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Abyssal Lord of the Magi World
Author :Redsunworld
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107 New body

Zatiel and Dante spent a long time talking, although the boy had an extensive encyclopedia of information in his mind, what he wanted to know was about his father's habits and what he likes to do.

Zatiel was happy to talk with him, so he answers his question calmly.

It was only after three hours that they stopped, and after a moment Dante adopted a series attitude before speaking again.

"Father, I don't think the body of an elder brain suits me."

Zateil wasn't surprised for the words of the child, as he knows that although the body of an elder brain granted a lot of advantages, there are also some severe restrictions.

He did not care for the appearance of his son, as he was able to see beyond that easily, the problem was another.

Originally the life born in the elder brain, would take care of organizing all the aspects of the day to day life of the Neo-Demons, be the controller of his magic tower, the driving force of his production lines, and was not meant to be part in battles or explorations beyond the point of strategy.

But Dante obviously did not want that type of life, and neither did Zatiel, since keeping someone with a Law Bloodline in a tower most of the time was a waste of talent.

The problem was that the body of an elder brain is not fit for battle and although they could go through the transformation to Neo-Demon, the help that it would provide due to the peculiarities in their bodies is very small.

"Your soul is strong enough to be changed to a different body, but that would mean losing the abilities granted by the elder brain, there is also the problem regarding the affinity that your soul will have with the next body and whether the transference will affect your bloodline."

The primordial essence of Zatiel's soul contained everything from him, and that obviously included the bloodline, but he did not know what problem could happen with the golden sun if Dante's soul were to be relocated into a different body.

Right now his affinity with the elder brain was perfect since his soul was formed using the energy of Nimir's broken soul and the body was Nimir's brain.

As Zatiel was going through his memories and knowledge to find out a solution without drawbacks, he was interrupted by the child.

"I already formulated a plan father and if it works, I will be able to keep the abilities of the elder brain and there will be no damage made to my bloodline." There was some pride in the child's voice as he spoke.

"You did?" Zatiel was amazed, he was used to be the one finding a solution to everything, and the habit was so rooted in him that he almost forgot that when it comes to raw intellect and analytic abilities his son's speed was superior to him.

"With regards to the creation of my body, I will need father's stem cells from your bone marrow. I plan to energize those cells with my golden flames and induce the process of mitosis in them, increasing their number, so I can then guide them and create a body made based on yours, with some alterations in the part of my brain."

Zatiel made some calculations and found out that Dante's idea was indeed very effective.

By using his cells as the raw material, he will create a body that could contain the golden sun, and that it will have a perfect affinity with his soul

It was the part of the brain that made him feel doubtful, as any change on the brain was an extremely difficult task, and he was able to figure out what type of change Dante wanted to do.

"You are going to try to generate a miniature version of an elder brain for your body, aren't you?".

"Yes father, I have run thousands of simulations and I am sure I can do it. Although it will no be able to equal the intellectual capabilities of an elder brain, the boost on my intelligence will not be small." Dante's voice carries great confidence in himself as he spoke.

To someone as Dante, it pretty easy to do more than one task at the same time with full concentration, so he used the time he spoke with Zatiel to make the calculations of his experiment.

Seeing the boldness of his son Zatiel smiled with pride, and signaled him to continue.

"The next part will be separating a piece of my consciousness an make it work as the brain's center of command. This will allow us to maintain our connection with the elder brain, and also to continue training it and increasing its Rank. "

Zatiel found no fault in this plan, as it will allow Dante to have a body that could be trained as a Neo-Demon and continue having access to the elder brain supreme cognitive abilities and special powers.

He was not worried about him splitting a part of his consciousness since it was something achievable for almost all life forms that were at Rank 2 or above, and it was exactly what the powerhouses of the empire and dynasty did when they created those statues.

"Besides my stem cells, what else do you need?"

"I will need a great number of resources since the life force I will require to produce mitosis in stem cells like yours, will be huge."

If it was the stem cell from a normal human, Dante could do it without any supplement, but Zatiel was already a Rank 1 life form, whose body was altered by abyss aura and a Law Bloodline.

Just the vitality on his body was more than one hundred times that of a normal human.

"Brother I will use more resources, I hope that is ok." Zatiel turns to look at Heinz and found that the face of the cultivator was filled with surprise, confusion, and curiosity.

Heinz had lived a long time and his experiences were not shallow, but what has just happened in this coupe of hours was a lot to process.

He could not believe at first that the individual born inside the elder brain was Zatiel son, but he detected the similarities between their soul, proving that they were indeed connected.


It was only when Zatiel calls him, that he focused again.

"Ah, yeah sure, take whatever you want from the vault, they are not truly valuable to me."

Heinz's true treasures were on his personal space storage, the wealth that was in the vault was the one destined to reward those Magus that fulfilled some mission for the tower.

Zatiel did not waste time and started to ask the tower controller for all kinds of resources, the variety was immense but since they will eventually be transformed into golden flames it didn't matter.

As the resources were arriving, Dante immediately attracts them and start to use his golden flame to consume them, it was only when a ball of golden fire, almost four meters of diameter was beside him that he spoke to Zatiel again.

"Father, I have enough flames already, give me your stem cells."

Zatiel nodded, he took his sword and made a cut that reached the bones of his ribs, making an incision on them.

Although the pain was great, to Zatiel physical pain was not something that could affect him, and with great accuracy, he continued.

From the incision, he made a drop of blood came out and although it was red, a golden glow could be seen inside it.

Zatiel sends the drop of blood to Dante, who grabs it with is consciousness and made it reach the center of the elder brain, right next to the golden sun.

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