Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
106 Memories from the first life
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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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106 Memories from the first life

When the pain disappeared and Zatiel got control over his body again, he immediately jumps out from the elder brain and starts to assess his condition.

As he was moving, Zatiel realizes something, his body and everything around him were moving extremely slow, reaching the point that he was feeling that time was stopping.

Thanks to his knowledge, he understood immediately that the reason for this illusion was that his speed of though had obtained such an impressive rise that generated a desynchronization with his body.

This sensation wasn't unfamiliar for those that made a great increase in power in very little time so it only took him a moment to fix it.

He knows that the reason for this upgrade was the connection that the withe spark created between him and the soul inside the elder brain.

Zatiel was sure that the increase in his speed of thought it's not the only thing he obtained with this connection but he did not have time to focus on that.

What truly matters to him right now was the thing the spark removed from his soul.

Losing that dot of light did not affect his body or consciousness in any way, and it did not damage his soul at all, the reason was due to this dot being something that almost all life forms can lose without repercussion since it will regenerate itself in a couple of days.

Zatiel pain wasn't generated for losing the dot of light, but by the forced extraction of this one by the white spark.

Since he knew exactly what that dot of light was, he could not help but feel conflicted as he saw the elder brain.

Before when it was only a broken soul and the cloned A.I chip inside the elder brain, this one did not radiate any sort of life or aura and it only seemed like a giant brain with some tendrils coming out from it, but now that a true and complete soul was born, it changed immensely.

The energy that irradiated was equal to the one of a new Rank 3 life form, but this was not the most amazing thing.

Golden flames just like the ones made by Zatiel were being generated from inside the brain, its exterior started to change and a golden color was covering its surface, increasing his physical defense tremendously.

As the flames were inundating the brain, in the front part of it, something started to formed, and before long a golden eye appeared.

And the greatest change was in his interior, where a small but very powerful golden sun was created and just like the one inside Zatiel, it was like a physical manifestation of the Law of Life and the Law of Creation.

Seeing those changes, Zatiel could not help but feel his emotions were getting out of control.

He has experience scenarios that could be unthinkable to some people and even when he was an Abyssal Lord and his life was reaching its end, he never felt this conflicted.

One moment after the changes in the elder brain stopped, an immense consciousness was released from him, covering the magic tower and extending for thousands of kilometers, reaching far way distances and touching millions of people.

His consciousness could not equal those of a Rank 4 individual in power, but its size was almost one hundred times greater than of a Soul Forging existence, something truly impressive for a Rank 3 life form.

This was not the only thing special since no one beneath Rank 4 was able to detect it, and even those at that Rank only feel a strange sensation when it was passing through them.

Zatiel and Heinz were able to felt the great confusion in the soul that was just born and that was inhabiting the elder brain.

But less than ten seconds letter that confusion disappeared and he retracts his consciousness before looking intently at Zatiel with his golden eye.

The moment Zatiel looks at that golden eye, his emotions go haywire and his always calm and collected expression was replaced by one of uncertainty.

Even though he did not have a mouth, it was ease for a life form at his rank to create sounds, and the word he spoke shocked Heinz.

"Father?" The voice was very childish and there was some anxiety in it.

When Zatiel hears him call him father, he did not know how to react. In his previous two lives, he never had children, and all the experience he obtained as an Abyssal Lord was probing itself useless in this scenario.

It was the dot of light, that was extracted from his soul, that gave birth to him, and Zatiel knows that he is indeed his son.

When someone dies, their souls disappear from the material plane of the universe and are pulled into the Eternal River of the Afterlife, where they will begin an extremely long process in which their souls will blend with the river and become pure energy.

This process could take the soul of an individual at Rank 0 millions of years, and it takes longer the more powerful the soul is. But eventually, all of them fuse into the river and when that happens they virtually cease to exists and even resurrections spells would become useless on them.

When mammals breed, the first thing that happens regarding the conception is not the physical aspect concerning the union between the spermatozoid and the oocyte, but the fusion between the primordial essence of the parents' souls, that will work as the core of the new life and will give him his identity.

It is only when this core is formed, that the laws of the universe will act, supplying him with energy from The Eternal River of the Afterlife, making the soul complete, and letting the physical aspect of the individual being created.

The withe spark was able to extract Zatiel´s primordial essence form his soul, and use the energy that was the broken soul as a replacer for the one given by the Eternal River of the Afterlife, to make possible his birth.

After a moment, seen Zatiel lack of response and as if noticing the state of his mind, he spoke again.


Although there was no change in the voice, Zatiel was able to feel the immense sadness that he was feeling.

His soul may have been constructed with the A.I. Chip, granting him unprecedented analytical abilities and his body may be that of an elder brain making his intellect reach god-like levels, but as someone that was truly born, he was experienceless and was just a child.

He was not able to hide the pain that was feeling when he saw the person he recognized as a father was doubting of him.

When Zatiel hears the sorrow in his voice, he felt as if someone was squeezing his heart, and along with that pain, a wave of immense anger was born.

The anger he felt was not directed at the child, but rather at himself, and it was so powerful that he felt that he hated himself for making him feel sad.

Zatiel closes his eyes and breath slowly has he try to understand what a father is. His mind went back all the way to his first life, to his childhood, to the memories he made with his father.

His father was a simple and kind man who did not know much about the world, but Zatiel found exactly what he was looking for on his experiences with him.

A father is someone who protects his children, who feel immense pride when they do something so simple as giving their first step and saying their first word.

A father will always support their children and guide them on the right path. No matter how many times they fail, a father will always be by their side supporting them and helping them start again.

But especially a father is someone that loves their children from the moment they exist and that will not hesitate to sacrifice everything for them, and they do it because they are the best part of him.

The moment that Zatiel opens his eyes, all the hesitation was gone and the only thing left in them was tenderness and warmth as he approaches the giant brain.

"You were right the first time, I am your father and your name is Dante Daybreak the firstborn of Zatiel Daybreak!." Zatiel gently patted the brain and his palm was carrying all the love he was feeling right now.

The moment Dante hear those words and felt that palm touching him, he started to tremble due to the immense happiness he was feeling.

Seeing the emotions on his son, Zatiel felt an immense joy filling his heart, and he could not help ut start to laugh.

"My son, your birth may have been an accident, but sometimes the greatest miracles of the universe happen by accident."

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