Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
98 Law Avatar: Release
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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98 Law Avatar: Release

When the sword pierced Lun's body, it started to release a type of energy so deadly that terrified the old man as he was sure his soul will be destroyed by this power.

But as someone that has fought for thousands of years, he was able to overcome that paralyzing fear in an instant.

"AHHHH!" Accompanied by that shout, Lun's body exploded transforming itself into specks of dust, and if like it was conscious it fly away with impressive speed, separating itself three thousand meters from the swordman in less than a second.

Once it reached a safe distance, the dust particles bonded together, and in the next moment, Lun's body was reconstructed.

His complexion was pale and his breathing rough, and if you look carefully you could see that there was a gaping hole in his chest. It seems that even after his body was disintegrated and rebuilt, the power that created that wound did not disappear.

Lun's face contorted by the pain and hate he was feeling, and without wasting time he put both palms on the hole in his chest and channels his energy to purge the power that stops him from healing.

As he does that, he looks at the person responsible for the attack that almost cost him his life.

The swordman was a young man with short golden hair and blue eyes, his face was extremely handsome and his entire being radiated great will and pride. He was wearing a red martial attire and there was a black sword on his hand that shined with all sorts of inscriptions.

Although the energy on his body stated that he was a Soul Forging existence just like Lun, the old man makes others feel as if they are watching dying moon but this young man was like a mighty sun that was only beginning his glorious path.

The swordman was obviously Heinz and there was a killing intent around him so thick, that it took the form of a mantle, covering his body.

The cultivator's eyes were cold as he stares at Lun, but when he turns to look at Zatiel, a friendly smile appear o his face.

Heinz's sword vibrated and absorbed a great part of the killing mantle turning it into a sword light and sending it to Zatiel direction with an impressive speed.

This sword light had enough power to disintegrate everyone in the platform without exceptions, but when Zatiel saw it, a smile also appeared on his face.

When the sword light was three meters away from Zatiel, it stopped and it transformed into a dome, that shielded the three Neo-Demons inside it.

When the rest saw this, after a moment surprise, clarity fills their mind. The reason why the young Soul Forging swordman appeared and attacked Lun with such murdering intent was because of Zatiel.

Of course, Lun was also able to figure this out, but now that the dome made from killing intent was protecting Zatiel there was nothing he could do, after all, even if he could focus only in attacking the dome, he will need at least ten seconds to break it.

And if he were to remain ten seconds focusing his entire energy in attacking the dome, Heiz will be able to kill him easily, long before he even touches Zatiel.

Lun's eyes turn back to Heinz and seeing such an immense genius, full of life and power made an uncontrollable envy appear along with his hate.

"Heinz, how dare you attempt to kill me, a Soul Forging member of the Aeternum Empire," Lun's face was filled with indignation when he remembers how close he was to dying.

Heinz turned back to look at the old man, and he did not try to hide the coldness and killing intent in his eyes.

A thoughtful expression appear on Heinz's face and after a second he shook his head and sighed, and the moment he did that the energy on his body started to rise, reaching such socking levels that the ground started to trembled and brake apart.

"Anyone who touches my friends deserve to die!" There was a chilling coldness on Heinz's voice as he spoke.

Lun's eyes narrowed when he heard those words and glanced at Zatiel before looking back at Heinz. By what he could see, it seems that the relationship between Heinz and Zatiel wasn't something so simple as master and subordinate.

But in Lun's mind, even if he killed Zatiel, Heinz had no right to attack him that way and the cultivator could only force him to pay compensation, after all, he was a Soul Forging existence and his life was thousand times more precious than any Rank 1 individual.

"Hmph, you dare to harm me just because of that, I will make sure the High Council hears about this and your punishment will not be small," When Lun say those words, courage appear on his face as if he funded something to rely on.

But even if the High Council of the Aeternum Empire is something it can inspire fear and obedience in the heart of many Rank 4 existences, the person in front of him wasn't one of them.

So when Heinz hears those words, the killing intent and coldness in his eyes only grew.

"There is where you are wrong, I did not just try to kill you."

Heinz's figure flashed and appeared less than two hundred meters from Lun, and his eyes were burning with the desire to kill the person in front of him.

"I will kill you!"

When Lun saw this he was startled, not only did Heinz did not try to ease the situation, but he could see in his eyes that the swordsman was set on continuing the fight, so he immediately active his energy and dozens of giant shields made of earth appear around him.

To people of their level, a distance of two hundred meters was insignificant, but instead of making his sword crash against Lun's shield, what Heinz attacked was space itself.

Like a window, space started to crack and in the next second, it shattered, creating a suction force that swallowed both Soul Forging individuals before healing itself immediately after.

The people on the ground did not have to wonder what happened with the duo, as after a moment both Heinz and Lun appeared fifty thousand kilometers in the sky above the platform.

Although even with his amazing eyes, Zatiel was only able to see two dots in the sky, thanks to the immense power that both Soul Forging existences were releasing, his consciousness was able to give him a clear picture of what was happening even if it was not able to reach them.

When Lun saw the place that Heinz transported them, his face filled with surprise wich in the next second transformed into pure wrath.

He knows that there is only one reason why the swordman will bring him here to have their fight.

"You really think that you, who is not even two hundred years old, can kill me!" Lun knew he could not escape, and facing such immense danger, his eyes filled with anger and hate as the energy on his body erupted.

Heinz was indifferent to Lun's wrath, and from every fiber of his being an immense fighting spirit was released.

Both men proceeded to activate the power that makes Soul Forging existences virtually undefeatable, against those in an inferior Rank.

"Law Avatar: Release!"

"Law Avatar: Release!"

The moment those words came out from their mouths, the energies of the world around them started to change, and even though those of the empire and dynasty were at such an immense distance from the duo, they were able to feel it like if they were right next to them.

Behind Lun, earth particles started to gather at an impressive speed forming a boulder that grown to the point that reached the size of a mountain three hundred meters in diameter.

The mountain was not formed by the mere use of the energy on Lun's body, but just like the laws create everything that exists in the universe, he used his control over the Law of Earth to create this mountain.

This mountain was already beyond impressive, its hardness was greater than mortals diamonds and if it crashed against the surface of the planet it could kill everything weaker than Rank 3 in a radius of ten thousand meters.

One of these mountains was already a killing machine, but behind Lun there was not only one, but one hundred of them!.

Behind Heinz back, the laws were also forging his avatar, but unlike Lun's mountains that only had the Law of Earth constructing them, he had three laws operating under his command.

The avatar that was forming behind Heinz was a sword of apocalyptic proportions.

The first to act was the Law of Swords that materialized itself forming by his own the handle of the weapon and when the blade was starting to appear was when the second law acted.

This law was the Law of Blood, and interacting with the Law of Sword, the formed the bloody blade of the sword.

These two laws created a sword twenty thousand meters long, three thousand meters wide wich radiated such an immense power that the oxygen was burning for hundreds of kilometers around it.

But despite his grandeur, something seems to be missing in this weapon and it was only now, that his physical aspect was created, that the third law that Heinz controlled acted.

The Law of Killing materialized as a small red dot and although its appearance was simple, the power it released was greater than the other two laws working together.

The dot fused itself into the sword and the moment it did, the power of the avatar increased exponentially, to the point it gives the sensation that it could pierce a Low World if it had the chance.

Now the sword was not merely a weapon, but a living creature with a spirit formed by the laws and whose purpose for existence was to kill everything on his path.

The price a Rank 4 individual has to pay to released their Law Avatar is huge, so the only reason they do it is either save their lives or when they have decided to kill their enemies no matter what.

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