Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
96 Arrival of Rank 4
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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96 Arrival of Rank 4

It didn't take long for the team of four to reach the surface and the moment they did, they become the center of attention of everyone.

The Rank 3 Magus Grigori and the Eye King Meinz had their full attention on the man that was at the head of the group.

The meaning behind their stares was different but the reason was the same.

When James' sorry figure exited the cave with a face full of terror and flying with all his strength to the platform of Dynasty, both Rank 3 individual knew that something important has occurred, and although Grigori could not interrogate the Eye Lord, the absence of his partner gave him some clues.

And since apart from Kira, the only other Rank 2 Magus in the cave at the moment was Nimir, he had an idea of what happened.

But when the eyes of the duo reached the crystal on Zatiel's hand, they were shocked and immediately an immense greed appear on their faces.

The Fallen Star mineral that the members of the empire and dynasty had collected during these months was meant to construct Void Gates that could help you reach any world or plane on the void and from where groups of powerful individuals could use their abilities to overcome their defenses and invade it.

But with the Star Heart that Zatiel hand on his hand, you could build World Gates that could transport you directly into a different world, bypassing the world defenses and making any invasion much easier.

Although to Soul Forging existence there is not much difference in terms of transportation, if a Rank 3 individual had the Star Heart, he could begin invading Low Worlds secretly and amass great fortunes.

The desire in the eyes of Grigori and Meinz was immense, but in the end, they could only give up.

Meinz has signed a blood contract that stops him from attacking any member form the empire, and Grigori's thinks that the Star Heart was not the property of Zatiel, but from the powerhouse behind him and in the Magus mind there is no point in having wealth if you are dead.

Zatiel did not react to the stares of the duo and continue flying to the platform, it wasn't that he don't notice them but he just not care.

Even if your opponents are incredibly powerful, if they don't dare to act then why bother with them?.

It only took a moment for the four of them to reach the platform, and when they did, Zatiel immediately deposits the Star Heart in it before going to a corner accompanied by Ezequiel and Sophia.

As for Kira, she went with those Rank 1 Magus that were under the same powerhouse as her.

The Magus wasn't delusional enough to think that she had formed some sort of connection with Zatiel but she was not sad for their departure and there was a smile on her face, after all, secure the help of someone that would surely reach Rank 4 was something exciting and could possibly save her life in the future.

\"We will not enter again in the cave since the fallen star that remains is pitiful, so let focus on recovering and we will wait for the Soul Forging that will come for the platform.\"

Seeing that there was no objection from the duo, Zatiel made a dome of black flames cover them.

As they waited, both Zatiel and Ezequiel were devouring a great amount of meat from some magical creatures and focusing on regenerating their bodies.

Thanks to the help of the golden flames, Zatiel was able to regenerate his arm and heal Ezequiel wounds in less than a day.

And after resting, he started to fix the Runic Sets that were damaged as the part on their bodies where they were inscribed was lost.

The trio continue resting and enhancing their pool of energy as they waited and on the thirteen-day was when the members of the empire feel it.

'He has arrived,' Zatiel made the flames disappear and looks at the distance, to the direction that all the rest where looking.

He did not come from the direction of the exit of the Endless Forest but of the core of this one, it seems that the individual that the Empire send had arrived a long time ago but has been staying on the deepest parts of the forest.

This action already tells a lot of his power, since entering the core of the forest without the power of a Soul Forging was suicide, and even if you reached Rank 4 it was still a dangerous place.

He was flying at an impressive speed and did not take long for the rest to be able to see his appearance.

The man was extremely old, to the point that he had a decrepit appearance and was wearing a brown robe.

His face was dull, there was grey hair on his head, and his nose and ears were big.

Although looking old would not be a clear depiction of the time you have left to live, since there were a lot of people that are fond of an older appearance, the death aura that surrounded the man was a clear indication that he was in the last years of his life.

But when the members of the empire saw this, no one thought that the man could be belittled and there was actually apprehension on their faces.

Someone that has reached Soul Forging could normally live up to ten thousand years, and the moment their life stars to vanish, they usually adopt bizarre personalities and they are unpredictable since there is little that can make them feel fear.

Although they hide it immediately, their expressions were perceived by the old man and as he saw their fear a smile appear on his face, but instead of making him seem more approachable, there was a vicious and cruel feeling on it.

The man's eyes seem to not focus on anyone, but there was a person that was able to perceive that danger was approaching him.

As a Neo-Demon, Zatiel's instincts were extremely keen, so he was able to feel the evil intentions of the man, which make his eyes narrowed.

'They can make someone at Rank 4 act, it seems that I didn't underestimate them,' Zatiel eyes were cold as he turns to Nimir who was looking back at him with a smile.

From the moment he was attacked by Feiner, he knew there was someone truly powerful was targeting him.

The action of the werewolf could be motivated by different goals, and it may have been possible that he just wished to possess Sophia, but the fact that Nimir contradicted Heinz's orders indicated that things were not so simple.

Although Heinz was friendly when he interacted with Zatiel, anyone that has reached such a mastery over the Law of Killing was not a forgiving person, so for an insignificant Rank 2 Magus to disobey him, it means that it had someone to rely on.

'At first, they must have wanted to just humiliate me and affect my state of mind, but now that they realized what I am capable of, it seems that they are going for the killing.' Zatiel ignored Nimir's smile and looks at the old man who was approaching.

Despite having to contend against an individual at Rank 4, a Soul Forging existence, someone so powerful that could kill a Rank 2 life form without having to move a finger, on Zatiel eyes there was calm, but behind that, there was a coldness and savagery that could only be born from one of the most chaotic and evil races on the universe.

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