Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
104 Fusion of magic and science
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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104 Fusion of magic and science

When Heinz heard Zatiel words, coldness and killing intent begun to appear on his eyes, and due to the intensity of his emotions and the immense power carrying inside him, a dark red aura was released from his body.

The Law of Fate is an extremely complex law to comprehend and improve, and yet the battle power it granted is average at best.

The reason for that is due to the Law of Fate not being meant to be used in battle but to perform divinations, to seek fortune, and scrying into the future see the possible outcome of your decisions and those of your enemies.

And if your control and mastery over this law were great enough, you could use it to alter the destiny of other people and your own, of course, doing that carries a heavy price and it reached the point that if your target or the individuals around him were too powerful, the backlash could kill you.

The Law of Fate affected the path of every mortal, and it is only by becoming stronger that you could free yourself from its influence.

It is only when someone reaches Rank 4, that they are truly free from the Law of Fate interference. By then, even if you kill one of his chosen ones, there will be no repercussions at all.

Although there are exceptions, most of those that seek control over this law are manipulative individuals that enjoy the sensation of control over other people live. That plus their paranoid personality makes them a very difficult opponent.

After all, what is the use of being hundreds of times stronger than your opponent and be able to kill him by just looking at them, if you don't even know their appearance?.

Heinz was an extremely proud person, and it was in his right since his talent could be considered top tier even by the standards of High Worlds.

So the fact that someone has been trying to manipulate him, generated an immense fury in him.

Unfortunately, he had no concrete information about the Sage, and the only person he suspected that has contact with him, was not someone he could just go and forcefully interrogate.

In the end, he looked at the man beside him and he could see that he had already started to formulate a plan to handle the situation.

"What do you think we should do, brother?"

"We cannot reveal the information that we have obtained to anyone. I can guess that the relation between Salazar and the Sage is not simple, and when we face him he will probably help him against us since the Sage is probably the reason behind his meteoric rise."

The voice of Zatiel carried an immense coldness and it was obvious that his anger was not inferior to the one of Heinz.

"So from now on, he is our enemy as well. If you ever find yourself in the position to kill him with complete certainty, do it, and the same goes for his guard Frederick."

Even if he had no certainty that Salazar and Frederick had ever done anything against him, they were connected to his enemy and since they were powerful enough to become a hindrance, Zatiel did not think twice about eliminating them.

He may have changed during his time in this world and have found people he was willing to risk his life for, but he was still the Abyssal Lord that once destroyed an entire world only because his enemy was trying to hide in it.

Heinz was a little surprised by Zatiel bloodthirsty way of handling things, but the cultivator was not someone indecisive and after a moment he nodded, and as he did a murdering light was reflected on his eyes.

"You should send all your intelligence assets, to keep watch on both Salazar and Frederick, and collect all the information they can about the people they interact. Make sure that they understand that by absolutely no reason they can directly interact with either of them and if possible maintain a distance of at least fifty meters from them." Zatiel tone was heavy and the expression in his face showed how serious he was.

If the people sent to gather intel were to interact with any of them, Zatiel was sure that the Sage will notice something was happening, and he could use the Law of Fate to trace the spies back to Heinz.

Once that occurred, trying to find out his identity will become a hundred times harder.

Heinz was not as well informed about the users of the Law of Fate as Zatiel, but he was able to guess the reason for his instructions so he made a mental note to make sure that his people understand the importance of their mission and that there is no room for mistakes.

Although the cultivator did not say a word and it was no show in his face, Zatiel could see the doubt that was filling his mind.

"Do not question yourself why he is doing it. Maybe he has seen into the future and saw that we become obstacles on his path, or that we will become a sort of destructive force and tries to stop us before we reach our full potential, but that does not matter. You only have to know this, he is our enemy, and when you have the chance, attack without hesitation and do not let his words reach you!."

Zatiel's words radiated an immense will, it did not matter to him what the enemy intentions could be. Even if he was trying to save the entire world, he will not hesitate to destroy him at the first chance he gets.

Those words made Heinz realize his mistake, and he proceeded to nod and make sure to not make the same error again.

"What are you going to do with him?" Heinz was looking at the unconscious figure of Nimir.

Zateil was so focused on the matter regarding the Sage, that he almost forgot the reason he wanted Nimir alive in the first place.

Since there was nothing he could do right now about the threat in the shadows, he stops thinking about it and focuses on the next task, which will improve his power and the one of the Neo-Demon race.

"I plan to create life using him, but before I start, tell me brother can you destroy his consciousness without ruining the rest of his soul?"

Heinz did not answer immediately as he was unsure whether he could fulfill Zatiel's request. What he was asking him to do, is the same that telling a doctor to remove from someone's brain the parts that save their memories and personality, essentially his identity, and not let the rest of the brain die due to the trauma.

"I could try, but although I can say with complete confidence that I can erase his consciousness, there will be some damage made to his soul."

"As long it doesn't dissipate, there is no problem. Also, I will need some equipment and expensive supplies, can you help me?."

"No problem, tower controller, present yourself."

After Heinz spoke those words, a sphere of light appeared inside the room. This was the tower control, an artificial consciousness meant to manage the tower and help the owner during its work.

It is similar to Zatiel's A.I. Chip, but this one was made with magic and did not have the ability to fuse with a host and increase its ability along with him.

"Tell it whatever you need, as long it is inside the tower vault, it will be transported here. I will start working on Nimir's consciousness now."

Heinz's consciousness materialized carrying a deep red color due to being filled with the Law of Killing.

He made his consciousness generate thousands of small threads and sent them into Nimir's head.

One second after the threads entered his head, Nimir awoke and immediately he started to scream due to the immense pain he was felling, but with Heinz standing in front of him, there was nothing he could do to stop the torture.

The pain that Nimir was feeling was as if someone was skinning him.

The screams were horrible, but neither Heinz or Zatiel showed anything else but indifference to the pain of the Magus.

As Heinz continued destroying Nimir`s consciousness, Zatiel was preparing the materials needed for his experiment.

After a couple of hours, there was a pool of four meters in diameter filled with a liquid that resembled amniotic fluid, and there were all sorts of runes inscribed in it.

In his hand, Zatiel had a vial with a drop of blood but instead of red, its color was black.

"A.I. Chip, create a clone of yourself and be ready to fuse it with the target at my command."

There was excitement in Zatiel face, as he imagines how especial the individual born of the fusion of magic and science will be.

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