Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
94 Bring them back
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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94 Bring them back

Gwyn was shocked when he heard those words. The piece of fallen star that Zatie was talking, was the greatest harvest he obtained in this expedition and something incredibly valuable.

He did not know how Zatiel was able to found it, after all, he went to extremes and did not hesitate to hide it in his stomach despite the immense risk that is having something with such a high concentration of elemental chaos inside him.

\"How did you find out?\"

\"You are not the only one with good eyes.\" Zatiel smiled as the Eye of Life and Creation show him the ball of energy that was present on Gwyn's abdomen.

Gwyn eyes narrowed, but in the end, he could only sigh before opening his mouth and expulse a black crystal the size of a fist.

When the crystal shows up, the amount of pollution on the tunnel increased tremendously, to the point that Kira was forced to use the little amount of energy she had left to protect her body.

As for the three Neo-Demons, the presence of elemental chaos was helping them recover the lost energy and improve their conditions.

In Gwyn's case, his body was able to diminish all types of damage thanks to its incorporeal attribute and as long it was not inside him, the crystal wasn't able to affect him.

\"According to my knowledge this is known as Star Heart and it should be the only one in this entire cave. My power will always come first so I do not have a problem to trade it if you can fix the problem with my technique, but how can I trust you.\" Gwyn was vigilant and his guard was up. His interaction with Zatiel has been short, but he has already lear that the other party could not be belittled.

Zatiel doesn't mind the vigilance of Gwyn, in fact, it made the impression he had of the Eye Holder improve since, despite the fact he was showing Gwyn something he truly needed, he was able to maintain a cold head.

\"What you are training is the Eternal Vengeful Body, but by what I see, you do not have the part that describes how to create the \"Hate Pillars\" which are meant to provide the vitality needed for your body.\"

Gwyn was once again shocked, as in the technique he had there was a mention to the \"Hate Pillars\" that Zatiel spoke, but unfortunately, the part that describes its used and how to make them was missing.

Zatiel doesn't care for Gwyn's surprise and continues.

\"What you are doing is using runes to supplement the vitality that you need, but doing that is treating the symptoms and not the disease and the longer you advance in your body transformation the worst the flaws will become.\" Waiting for a moment and after seeing that the Eye Holder had time to understand what he just say, Zatiel continued.

\"The \"Hate Pillars\" are formed using the vitality of powerful life forms and according to the technique, in the first level you should have made three pillars, in the second there must be a total of twenty-seven and in the third level, the number must reach eighty-one, and from the fourth to the sixth level, you will have to transform the pillars into you own personal \"Nine Hells\".\"

\"The creator of this technique, made it so he could imprison the people that he hated inside his body, making them suffer for all eternity just like the condemn souls suffer in hell. Give me the Star Heart and I will hand over the technique up to the fourth level, in which it is explained how you must create the first circle of hell.\" After he finishes speaking and seeing the expression on Gwyn's face, Zatiel knew that the Star Heart was already his.

To Gwyn the temptation of the technique was immense and the fact that it was designed to torture your enemies only made him want it more.

So, just as Zatiel thought after a moment, the Eye Holder agrees to the exchange.

Zatiel took an empty crystal from his ring and put the information of the technique inside it, before giving it to Gwyn and take the Star Heart.

Gwyn was excited and without wasting time he sent his consciousness inside the crystal.

The more he read, the greater his excitement becomes, but of course, he will not start training it immediately and will first make some experiment to be sure that there was not hiding tricks in it.

After obtaining the technique, Gwyn was preparing to leave as being in the presence of Zatiel made him feel as if all his secrets were exposed and that was very uncomfortable.

But before he goes away, he hears Zatiel speak and the words he says made him froze.

\"Do you want me to tell you how to bring your parents back?\" There was a kind smile on Zatiel face as he spoke.

When Gwyn hears those words, a glint of hope form in his heart, as he has already realized that the person in front him was not normal and his knowledge was incredible vast but after a moment, pain and sorrow fill his face.

\"Ahhh, their souls were shattered using the Laws, it is impossible to resurrect them,\" The sadness that Gwyn voice carried was immense and it was obvious that the wound that the loss created was not something it could ever heal.

\"As long they were not erased from existence by a Being of Laws, I have two ways of resurrecting them. So I ask you again, do you want me to tell them to you?\" The kind smile on Zatiel face was still present.

Gwyn's entire body starts to tremble when he hears Zatiel voice, and although he understood the meaning of that smile, there wasn't a price he wasn't willing to pay to see their faces again, so he immediately nodded.

The resolution of Gwyn's faces made Zatiel smile even wider as he started to speak.

\"The first option is by using the power of a Being of Laws, to break the rules of the universe and reform their souls. By doing this, they will have to withstand the anger of the Universe Will and the damage to their soul will force them to enter deep sleep during a couple of thousand years minimum.\"

\"Although to a Being of Laws, the passage of time has already lost their meaning since they can live forever, to make them act is incredibly difficult as the things they need is almost impossible for those weaker to obtain.\"

As someone how has already reached that level once, Zatiel knows that what most powerhouses of the great organizations in the Magi Wolrd find valuable, are nothing more than trash in the eyes of a Being of Laws.

Although Gwyn's vision wasn't as big as Zatiel, he also understood that hoping to obtain the help of a Being of Laws was almost impossible but there was a spark on his eyes as he hears the information.

'If I can't hope to obtain their help, then I will reach that level myself!' Monstrous resolve was seen on Gwyn's eyes as he found his goal.

Seeing the resolution on Gwyn's face, Zatiel nodded and after giving the man a moment, he continues.

\"The second option is to obtain the help of someone that has reached a domain over the laws of life and death so high, that they transcended to something more profound. But what option is easier, I could not say for sure.\"

When the second option was presented, there was a thoughtful expression on Gwyn's face but after a moment he shook his head. He knows that the laws that his True Name will help him to understand were not going in that direction.

After a moment and having process the information he received, Gwyn looks back at Zatiel and this time there was gratitude on his eyes.

\"Thank you very much for your help, I understand the price of the knowledge I have received.\" As soon he finishes speaking, Gwyn leaves for the surface and now his eyes were glowing with determination and hope.

As Zatiel saw the genius from the Magi World leave, some expectancy was on his face.

'Let's see if you either become a shining star on the sky or are erased by the sand of time.'

\"We will also go to the surface, the expedition is over.\"

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