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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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95 Choice

As the four were flying to the surface, Kira's mind was a mess.

Although she could be considered young, as Rank 2 Magi can live up to eight hundred years, she has experienced a lot and the wisdom that comes with the Magi path was accompanying her, but during these short couple of months, she has questioned a lot of things.

She met a man that despite being at Rank 1, can fight and kill those veterans Rank 2 life form, could speak on equal ground with even those millennial old Rank 3 existences and whose knowledge was so vast that may even surpass those at the Soul Forging Rank.

That despite being so amazingly young, has reached a high realm of mastery of one of the hardest profession on the world and that has under his command two other individuals that could be considered supreme geniuses, equal to those core members of the empire.

And if that was considered little, he could make another genius pass from hostility to gratitude and finally docility with just a few words.

But what was the most shocking part to her was when he released his killing intent, at that moment Kira was completely terrified and for a moment she even felt the need to prostrate herself as if a monstrous creature was patting her.

Although it only lasted for less then a second and she was able to overcome the physiological effect from the fear, she was sure that the image of that monstrous palm would remain with her forever.

If she had to summarize the man in a sentence, that will be, \"a paragon that shines over those who follow him and a monstrosity that devour anything on his path\".

As Kira's mind was floating in that sea of thoughts, a voice wakes her up.

\"There is something that we should discuss before we arrive at the surface.\"

Kira immediately looks at the origin of the voice and saw Zatiel staring back at her with a calm smile, but even though the Magus did not feel any ill intention, the mind has a way of taking you to the worst place possible sometimes and the moment the image of Mira being devoured alive appear on her mind, she felt terrified.

\"I promise that I will never reveal your secret or abilities!\" Kira's voice was incredibly fast and there was a hidden urgency on her face.

The answer of Zatiel to the Magus perturbed expression and rash words was a laugh.

\"HAHAHAHA, relax I was not going to speak about that and besides even if you don't say anything, the Eye Lord that escaped will, but I am not concern about that.\"

The laugh diminishes the tension present and Kira sigh as she saw this, thinking that Zatiel wasn't someone so cold as to kill her just because she saw him act.

But what the Magus did not understand was that had she witnessed something that could pose a threat to the Neo-Demon race, Zatiel would have killed her without a word, making sure she could not escape.

Regarding the information that James will reveal, he knows that the display of power he showed during this expedition will raise the interest of several individuals, but he did not lie when he said that he wasn't bothered about it, as he was sure he could handle those who would be interested in his secrets.

As for those at the Soul Forging Rank and above, as someone that has already reach that power, he understood that his abilities would not awake greed on them, and even if it happens he would just seclude himself until he was powerful enough and then he would kill everyone who has force him to hide.

\"What I wanted to talk with you was about your reward for helping us.\"

Kira made honor to her title as a Magi, because as soon as the topic of reward was brought up, her eyes started to sparkle.

Although she was sure that the resources on the spatial ring from those dead Eye Lord were great, she did not think she could obtain anything since, being objective, the help she provided did not make a true difference in the battle against the members of Dynasty.

Actually, she was still fascinated by the giant that could withstand a Rank 3 spell point-blank and not end up with life-threatening injuries and the woman whose spells had such a dangerous liquid and were shot at such speed that she could barely see them.

And taking into consideration, that she was also the target of their vengeance, by killing them, she was helping herself. So by the way she saw Zatiel handling things, she thought that she would not obtain anything.

\"Even though the three of us could have handled the situation on our own, your help made everything much easier and prevent any truly dangerous situation to appear, so I will give you a choice, the first option is the two spatial rings from those Eye Lords,\" When Zatiel finished speaking, he made two rings appear on his palm and shows them to the Magus.

The temptation of those spatial rings was amazing for Kira, as she was sure than in them there were resources that could help her make a smooth advancement to Rank 3.

Most individuals generally maintain their most precious possession with them and since the other party was at the Master level of Rank 2, just like her, they must have treasures that could help advance to the next Rank.

Of course, since they follow different paths, most of them would not be of much help to the Kira, but she could always trade and obtain what she needed.

Then she could advance to the next Rank and bee one step closer to awakening her True Soul, becoming a Soul Forging existence and be considered someone with true power in the world.

But despite the great desire she felt, she was able to maintain a cold head and signals Zatiel so he could continue.

\"The second choice is a favor from me, but although there is no time limit to use it, I will only do it if I am one hundred percent confident in my capacities and I will also not act if the repercussions are too much.\"

Between wealth that could help you advance to the next Rank and a favor full of condition, most people will choose the wealth, since in the Magi World, power rules absolute and there is no more reliable power than your own.

And this would have been Kira's choice as well, even if the one making the proposition was the mighty Rank 3 Magus outside the cave, but when the offer came from Zatiel's mouth, her decision was instant.

\"I chose the favor!\" There was decisiveness and excitement on Kira's voice as she spoke.


\"Good choice\"

The ones who spoke where Ezequiel and Sophia, and there was a smile on their faces as they nodded to the woman.

The duo knows that no amount of wealth could ever compete with a favor from Zatiel, especially if he does not place a time limit on it.

As for the part he stipulated that he must be sure of being able to do it without repercussion, to a Being of Laws, make someone live a million years past their natural life span was effortless and as long he doesn't die on his path to power, Zatiel would surely reach that level.

\"A favor it is then,\" Zatiel nodded and throw the matter to the back of his mind.

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