Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
105 White spark
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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105 White spark

"Bip... initiating cloning process.



Estimated time for finishing the task, four hours and fifteen minutes."

After hearing the chip update, Zatiel focused on Heinz's work.

The face of Heiz was already showing tiredness, but even so, his control over his power was perfect and the attack over Nimir's consciousness did not stop for a single moment.

Heinz continued working for another fifteen hours before Nimir's consciousness vanishes along with his screams.

As someone at Rank 4, Heinz could have destroyed Nimir's consciousness in one swift attack, but that would have meant destroying the rest of his soul as well, so he was forced to do it in a very slow and careful way.

Even though the rest of Nimir's soul still existed, what remained now was just a mysterious and special source of energy and it could be considered a broken soul incapable of generating life.

By all intent and purposes Nimir was dead since even if the soul were to be healed with the most heavenly power that could exist, it will not bring him back.

And whoever is born using this broken soul, he will be a completely different person from Nimir.

Once the destruction of the consciousness was completed, Heinz carefully retired his consciousness from inside Nimir's mind and conjure a chair to sit down.

He was exhausted since he had to maintain full concentration over every single thread of his consciousness for almost twenty hours, use the Law of Killing all the time and make sure that the damage did not extend to the rest of the soul.

"That was very hard, but I manage to destroy it and although there was some damage made to the rest of the soul, it will not dissipate any time soon. Tell me, brother, what are you going to do with it?"

Heinz was very curious about Zatiel's plan. He was someone smart and his knowledge wasn't shallow at all, but there was nothing that came to his mind that will need a soul without a consciousness.

Zatiel inspected the broken soul that remained, and since he was very happy with Heinz's performance, the less he could do is explain to the cultivator what his purpose was.

"I am going to create a life and the first step is to transform Nimir's body into one of a different race"

Zateil grabbed the body and throws it inside the pool, before activating the runes inscribed in it, which made the liquid start to soak Nimir's brain and nurture it.

"I suppose that you have heard of the mind rulers," Zatiel was controlling the runes as he asks Heinz.

"Yes, they are a sadistic race that inhabit the Underdark Plane and whose power is known through the universe." Heinz was someone that has explored the void and participate in world wars, it was normal for him to have knowledge about the races and dangers he could encounter.

"The leaders of the mind rulers society are creatures known as elder brains. They are special life forms and every time a mind ruler is reaching the end of his life span, they will choose to fuse with them, increasing the elder brain intelligence and power."

Zatiel took the container with the dark blood inside and activates his Eye of Life and Creation and golden flames to increase its purity.

"It's fortunate that you had this bloodline in your vault, or else I will have been forced to alter the transformation process and that would have certainly made the outcome inferior. So how I was saying, an elder brain handles several aspects on the mind rules civilization, they are considered the guardian of the knowledge, history, and technology in their society."

Once the blood purity was in his peak, Zatiel sent the drop of blood into the pool and made it fuse with Nimir's brain.

Immediately after, the brain starts to tremble, and Zatiel proceeds to activate the rest of the runes.

The brain started to grow slowly and as it did, the rest of the body was degrading and transforming into nutrients, that were stored in the pool and then sent into the brain.

"An elder brain's role in the battlefield is of a strategist, and thanks to their god-like intellect, they are perfect for the job."

When the brain finished his growth, it was three meters in diameter with some black tendrils coming out from it and most of the amniotic fluid was gone.

Zateil flyes and remained floating above the pool, before releasing his golden flames and made them encompass the brain.

The golden fire was healing any damage that the brain had suffered during this transformation and also nurturing the broken soul that was inside it.

After a couple of hours and making sure that the elder brain was on his top condition, he carries on with the next step.

By using his consciousness as a bridge, Zatiel creates a connection between his soul and the broken one inside the brain.

"A. I. Chip, carry on the implantation of the clone inside the soul," Zatiel concentration was absolute since from this point on any error could cause the broken soul dissipation and waste all of his efforts.

"Bip... Target located, beginning implantation of the cloned chip inside the soul.




Task finished, the clone has been implanted inside the soul.

A complete fusion between them has not been reached, and the broken soul is still not capable of generating live."

Zatiel wasn't disappointed when he heard this news, as he was sure from the beginning that the fusion could not be reached this ease.

It was only after he died and his soul reach The Eternal River of the Afterlife, where it was affected by some of the most profound and complex laws of the universe, that the chip was able to become a part of him forever.

It was impossible for Zatiel to hope to recreate that, but as someone that made the transition to a Being of Laws by using the Law of Death and the Law of Destruction, his knowledge about the soul is extremely deep and he had other ways of achieving a similar result.

Zatiel made an infinitesimally small thread generate from his soul, and using the bridge formed by his consciousness, he connected this thread to the broken soul inside the elder brain.

He will use his own soul to generate a chain reaction that will fuse the broken soul and the A.I. chip, creating a soul stable enough to give birth to life and consciousness. Although it will no be a complete soul and its abilities will be hindered for a long time, it was the best that Zatiel could do for now since his power was too small.

Just as Zatiel was preparing to start the chain reaction, he hears two different palpitations.

It only took a moment for him to track its origin, it came from his True Names. Both Dexisus and Natux were throbbing with so much power that he could hear them as if they were right next to him.

The palpitations only grew stronger, and finally, from Natux a golden spark that seems to represent genesis was created, as for Dexisus, it also created a spark but this one was dark and it gave the feeling of nothingness.

The moment they appeared, both sparks crashed against the other instantly and from it, a white spark was birthed.

Even Zateil with all his memories and the wondrous phenomenons he has seen, could not help but be marveled by what was happening.

Him trying to create life, made his True Names react and form this white spark. Although he did not know what it could do, when he looks at it, it gave him the feeling that he was witnessing the beginning and end of everything that has ever existed.

Before Zatiel could even react, the white spark crashed against the thread that was connecting the two souls.

The moment this happened, the thread that gave the impression it could break at any second, was transformed into a tunnel that extracted from Zatiel's soul a small dot of light and sent it to the broken soul in the elder brain.

When that happened, Zatiel body fell on top of the elder brain and started convulse due to him experiencing pain so monstrously great that even with his will, make him feel that he will die.

When Heinz saw this, he was shocked and immediately teleported to Zatiel's side, but no matter what the cultivator did, he could not find the source of the damage.

When the dot of light reached the broken soul and A.I. chip, it causes a reaction and the three of them disintegrated into particles that started to fuse in the next moment.

The pain that Zatiel was feeling did not allow him to even think, much less focus on the changes that were happening as the A.I Chip, broken soul, and dot of light fused.

The laws involved in the fusion were so profound and mystical, that if someone powerful enough to stands on equal ground with the laws of the universe were to be present, they could see how all sorts of phenomenons were being produced inside the elder brain soul.

It was only when the soul finished its creation that Zatiel felt the pain go away.

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