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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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16 Rat men

A pit was created where Ezequiel crashed, making a curtain of dust appear and block the apprentice's view, although neither of them could see the result of the attack both of them were sure about the outcome, after all, any apprentice that receive an attack with that much power, was supposed to be severy hurt.

\"Well done Robert,\" Benjamin praised the quick mind of the apprentice, after all even giving his all, he could not touch Ezequiel and he was starting to get hurt due to the lightning whip.

\"That brat may be strong but, he is too cocky if he thinks that can take care of both of us alone, just a little spell and he was finished,\" Robert laughed, making it seem like it was nothing great.

Although he makes it look like it was easy, Robert knows that is the opposite, when he was making the rocks fall from the sky and distracting Ezequiel, he was also using all his power to make the earth liquefied where he landed, just in the right moment to surprise him, using almost all of his energy to make the spell instantaneous.

Benjamin in his snake form headed where Ezequiel was, with his mouth open and spit falling from it.

\"Brat, enjoy being eaten by me!\"

He yelled as he throws himself with his jaws open, but instead of a meal what he got was only a raised hand and two words.

\"Abyssal Blast!\"

A beam full of concentrated abyss aura was discharged from Ezequiel's hand and, unlike Zatiel blast that was completely black, this one had a blue color.

Before Benjamin could react the blast crashed against him with such an immense power that destroys the upper half of his snake body immediately.

\"Benjamin!\" Robert could not believe what was happening, in one moment they were enjoying the feeling of victory and the next, one of them was disintegrated for the strongest attack he as seen in his life, and after a moment, he saw the responsible appear.

As the dust settles Ezequiel started to walk out of the pit, although he's body looked alright his left arm was so mangled that bones could be seen and as for his right arm it was healing with amazing speed as the Abyss Regeneration was acting.

After a moment and see the rest of the corpse that his enemy left, Ezequiel's body was cover in lightning and disappeared.

´Where has he gone!´ Rober was terrified, his energy reserves were almost depleted and could not fight in his state.

Just as Robert was trying to think a way out of this situation, a lightning-covered hand pierces his body, shocked, he barely had the strength to see behind him, what responded his sight was a couple of cold eyes that even at this moment can terrify him.

\"Ahhhh!\" Robert screamed as the lightning started to destroy his body, killing him.

Ezequiel was indifferent before the scream of his enemies and after a moment, he searched for any type of life close and feeling nothing he left the place.

´I was uncareful, Master was right, I have to be always aware of my surroundings even the most insignificant detail,´ Ezequiel's face was serious as he assesses his performance in the battle.

Actually Ezequiel wasn't aware how amazing was what he did, his current Abyss Aura makes him only as powerful as a newly advanced rank 3 apprentice and yet he was able to fight 3 people with energy reserve and battle experience way over his, yet was able to kill them all and his only damage was a broken arm that will heal in minutes if he could maintain Abyss Regeneration.


\"I have finally arrived.\"

In front of Zatiel, there was a small mountain full of the entrance to underground caves, and as he inspects them he started to go through the information of his mission.

\"These are the caves of the rat men, according to the information I got the objective of this mission is to recollect some magical herbs that grow in the nest of these creatures. The rat man is supposed to be pretty weak, with rank 2 apprentices being able to kill them in a fight, but they live in packs and their number can reach the thousand making them pretty deadly if they corner you. Although they could be annoying they are not a real threat with my current power. A. I Chip scan.\"

\"Bip... Analyzing host

Strength: 8.2



Abyss Aura: 10.7\"

Zatiel physical prowess could make any apprentice green with envy, after all, his stats are even more powerful than a rank 3 body-refinement apprentice, but unlike they, he was not burning his potential to enhance his body, all the opposite, while his body grew stronger, his talent only increased.

´Good, with my current strength, killing the rat men and getting the herbs will be easy, as for Arthur and his group, they will probably attack me when I leave the caves´ As Zatiel was planing he started to assess the mountain, but while he looks at it he felt that something was off, after a moment and with the help of the chip he identifies the reason.

´I must say I am impressed, he knows practically nothing about me yet he chose to use something really powerful to kill me, unfortunately for them, this type of traps are useless against someone like me,´ Shaking his head at the futile attempt to harm him and he enters the caves.

The inside of the caves was full of skeletons and waste, the tunnels look like they were dug in the earth with the claws of some beast, and from time to time you could hear the noise of something eating with ferocity and things crawling through the ground. It had an ominous vibe but to Zatiel this was like a playground after all in the Abyss there are millions of places more terrifying.

It didn't take long before the noises grow stronger and rat men being started to appear, they have bodies full of grey hair, long claws and a high of one meter, their faces were full of ferocity as they launch themself to Zatiel.

Zatiel saw how dozens of rat-mans started to charge at him and he started focusing his abyss aura, making abyssal chains appear around him.

The chains like if they had a mind of their own started to attack the rat-mans, going through their head or chest killing them instantly.

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