Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
102 Interrogation
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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102 Interrogation

Less than a millisecond after Heinz performed the group teleportation, the members of the empire found themselves thousand of kilometers away from the excavation zone, and every single of them was displaying symptoms of nausea.

Even Zatiel wasn't an exception, and the one with the best condition wasn't Grigori who was the strongest, but Ezequiel due to his great physique.

The feeling the members of the empire experienced when Heinz teleported them was like if they were moving at an unimaginable speed only to stop suddenly, going from one hundred to cero before they could even figure out what was happening.

This made the content of their digestive system and blood flow go crazy for an instant.

Heinz almost started to laugh when he saw some of the Rank 1 Magus about to puke and after giving them a moment to recover, he once again made everyone teleport.

As they were reaching the exit of the Endless Forest, almost all those Rank 1 Magus had emptied their stomachs. Of course, this wasn't something that could really affect them, being life forms superior to normal mortals, as long they rested a couple of minutes they will be perfectly fine.

So Heinz did not stop their advancement and only laughed quietly.

It took more than a month for the members of the empire to reach the excavation zone from the meeting point, and they had to fight against hundred of magic creatures during the journey despite being protected by a Rank 3 Magus.

But in less than two hours, Heinz was able to bring them to the exit of the Endless Forest without even seeing a magic creature.

This simple display of speed and capabilities was proof than even if Heinz were to be so injured that he could be killed by a Rank 3 spell, he could just focus on escaping and there was nothing that those beneath Rank 4 could do to stop him.

Of course, an individual like him that could use the Law of Space at Rank 4 was almost inexistent, but there was no Soul Forging that did not have the ability to display high-speed movements or some special tricks that could help them escape.

"From here you can safely arrive at wherever your residence is. With regards to the platform and the fallen star in it, relate my previous statement to your superiors."

Heinz did not wait for the rest to respond and proceed to teleport again, with only the three Neo-Demons this time.

All the members of the empire that remained here, could not help but look at the place where those four people were just now before leaving.

Whether it was envy, admiration, or another complex emotion the one filling their hearts, all of them knew that they were individuals that will make their names know in the empire.

Especially the one that was already approaching the limits of power that the world allowed, and whose killing aura, they will remember for the rest of their lives.


It was midnight and inside the Sinux Magic Tower, in a room with white walls, there were three men.

Two of them were standing and the other was sitting in a chair unconscious and his body seems to be glued to it, maintaining his chest and head perfectly straight.

Right next to the chair, there was a small table with all sorts of surgical equipment above it.

"Is this your plan brother, physical torture?" One of the men had a doubtful expression on his face as he pictured what was going to happen to the person in the chair.

Heinz did not doubt Zatiel capabilities to inflict pain, and his instincts tell him that the young man in front of him could make anyone talk, no matter how powerful their will was.

What bothers him was not whether he could make Nimir talk, but the problems that all information obtained by this means carry.

Zatiel understood from where the cultivator's concerns were originated, so he proceeded to explain what he was going to do.

"Of course I won't use such a flawed method of interrogation as torture, after all, when a man is subdued to enough pain, he will say anything you want but most of it or maybe all could be false. And in the worst case, you could be the victim of counterintelligence and end up with the wrong target"

After Zatiel finished speaking, he moved to Nimir's side and put his hand on his shoulder before sending a wave of dark aura inside his body.

The aura did not hurt or awake the Magus, and it makes his expression become calmer.

What Zatiel did, was using a simple spell with anesthetics properties, completely numbing Nimir's body and turning off his pain sensor.

"You know, the Magi path is certainly powerful and generates all sort of transformations in the body of those that use it, but before reaching Rank 4, they are still considered biological being and their brains anatomy did not truly change"

Zatiel proceeds to take a scalpel from the table and play with it, and as he did a smile appears on his face and he even started to whistle a strange melody.

Despite what may seem, there was no wickedness on Zatiel actions and his attitude was more similar to those people that like to work with wood in their free time as it relaxed them and help them release some stress.

He positioned himself behind Nimir and made a small but concentrated golden flame appear on the scalpel's blade, before continuing his narration.

"So since they are biological beings, their bodies are susceptible to physiological stimulus like the one created when certain areas of the brain are subdued to small and concentrated electric shooks. With the right knowledge, even a mortal could make a Magus reveal information with complete honesty."

Once he was finished speaking, Zatiel made an incision on Nimir head, and with great precision continue cutting the bone without harming the brain, before removing the top of the skull.

Even though this scene looks like something out of a nightmare, Zatiel had done it uncountable times on his past life and Heinz was someone that paved his way to power over the bones of his many enemies, so neither of them show any aversion to what was happening.

Despite having his brain exposed, thanks to the powerful anesthetic running through his body, Nimir remained unconscious and there was no sign that he was feeling any sort of discomfort.

With Nimir's brain on his sight, Zatiel used the A.I. chip to scan it and made a model of it, performing hundreds of tests, and only when he had mapped every important region did he begin.

He took dozens of small needles out of the table and proceed to insert it on diverse parts of the brain, with perfect accuracy and control over his movements.

Once all the needles were in the correct position. Zatiel generated small arcs of lightning on his hand and then send them into some of the needles.

The moment the electric shock touched the needles, Nimir's eyes opened. But you could see that he remained unconscious by the fact that his sight was out of focus.

"Ok then, let's see if I did not lose my touch" There was a little excitement on Zatiel face, as he proceeded to question Nimir.

"Tell me your full name and age."

Once he made the question, Zatiel releases stimulus into some of the needles and activates Nimir's ability to speak and some motor functions.

The Magus body trembled for a second and his eyes twitched but after a moment he started to speak.

"My name is... Nimir Hamel Janer Crink and... I am two hundred and eighty years old." Although his voice was a little rough, Nimir's words made perfect sense.

Zatiel continued making some random questions to which he had the answer already, to calibrate the Magus responses and the way he needed to stimulate his brain.

Although he did tremble from time to time and blood was coming out of his eyes, nose, and ears, Zatiel had a perfect grasp over Nimir's condition and knew that there was no real damage done to him.

Once all the base questions were over, Zatiel proceeds to ask what he really wanted to know.

"When did you betray Heinz and what were your orders."

Unlike with the previous questions, Nimir did not answer immediately, but Zatiel increased the potency of the electric shocks, and although his entire body shivered, answers came out from his mouths.

"From the beginning... I was approached by someone way before I enter... his service. My order was to collect all the... information possible about him and report his every... moment no matter how insignificant it was."

When Heinz hears this, his eyes narrowed and fury appeared on his face. Someone has been surveilling him for decades and it was only now that he found out.

Zatiel knitted his brows when he hears this. Whoever controls Nimir, it was someone that did not hesitate to put a spy on a Soul Forging existence and that was able to maintain it hidden for a very long time.

But what really bothers him was that this person was willing to burn important assets just to kill him and even go to the point of making a Rank 4 Magus act.

"Tell me the name of the individual who gives you your orders."

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