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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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100 Brothers

"Law Avatar: One with the Law!"

The moment those words came out from Heinz's mouth, the Law Avatar that was now a boiling blood river trowed itself into his body and started to fuse with him.

The moment the fusion began, Heinz started to irradiate so much power and energy that a pillar of red light was released from his body with such much potency and majesty that all those that saw it feel that it was going to break the sky, leave the planet and reach the void.

The pillar of light continues growing in size and power as more and more of the blood river fuses with Heinz's body.

The power that Heinz started to produce, reached a level beyond what a Rank 4 life form should be able to generate and if he were to be inside a Low or Middle World, he will be ejected by the World Consciousness due to the threat he represented to the life inside them.

When the river of blood finished his fusion with Heinz's body the pillar of light disappeared, and the power that Heinz generated now was almost ten times higher than the one he had when he originally released his Law Avatar.

There was a drastic change in Heinz's appearance once the fusion was over. His hair had a silver color and his eyes were completely red with the exception of his pupils, that were now golden.

His body reached fifteen meters in high and there was a black armor covering it. The armor gives the illusion of being part of his skin, there were all sorts of inscriptions in it and it had a red-fiery glow on is connections as if flames were trying to escape from inside him.

Although he could be considered minuscule when compared with the twenty thousand meter sword form that his Law Avatar took originally, the might he generated now was countless times stronger.

Unintentionally, from inside him a killing aura was released and it extended for thousands of kilometers, and just like the elements create natural disasters, this aura started to build something.

Right behind Heinz, the killing aura generated a giant skull that seemed to be the personification of the Law of Killing.

Although this was just a natural phenomenon due to the power and laws now contained inside Heinz, when Lun saw that horrible skull, his entire body starts to shake and absolute terror reaches his heart.

The terror that Lun was feeling was so much, that although every fiber of his being was telling him to escape, he could not do it due to his entire body being paralyzed by the petrifying fear that squeezed his heart and soul.

Once the transformation was over, Heinz took a moment to appreciate the power that was running through every cell of his body and only when he understood how strong he was, did he turn to look at Lun.

The condition of the old man was beyond pathetic and the fear has already destroyed his will, but when Heinz saw this there was no happiness on his face but only absolute indifference.

Heinz extended his palm and above it, a drop of blood was created, shinning with a beautiful crimson color, giving the illusion that it was a heavenly gem.

The moment the drop of blood appeared, all the killing intent that Heinz generated, started to compress and fuse inside it.

As the killing intent disappeared inside the drop of blood, this one started to change and in the end, it took the form of a crystal sword blade.

Once the blade was finished, Heinz grabbed it and raises it into the air.

"One blood sword to kill all existence."

After saying those words, he swung the sword blade down, and from it, an immense beam of red sword-light was released carrying power of apocalyptic proportions against Lun.

Seeing the attack that threatened to pulverize his entire being, Lun's survival instincts acted, helping him overcome the fear that paralyzed his body.

"AHHHHH!" Along with his shout, Lun channels every single drop of power he has left, inside his one hundred mountains and made them appear in front of him, to shield him from Heinz attack.

The beam reached the mountains immediately, and despite being object created by the Laws of Earth and having a hardness way above diamonds, when the sword light touched them, they disintegrated without resistance.

Lun could only see as the beam of sword-light crashed against him, instantly destroying his body at a molecular level, and when that happened a bluish figure appeared.

This was his True Soul, and when it appeared, it tried to break space and escape but just like his body, it was disintegrated by the sword light and vanished.

Even after destroying those one hundred mountains and Lun's body and soul, the beam did not stop and it continues his traject for another five thousand kilometers before disappearing.

If this attack were to land on the surface of a Low World, then although it would not have been able to destroy it, it would have made the planet uninhabitable.

When Heinz saw Lun's True Soul be destroyed, he teleported right where it happened, and proceeded to deliver a punch.

when he did, space broke creating a window to a small dimension, and in it, there were all sorts of treasures.

Heinz waved his hand and made all of them disappear before immediately deactivate his Law Avatar and teleport.

He appeared inside the dome made from killing intent where the three Neo-Demons were. He was extremely pale and blood was leaking from his eyes, his breathing was irregular and was coughing blood.

It seems that the repercussion from using a star destroying power was extremely heavy.

The rest of the members of the empire saw this, but the power that Heinz displayed terrified them to the bone, and even if they dare to do something, the dome from killing intent was something they could not overcome.

As Heinz focused all of his power into stabilizing his condition, he felt someone approaching.

The one approaching was Zatiel, and there was a sincere smile on his face as he saw the lengths to which the cultivator went to defeat Lun.

From his back, and a ring of dark flames was generated and it covered the entire dome, hiding the four people inside it from the rest of the members of the empire.

Although this could offend some of them, Zatiel did not care.

"Being able to fuse with a Law Avatar composed of three laws before reaching Rank 5 is something truly amazing, but also extremely dangerous. Your body and soul are not strong enough to withstand that much power." There was a deep admiration on Zatiel eyes as he saw Heinz.

To fuse with your Law Avatar you must have reached the "Initial" level of comprehension over the laws that formed this one.

And it was also this the level of comprehension needed to advance to Rank 5.

Normally, Rank 4 existences will strengthen every aspect of themself to the limit and only stop due to the limitation of their law comprehension, being forced to improve their control over the laws before increasing their power even more.

But Heinz's situation was the opposite, his law comprehension had reached the level needed to advance to the next Rank, but since his time on the Rank 4 has not been too long, his soul, energy, and body needed it more training and growth.

Even though Cultivators have the help of their Dao Heart, Heinz's speed of improvement was beyond impressive.

Zatiel activated his Eye of Life and Creation and made his golden flames spread over Heinz's entire body.

Heinz noticed the healing properties of the flames but although he feels thankful for Zatiel action, he knew it was futile.

As a Rank 4 life form, the help that healing spells of someone at Rank 1 could bring him was null, but just as he was about to tell Zatiel to stop, he felt his condition improving.

To someone like him, a panacea that could bring a Rank 2 life form from the brink of death to his top condition, could at most heal some superficial wounds.

But although the speed at which this golden flames acted was very slow, it was able to heal every wound on his body, even the ones related to his vital organs.

But his wonder did not stop here, and Heinz could hardly believe what he hears next.

"Lower the defenses around your soul and leet my flames touch it."

Someone at Rank 1 treating the wounds on the body of a Soul Forging existence was impressive but been able to heal a True Soul was incredible.

But Heinz did not hesitate for a moment and followed Zatiel instructing, letting the golden flames reach his True Soul.

When Zatiel saw the trust that Heinz showed, he could not help but shake his head and smile.

'Truly a lunatic.'

The True Soul of someone was extremely especial and now that Heinz had lowered his defenses if Zatiel were to act with malice, he could generate irreversible damage.

Seeing the way the cultivator was treating him, Zatiel focused before taking from his spatial ring, corpses of Rank 2 magical creatures and burn them with his golden flame.

Once the flames started to consume the corpses, he used his Eye of LIfe and Creation to access all the life force inside the flames and send them to Heinz's soul.

The proceed continued for almost twenty hours and despite the fact that he used some corpses as an intermediary to reduce the flames he needed to supply, he was forced to stop, as his reverses were completely depleted.

But although they were very far from completely healing his body and soul, Heinz was very happy.

The truly severe damage caused to his body and soul was already treated, and as long he does not fuse himself with his Law Avatar again, the wounds that remained could not hinder him in any way.

This was amazing news for Heinz, as originally he was ready to enter deep seclusion for some years to heal himself.

Now blood had returned to his face and his eyes were full of vitality.

"HAHAHAHA, I did not make a mistake choosing you as my brother!" Heinz's smile was glorious and none of the aura of the killing god from before was present as he extended his fist to Zatiel.

When Zatiel saw this, he sighed but a smile also appeared on him as he connected his fist with Heinz.

"Yes, we are brothers."

Before, the only people that Zatiel truly trusted was his race and that was easy because he could always knew their feelings, but the man in front of him was different, he could not control him or see what his heart hides, but despite all that, from this moment on he truly considered him a brother.

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