezequiel body perfectly.

Although the name of this Runic Set may sound simple, it was a Peak-Rank 2 Runic Set and its complexity was even greater than Savage and Overload.

The effect of this Runic Set was to alter the molecular structure on the wearer's body, to increase its density making it harder.

Due to the great amount of vitality and energy this Runic Set needed, Ezequiel was only able to have it active for a couple of minutes a day but when it was, his body in Titanic Form reached such a great density that his bones, muscles, organs and skin become even harder than most Rank 2 magic metals and his body's natural defense could equal a High-Rank 2 magic armor.

As Zatiel observer the sphere and marveled on the boy's impressive defensive abilities, his Eye of Life and Creation notice something and after a moment his expression becomes cold and full of killing intent.

He was trying to blend himself in the remains of the ice storm but wasn't able to hide from Zatiel perception.

The target of Zatiel killing intent was the blue and red light moving in the direction to the surface and if you looked more carefully you will notice that inside the light was Azel, although he now looked much older and was bleeding from his eyes, ears and mouth.

Despite his tragic appearance, it seems that some of the energy obtained by destroying his eyes continue fulling him as his speed was impressive, moving more than fifty meters with each second.

Zatiel saw the pitiful figure of Azel with coldness and starts charging the energy on his body in order to pursue him, but as he did that, blood comes out from his mouth and a wave of weakness filled his body.

Although his condition improved a little after eating Mira's brain and heart, his injuries were still too severe and he had not expelled all the white aura in his body.

His eyes were full of killing intent as he saw the flying figure of Azel, but in the end, he could just sigh.

'Killing one and forcing the other to shatter his bloodline and escape is enough, after all, we are still at Rank 1 and the members of the other party were already close to reaching the peak of Rank 2.'

But as he was resigning to the fact that Azel will escape, he saw how a soft blue glow was coming from the tunnel deeper part.

Azel was escaping with all his speed, but when he felt the soft glow approaching his expression filled with terror.

'Him, if he were to grab hold of my now then...' Resolution filled Azel face as he increased his speed, even more, increasing the amount of blood leaking from his body and making him age even more.

The soft blue glow was a humanoid figure with golden lines all over his body and its speed was beyond impressive, as despite Azel's intent of escaping the figure was able to shorten the distance rapidly.

Before Azel could react the soft blue humanoid was beside him and the Eye Lord wasn't able to do anything as the humanoid grab hold of his neck, choking him and stop his movements, frustrating his escape.

"Gwyn! what... the he..ll do you think... you are ... doing"

Azel could barely speak as Gwyn's hand was squeezing his neck so tight it suffocated him and even worse was that his touch started to rot his skin and drain the little amount of energy that remained on his body.

"It's not obvious, I am killing you," Gwyn face was full of satisfaction as he saw the fear and regret on n Azel´s face

"If you... kill... me, Lord Finz... will hunt you... down"

Azel was hoping to use the name of the mighty Soul Forging being behind him to intimidate Gwyn.

But unfortunately, the only thing he manages to obtain my mentioning Finz's name was to make Gwyn's killing intent increase together with the strength and rotting applied to his neck.

"The fate of that old bastard will be the same as yours!" Gwyn says with an immense hatred, but after a moment he clams down and coldness fills his face.

"But you are right, if I were to kill you, he will have an excuse to attack me."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When Azel hears that, he starts to felt hopeful but the killing intent on Gwyn remained the same and his next words shatter his illusion of escaping.

"Luckily, I am not the one killing you."

As soon he finishes speaking, Gwyn launched a blow with all the power of his body to Azel's chest, breaking several bones and send him flying away.

Azel's body was very fragile after burning so much life force and destroying his bloodline eyes to carry that immensely powerful spell, so Gwyn's attack almost made him faint.

But the pain did not stop there, as felt how a hand pierced his back and bury itself on his gut before releasing an immense amount of fire that started to burn his body from the inside out.

"AHHHHH!" Azel could only cry on pain, as a golden fire started to come out from his mouth, ears and eyes.

As Azel screams filled the tunnel, another sound was heard when the ice sphere started to break and huge pieces of it crumbled into the ground, revealing the three figures inside.

Although both Kira and Sophia were exhausted due to channeling all of their energy to reinforce the defense of Ezequiel, the amount of damage that reached them was very little.

But Ezequiel situation was entirely different, he was extremely pale, there were frozen areas all over his body and the worst injures were on his back, large pieces of skin and muscles were missing, as they froze and broke apart, and there was a large amount of cold energy inside him trying to extend his damage.

As soon the ice broke, Ezequiel deactivated his Runic Set and True Name and with the help of the two women landed carefully on the ground and focus on healing himself.

Ezequiel damage was severe, but it was expected after all the power of Rank 3 spell can't be underestimated and normally, any Rank 1 life form that receives it at point-blank will have his body disintegrated.

As this happened, Azel's screams finally ended as his body was no more and the only thing that was left on Zatiel hand was a great amount of golden flames.

Zatiel divides the flames into two parts, sending one to Ezequiel and the other was used on himself.

The moment the golden fire touched Ezequiel, the wound on his back started to heal rapidly and the cold energy on his body begins to vanish, improving his complexion greatly. As for Zatiel, the golden flames were able to regenerate the bones, muscles and skin that cover his lung.

When Kira and Gwyn saw Zatiel healing abilities, they become shocked.

Skills that can heal you by absorbing the energy of your opponent were already rare, but the speed and efficacy of the healing that Zatiel was able to provide with the body of an almost dead Eye Lord was amazing and the fact that they were equally effective on other was even more impressive.

Zatiel doesn't really mind the stares of the duo and was focusing on analyzing the soft blue and translucid body of Gwyn as well the Runic Set inscribed on his body.

Thanks to his knowledge and the help from the chip, he was able to obtain the information about his body transformation and runes.

"So this is a true genius of this world, interesting."
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