Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
99 One with the Law
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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99 One with the Law

Although it took a long time to describe the forging of both Law Avatars, the truth is that they were constructed almost instantly.

The mere presence of those one hundred mountains and giant sword radiated enough power to kill any life form under Rank 2 that were to be less than one hundred kilometers from any of them.

The moment his Law Avatar finish his forging, Heinz immediately slashed with the sword on his hand at Lun's direction.

As if it was a mirror from the weapon on his hand, the Law Avatar imitated the attack and despite his immense size, the speed of its movement was equal to the one-handed sword that Heinz was brandishing.

The power that a sword twenty thousand meters long made by the Laws of Blood, Sword, and Killing could reach when it moved at supersonic speed could only be described as apocalyptic.

Blood red hurricanes could be seen forming around the sword blade as it slashed at Lun's body.

Lun could feel the space around him solidified itself, greatly hindering is speed and stoping any sort of evasion, but despite the immense threat he feels from the sword, he did not lose calm as he analyzed the situation.

He clenched his right hand, and when it did ninety of those one hundred mountain fused together generating a giant fist made from earth that struck the sword.

When the killing sword and mountains fist crashed against each other, a thunderous explosion was heard as if the sky itself was breaking, and a red and brown tornado was formed carrying so much power that the gales it generated were able to travel all fifty thousand kilometers and reach the members of the empire and dynasty.

Although they only felt a harmless wind hitting their bodies, if any of them were to be within a five hundred meters radius from the epicenter of the explosion, then even if they are at Rank 3, their bodies will be disintegrated.

The winner of the clash was evident as the entire fist was destroyed and although it fulfilled his purpose and stopped the momentum from the sword, some of the power that Heinz's avatar released reached Lun's body making his right-hand explode.

But even though he was the absolute winner of this encounter, he did not have time to celebrate as the other ten mountains that hadn't fused in the fist were launched against him.

The mountains were rotation at an impressive speed, giving the illusion that they were star sized drills meant to pierce planets.

Even though every single one of those mountains carries deadly power, Heinz only sneered and proceed to swing the sword on his hand.

The moment he did, the Law Avatar that was beside the debris of the mountain fist disappeared, only to appear immediately above those drills.

Just like before, the avatar mimics the movements of Heinz's sword and destroyed all ten drills in one single swift attack.

Lun could not believe what he was seeing, he had just risked his life for the opportunity that those drills could have brought him, had they harmed Heinz. But the cultivator destroyed them as if they were nothing.

And he understood that what Heinz did was not move his Law Avatar at an extremely fast speed, but teleported the sword from one place to another instantly and there is only one way he could have done that.

"You have already started to comprehend the Law of Space, impossible!" Lun lost control over his emotions for a moment due to the monstrous envy he was feeling.

The Law of Space was an extremely complex law, and it was usually at Rank 6 that individuals were able to start to comprehend it and obtain control over it.

Being able to comprehend the Law of Space at Rank 5 was already a display of amazing talent, but being able to do it at Rank 4 gives you the right to be considered a genius even in the eyes of a Being of Laws.

"As long I remain true to my Dao Heart, no law can escape my grasp!" An immense pride could be seen burning in Heinz's eyes as he says those words.

Although his comprehension over the Law of Space was only on a beginning stage and it was not fit to be part of his Law Avatar, Heinz was able to use it to increase the speed and maneuverability of the avatar, increasing his offensive power immensely.

'Why!, why he is so talented and I am not, why can he create a Law Avatar with three laws while I only can use one, why can he comprehend the Law of Space and have such a brilliant future while I will die of old age. WHY!' The envy and hate were burning on Lun's heart and it only increased the more he saw Heinz's glorious figure, making insanity appear on his eyes.

The energy on Lun's body exploded and he even started to burn what little life force he has to increase his power and immediately one hundred new mountains were formed around him.

Heinz was indifferent to the changes in Lun's condition and without hesitation, he made the Law Avatar appear above him and fall.

The sword reached a supersonic speed as it crashed against Lun and it seems that intended to bury itself in him.

Even though the hate Lun was feeling was immense, he was able to maintain a cold mind, so when he saw the sword above him, he immediately made all the mountains fuse into a single entity and clash with Heinz's avatar.

Another explosion and tornado appeared due to the clash of both Law Avatars and this time the power it generated was even greater, covering thousands of kilometers.

Unfortunately for Lun, even after going to the extremes of burning his life-force, he was still the losing part in his clash against Heinz's Law Avatar.

When Lun saw this, instead of feeling desperation, what appeared on his eyes was madness and without hesitation, he continues burning his life-force and attacking.

Heinz's eyes narrowed when he saw this, and immediately he swung his sword, making his avatar continue the assault. But even though the power of the attack remained the same, his complexion started to deteriorate and exhaustion appeared on his face.

To maintain the Law Avatar an especial form of power must be supplied and the stronger the avatar was the more power it needed.

Heinz's avatar was incredibly powerful and this was shown by the fact that Lun needed to burn his life force and prematurely end his life only to resist his attacks.

But it was that amazing power that makes him only be able to maintain it for a very little amount of time.

Lun's condition was awful, there were thousands of small cuts all over his body and he had already lost both of his legs, but the madness in his eyes was only growing as he continues attacking.

Heinz did not stop at any moment, and he continued his onslaught, sending one sword attack after another with supersonic speeds.

Even though Heinz knew that the victory was already his, killing Lun will be difficult as he was certain that the moment he completely destroys his body, the old man will try to escape with his True Soul.

And by that time, he was sure that he will not be able to maintain his Law Avatar, and without it killing him will be impossible.

Of course, even if Lun escapes, he will be able to live another two years maximum, and although he could do nothing to Heinz, the cultivator knew that the target of the old man's insane revenge will not be him but the people he cares about.

Weirdly, Heinz did not feel worried about Zatiel, it was not that the cultivator did not consider him a true brother, it is just that something tells him that even if Lun were to try to kill him, he will be safe. But there are other people on his life that are not that capable so when he thought of them, his eyes filled with determination.

Lun was to busy focusing all of his power and concentration on the giant sword that treated to kill him, so he did not realize the change on Heinz, and as he was preparing to continue facing the assault, the sword stopped and vanished only to appear behind Heinz.

The old man did not understand what was happening, even though he knew that Heinz could not maintain his Law Avatar much longer, he was sure that he still had the power to continue, and Lun was ready to lose his body before trying to escape.

Heinz did not care for the old man doubts, and he proceeded to make a big inhalation and then exhale before closing his eyes. All the power and energy his body unconsciously releases started to contract itself inside him and it reached the point that he gives an aura no different than a mortal man.

But all this did not calm Lun at all, and as the madness on his eyes started to vanish, fear appeared, and this terror only intensified when he saw what happened with Heinz's avatar.

The mighty sword made form the Laws of Killing, Sword, and Blood that could destroy entire cities and erase the life of millions with a single attack started to melt.

The speed at which it did was impressive and in less than a second, the only thing behind Heiz was a boiling blood river with a silver glow of gargantuan proportions.

It was only now that the avatar melted completely that Heinz opens his eyes, and the moment he did, he released a battle intent so powerful that even at a distance of fifty thousand kilometers, the members of dynasty and empire feel their blood froze.

"Law Avatar: One with the Law!"

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